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  1. Noses are important

    It's rare that your choose a sexual partner because of their nose structure....or is it? https://www.researchgate.net/publication/270290521_Facial_Structure_Predicts_Sexual_Orientation_in_Both_Men_and_Women I smell something interesting. A sniffle of a snowy night on a Sunday partay Sunday.
  2. Predict the new OC here...

    I mean, if they want to incorporate a diverse, complicated, and bloated West Coast style offense, sure, let's find him.
  3. Replacement Possibilities

    Lance Taylor babay come on down!
  4. -So, the first was out of this world, out of its jurassic world, but you know, the park didn't open in the end. -The second kept Goldblum, which was huge, but failed and wound up washed ashore in California. -The third was super promising with the hope that it would return to JPI prominence, but JG didn't return, and Dr. Grant seemed quite worn after some flipped cars and a lot of poor secondary cast. What am I saying? We not only need to find our Goldblum, but we need to find a Pratt as well. Dr. Grant is hurting and needs our help on both ends as he continues the second leg.
  5. Jurassic Park

    As Luke Skywalker once said:
  6. Jurassic Park

    They "were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." "It didn't require any discipline to attain" "you don't take any responsibility" "Before you even knew what you had, you pattoned it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox and you're selling it!"
  7. I love the Higbee-Everett TE combo. Rams are underperforming. Additional sparks still needed.
  8. Carolina will host NFCCG

    It will be the great Chick-fil-a/Home Depot v. Bojangles/Lowes bowl. Edit: and @Panthro is not invited.
  9. Growers give the element of surprise, he's not in the element of surprise crowd. I think we're good horsie.
  10. Hornets BEAT the Warriors

    Carolina sports are crazy Jekyll and Hyde right now. Good win even w/o Curry playing. Dwight is showing up and his midrange is falling nicely.
  11. Dave Gettleman Press Conference

    ESPN reporting Josh McDaniels is the target.
  12. Gettleman Fires Marc Ross

    Werd on the street is that there's word on the streeeeet boi.
  13. Kurb

    What's up man? How we doing here feldermen?
  14. Look at these beauts, the primary has experience purchasing sports teams, never NFL however: John Henry $1.7 Billion Bruton Smith $1.5 Billion Richard Childress $200 Million Joe Gibbs $60 million
  15. Stahp look and listen. See what's going onnnn
  16. I personally don't think Donald Glover is realistic by any means Big Cat.
  17. McCaffrey

    +1000 yards from scrimmage and 7 TDs is right in line. I think people will look to the rushing stats as a depressor but he's not our primary RB. Solid season for him. Not superb not bad..rock solid.
  18. Two runs up the middle with CMC. Like, what?
  19. Still 7 left in the 3rd. Stay aggressive perrrtyyy please