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  1. Andy Benoit Ranks Free Agents

    Norwell is one of these guys that doesnt look great on Paper but when you get him on the field he is a baller. I will take an effort guy like that every day of the week.
  2. meh....it smells like bullshit but who knows anymore.
  3. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    I dont see anyway we dont come out this draft without a running back or two
  4. FA: Doug Martin?

    my point is that Stew is better than Martin, I dont want either one on the Panthers roster next season.
  5. I thought this story was going to be something different, it just turned out to be shitty long shot guess.
  6. FA: Doug Martin?

    Doug Martin is pretty bad, he has had 2 good seasons out of 6, never had more than 500 yards in his bad seasons and the last two he only avg 2.9. add to that he is 29 and we are better of just keeping Stew because its no more meat left on this bone.
  7. I mind..I definitely mind, I think we should be going BPA with an offensive leaning. also i dont know if Sony makes it out the early to mid second round. its been some talk of him creeping to the late first.
  8. im ok with Christian Kirk but Anthony Miller has a similar skill set and could be had a bit later in the draft.
  9. Dude is fuged whether he did this or not. They are actively looking for replacements to his job and he then he gets in trouble mid process. It's no way he gets the job now.
  10. goes to show the Panthers are their own worse enemy. Why can we let us be great?
  11. NFL Man of the Year

    Poor Greg always the bridesmaid and never the bride
  12. Aints sweep ROTY awards

    See what an excellent draft can do for a team, most teams are one great draft away from being title contenders.
  13. New GM Candidate: Martin Mayhew

    How many black guys do you need to prove your not a racist? I guess next they going to tell us JR has black friend and a black and white TV.
  14. New GM Candidate: Martin Mayhew

    Why add a new name to a bullshit search? It doesn't seem to make sense unless it's real search.
  15. While the NFL ratings are declining their rating are still better than almost everything else one tv and people are watching less tv in general. reports of footballs death have been greatly exaggerated.
  16. Lesser known deep threat

    I would rather make a run at Paul Richardson. if it's one thing Seahawks WR do well, they make Wilson look good. That's the type of weapons Cam needs
  17. Smith is a step down from Cousins....but he is cheaper than 25 million plus they would have had to pay Cousins.
  18. Look like he has a lot of experience coaching DL but none of it at the pro level. im not sure what to think
  19. When looking at Diggs scouting report, its amazing to me someone like that would lasted till the 5th round.
  20. Im really opening up to the idea of taking Billy Price in the first round, he would fill two needs almost instantly and is a automatic starter.
  21. Reminds a bit of Steve Wilks, very well spoken. Sems to be full of energy. That's how I like my defensive coaches. I'm a fan just from this short video.
  22. Choose a backup from the Vikings

    Teddy wants the be a starter...no way he would come here to rot willingly. only way we end up with Teddy is he doesnt have a starter market, which could happen
  23. Voth trolls Mel Kiper

    I dont understand why people get so uptight of Mel Kiper, his biggest claim to fame is not being the best but being the first NFL draft expert. plus the whole draft is a crap shoot anyway
  24. If I'm the browns I take Chubb and Barkley the pull i truck load of money at Kirk cousins door while I continue to develop Kizer.
  25. I think he will be a better head coach than defensive coordinator. Good luck he is going to a decent team were he can win right away