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  1. Not Even Peaking Yet

    We're only in like a semi-chub dealio, not even fully erect.  We've got plenty of room to keep pounding.  Amini and Fozzy for Co-MVPs
  2. You would be the guy to not get the gimmick. Cute sister f*cker
  3. Thinking back to the draft...

    I wouldn't usually do this but you made the thread---someone should be upset we drafted Funchess.  See CPF4LIFE's post
  4. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    What an awful game. 
  5. Thinking back to the draft...

    Here's the test thread to see who's owning up (It generated quite a lively conversation):
  6. So then Bree Olsen has it...thus the entire porn industry. already did.  No wonder they put the hollywood porno condom requirement up not too long ago...methinks someone new earlier than the rest.  No more LA creampies folks. 
  7. I love you guyz

    It's only like 40 thousand posts
  8. I love you guyz

    but are they?
  9. I love you guyz

    I'm in a time warp circa 2008
  10. I love you guyz

    Super cereal dudes and dudettes minus RealDeal and Jangler.  This team is something special this year.  In celebration, buy a can of bacon+beans and eat it out of the can over a campfire with a stripper. 
  11. Lance and Cody for Lopez?

    My heart just fell out of my butt
  12. i don't want any bologna magic tricks or psychological mumbo jumbo