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  1. Denver's Run Game

    Im worried about Peyton putting Denver in good situations to run the balll....his arm may not be what it use to be but his mind is still amazing
  2. most of these fans will be neutral or just hear because its the super bowl....they will root for who ever is winning
  3. Denver Sports Radio/Cam PR Person

    i been watching Cam do these pressers all season and he ALWAYS looks bored and disengaged because the questions are dumb and they only get worse
  4. im freaking out.....its like christmas morning but it doesnt start til 6 o clock
  5. thats one of the best clips of all time....i felt the same way when i was watching it
  6. Team photo dab

    looks like Trai Turner is doing his own thing too.
  7. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Meh...rooting for both teams to lose is a bit of a disappointment i was expecting it to be worse from everyones reaction. 
  8. wade phillips and a saints game style turnover fest....even then we could still win
  9. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    it seems if sometimes he is forcing himself to be a pocket he is waiting on some plays to come open when he had running lanes open almost instantly. that said it seems to be working for him and long term its better for his game even in the short term he is taking some sacks he could have avoided.  
  10. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    did you just quote yourself? 
  11. I dont know if they scare them but old white republican dont like him very much. 
  12. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    I think what they meant to say was Thomas Davis is going to test his broken arm on the Broncos.
  13. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    The only problem i have with HGH is that gap between the players that are clean and the ones that are not. either everyone is on HGH or everyone is clean. its not fair to the clean players that AP can come back from an ACL injury in 8 months but it takes me a full year and im still not healthy. 
  14. I always wanted to Biakabutuka to do well but his running style was just not conducive to a long career in the NFL.