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  1. Trump & Moore: A Lot In Common

    Overall, he's very disciplined once he markets from a particular sphere (/s). Honestly--not trying to be a dick: You realllllllly don't at all feel that you're being played that a guy who spent the first 60 years of his life on one end is now truly and emphatically on the other?...and that previous notions in his life are counterbalanced by current stances? Seriously, he was a qualified senior at the time he became a conservative. I don't get this wash-it-all meh attitude about who the guy actually is. Yes, he found a "voice" to market and a very fragile party in DC to infiltrate. Systematic syphoning of lucrative opportunities through market projection is a solid strategy if you can follow through. Problem is, he's an ace on the forefront but a hand-of specialist on the back-end. He's even admitted this throughout his career. This is the type of business acumen that gets slaughtered when K street and donors are making pushes. "Sir, I have a thing that will be big soon, huge. Trust me." Nevermind, I never said anything, rah! rah!! (Meanwhile, they do make out, on both ends)
  2. Things that trump says

    Lol. He has lost the remaining marbles he had left.
  3. There are some receivers still on the young side that would be much better Funchess compliments. If we are to have this discussion, then someone like Jaron Brown, John Brown, Davante Adams, Tyrell Williams, Jarvis Landry, Donte Moncrief, Albert Wilson (underrated IMO). Personally, I think Jaron Brown is an ideal target. 27, 6'2, fast, a Carolina boy, and has shown the ability to be a #2 when John Brown has been injured (which is quite a lot)
  4. If a ball is on target, it's on target. If it's off target, it's off target. Stahp.
  5. Need a RB

    This will likely be a target this coming offseason.
  6. Worley and Coleman did not have great games.
  7. Luke has been a mad man after that miscommunication early.
  8. Luke is GOAT

    I wish every player was as intense as Luke and as swagadelic as Cam.
  9. Perfect time to reinforce our dominance with 2 TOs in a row. Jets may want to get aggressive here.
  10. Horton Hears a Sack! Kuechly smacks it back. Tsing Tao!
  11. Greg Olsen out with foot injury

    It may be stressed sine he came back pretty swiftly. Hopefully just a minor speedbump before full recovery.
  12. Disappointing 1st half

    Bad recipe at the moment. DL is not getting pressure and we're letting the Jets D push us around.
  13. We need to get better DL pressure if we want to take this game over.
  14. Van Roten

    He played a bit against the dolphins and looked like one nasty SOB. Anyone else notice? Was watching some highlights and he was hard to ignore. Let's get Roten. Decent depth?
  15. Van Roten

    Point is not that he's a starter..he looked good when he's needed to come in and could possibly be decent depth.
  16. I'm done

    ^^lost lol Is this guy still done?
  17. Predicition

    I have a gut feeling that I feel pretty strongly about. Pre-note: This is not anti-Trump so the thin-skinned ones can chill out. Prediction: 2020 will not produce the 1st woman president... ....as the only groundbreaking stepping stone in our brief history. We will get a female Prez and VP. And not because they are women, screw that rhetoric. It's because Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard will finally take control of these asshat democrats. Down with Hillary, Booker, Biden, Cuomo, Kamala...Warren and Tulsi will take control of the party of pussies. Also--after that run, we should be enough ahead that we will blown out by a meteor in the taurid media stream and we'll re set for like the 4th time. Salud comrades. Russia lives.
  18. There's this feature where you can click a player and edit their rating. You can be modest about it and make him an 85ish. Let's go. Sex games!
  19. Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

    Sunni political support. Wahabi has power and pull.
  20. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    Scott Van Pelt! The longest running bald anchor in the history of sports television
  21. I'm done

    I'm soooo hurt, I'm done guyz. Alex Jones 360!
  22. I'm done

    *waiting for the faux hook, line, turn-it-around face f*ck for self propping
  23. It was pretty clear it was a QB-WR miscommunication...well.....anyhoo...lol