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  1. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    I know how either one of these dudes looked in practice or what his work ethics are like but i know for a fact Kaaya is more talented that Gilbert. that alone should have been enough to keep him around
  2. i love what CMC brings to the team he is pretty much the best weapon we have and Panther fans do nothing but complain. that said i dont think he is ever going to be more than Tevin Coleman to another running back's devonta freeman.
  3. If you give teams a short field like that you going to lose
  4. I saw the Eagles team buses yesterday they must have been staying in South Park around the mall...of course i flipped them off because its what you do.
  5. Which path for Newton?

    how about C: where we slowly wean him away from running.
  6. I dont know if i have ever heard Jonathan Stewart speak more than a few words.
  7. I feel like Cox is going to play, but Tuesday was a very light practice day. that said he if he is having any issues at all I would hold him out and wait the 10 days after the game.
  8. Rivera on blowing leads

    this stuff is a balancing act between wanting to stay aggressive and continuing to pass the ball and running the ball more and sitting on the clock. either way if it doesnt work Ron is going to get blamed. the bigger issue here is the lack of a running game hat will allow us to run the ball even when teams know we are running the ball.
  9. they really dont have a much of a pass rush outside of Chandler Jones. I think one of the things that helps us is our ability to rush the passer with just the front 4. that said Colin Jones is trash
  10. Saints trade Peterson to Arizona

    they should start Kamara and never look back...i like Ingram but Kamara is a much better fit.
  11. Saints trade Peterson to Arizona

    I kinda wonder why they even signed him, what role did they expect him to play and why would they think he wouldnt bitch about 8 carries a game?
  12. everyone says that they want Ron to continue to be aggressive for 4 quarters but almost everytime he has sat the clock it has worked out in his favor. what incentive does he have to change?
  13. I dont see anyway he can complete the protocol in three days, I think its better to rest him and take the 14 days to make sure he is completely healthy.
  14. its a mix of a lot of things, teams selling out on the run, poor run blocking, lack of elite talent at back. Stew has lost a step and CMC looks like a wide receiver.
  15. A focused KB is a great receiver.
  16. I feel like Michael Jordan should be on this list even though he wasnt born here he was raised here.
  17. I so glad Peppers is back on the Panthers, this just feel right. I am really pulling for him to make the pro bowl this year.
  18. I think is a reach but whatever carry on.
  19. I dont understand what this is trying to prove?
  20. This just in city of Brotherly Love's fans are assholes
  21. JJ Watt and OBJ

    It's hard watching two of the best players in this league seriously injure themselves to the point they are almost in tears. The NFL gods are brutal
  22. Some takeaways from today

    I really dont agree with you on Luke. he mentally quick as he ever been, that said he has missed some plays but thats life he will be fine.
  23. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    We run at some very very predictable times....and it leads to us getting a lot of stuffed running plays plus the Lions front 4 is pretty damn good.
  24. Come get your pie. Bittersweet victory pie

    I do love Pie