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    Efe Obaba game ball

    A tear to my eyes. Obada!!!!
  2. saX man

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    It's just all so ridiculous. Can't we pick another conservative judge? The guy just reeks of the southeastern US frat douche all grown up.
  3. saX man

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    Yep word is they knew this was in the pipeline before they made the "deadline"
  4. That was bad and #42 should feel bad
  5. The OL is lightyears better without little Kalil. Clark is looking rather great for an off the couch signing. Moton seems to do well no matter where you put him. Van Roten is a monster and Thomas being TE1 is helping more than Olsen does with run blocking.
  6. saX man


    He lit a fire on that sack. It maybe looked at closer but I think it will be too close to overturn.
  7. Maybe someone should tell him not to play a slow backup MLB at SAM and use Horton like a 3 down DE.
  8. Not to mention the rate at which the Falcons and Bears are incorporating Ridley and Miller respectfully...yet Moore was taken #1 and was heralded as the most pro-ready/high football IQ players in the entire draft. Screw that excuse. Can't believe it has 7 pie. He's obviously ready. It's not like we run a Kubiak or Dennison system.
  9. saX man

    Run defense concern

    I'd prefer Norris, Smith or Carter Jr next week on the outside. They're all quicker than Mayo. The lack of speed mixed in with some poor DL play did us in. Butler was in a ton and we had rotations not suited against the run I.E.: Addison-Butler-Short-Horton Andre Smith/Norris/Carter Jr. and Bryan Cox Jr. should be looked to get increased reps this week.
  10. For being the first WR in an entire draft, you’d think he’d be seeing the field more. It’s nit like Fun and Smith are some revered vets. They’re spotty role playing WRs.
  11. I personally like the Pontiac Aztek thank you very much
  12. We scored two plays later so that one is a safe neg.
  13. saX man

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    I won't even mind Cam not having large possession receivers. He thrives off the playmakers, flankers and slot types. RE: Smith, Ginn, Avant, Philly Brown, Cotchery, Wright, Moore...who are the bigs? KB and Funchess. Yuck. We truly should have kept Pilares. He was the future of the league.
  14. Yep. Mayo, Butler, Addison, & Horton all had pretty bad days and were a big part of run d issues. With Mayo next to Luke, we lose TD's sideline to sideline speed and Adams has to come up more to attack the runner. Problem is that he's slow as sh*t. We were slow and not generating pressure..even with a blitz. Pass rush is lacking. Pepp can't go for a whole game and Addison is not ideal against the run. Horton is average. They all disguise eachother's weaknesses in rotation but got rocked today. Maybe we should get Cox or Obada in there.
  15. saX man

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    I like how he was trying to be all ra-ra at the end telling Cam to throw him the ball and Ace Boogie wasn't having any of that. There's definitely trust issues between Cam and Fun. I can see a DJ, Wright, & Samuel package materializing sooner than later.
  16. saX man

    Play DJ Moore

    DJ Moore and Malik Monk are going to have a lot in common.
  17. saX man

    Positives from the game....

    The OL was entirely serviceable for being put together this week. This was an unfortunate loss where the offense went flat while the defense could get pressure. That will produce a bad result. We should be able to rebound. Too much talent on D to let this loss shake the team. My only major concern is the inconsistencies at WR (what's new), Mayo, and the front 4. I think we should try Andre Smith out there instead along Shaq & Luke. We need more speed in the front 7 to make up for our elderly safeties.
  18. saX man

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    If we're not planning on re-signing him, there's a few playoff seeking WR hungry teams out there. Maybe we can ship him to DAL and have him lose with Prescott down there.
  19. saX man

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Wright-Moore-Samuel all the way. We've got the talent but we've also got Devin Funchess and Torrey Smith ahead of the 3.
  20. Seriously. Defense lost us this game though. Front 7 just played poorly.
  21. saX man


    Horton-Short-Butler-Addison is not going to be good against the run. Washington should know that. We need better rotations.
  22. saX man


    Also--why is Butler in so much today?