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  1. You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts! GM Tony Romo I will take your comments into consideration after I visit the steamroom. Ciao.
  2. My man my wife cheated on me with

    You seem like fresh bait ma'lad....like a mino with nice keys.
  3. Hornets vs Hawks

    Solid surge and win. Once Monk gets settled in, he's going to be money. Frank and Dwight played great for most of tonight.
  4. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    There are many factors at play here and he's been a positive contributor. Its hard to ignore guys like Kamara, Cohen, Hunt, Etc. who have looked great..but they have different situations and different schemes. CMC is as solid of a player as it gets..but...we need a Stewart heir apparent and better OL play. I'm happy we drafted him and he's no where close to his ceiling but there are certain things that have caught up with his game at the pro level. Can't ignore that.
  5. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Norwell and Turner are built to be nasty road graders not some stupid finesse guys dancing around to the second level. These play designs are unnecessarily complicated for off tackle runs.
  6. Speedsters and no Ginn

    The biggest issue I see is how blatantly obvious it is when we're trying to get him the ball. His role is so limited that when he comes in to the game, we're basically going to him via reverse or pass and the defense easily zeroes in. Shepard's "role" is not helping as well.
  7. Matt Kalil

    Looking long term, Moton should be at RT and Williams a backup but he could probably do better than Matt right now on the left side. Team McBeane took a decent LT prospect one pick ahead of us in the second.
  8. Our guards are great but are having a hard time when they're sandwiched between Matt Kalil, Larsen, and Daryl Williams. You don't want musical chairs on the OL, but Amini or Moton should be looked at at LT. If Kalil comes back at Center, we bench the other Kalil and see if it clicks better. We also need a new offensive coaching staff.
  9. We retain the division lead! Sauce
  10. Lads and Batavian botanists, I asterisked *Riverboat due to recent on the field tomfoolery. Anyways...we will be getting a glimpse into pure gold this next matchup. The only other time it happened with the 2 as head coaches was in 2012 where Foxy beat us up just a few games after Marty Hurney was fired. 36-14. Yuckers. -John Fox versus Ron Rivera 2.0 -Dive, Dive, PA v. Shula -NC Rookies (Mitch & Cohen) homecoming -Gum versus.. Who will prevail? What shall happen? They have a middle of the road run defense, but overall, actually a suspect defense overall that has played better than advertised. Can we bounce back? Or will the crosswinds prevail? Sure, this Sunday hasn't even happened yet but it will be an interesting game for us to hopefully bounce back. HOWEVER, if Rivera gets outcoached by Fox for a second time with JR and Hurney watching in attendance, their Bojangle arteries will be tingling for pre-2011. Who knows what could happen. Ohhhh the anticipation, ohhhh the excitement.
  11. Wilks on Luke's condition

    We've got some time to rest and regroup for the Bears.
  12. DItto Rayzor. We need to stop going into prevent in 3rd quarters. Be aggressive..be be aggressive
  13. If Fletcher Cox is out, that is huuuuuge
  14. Pre-draft archive dive crow time:
  15. Bright side to losing Thursday

    Someone is bored this week. Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame
  16. 2nd round pick redo

    Something I can't believe no one is mentioning is the sheer predictability when we're forcing it to Curtis. He played like no snaps, then we randomly go in that shotgun snap with the 3 bunch to the left. It was clearly going to him and 3 Lions were swarming him. That happened like twice. We need to put him in for sequences and see what happens with some typical routes. Not just sprinkles, sprinkles are clear as day. We can still use him as a gadget but I feel Shepard is a wasted spot in front of a potential playmaker right now.
  17. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    4-1 babay!
  18. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    We need to pluck the better one's from the Reid Tree #MemberoftheUnrealisticMattNagyBandwagon
  19. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    I think this game like many others in the past is showing that Cam thrives in a pass first offense. We win plenty with the power run mentality but man, when Cam is in his element, he just picks apart teams with those seam plays.
  20. Luke Kuechly

    Yeah, not his best game but the DL turned it up in the 2nd half and helped carry us to victory.