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  1. This is why you need first downs on offense...you keep gving the fuging ball back to the offense they going to burn you
  2. I'm sick of these low percentage pass plays on third down...if you need 10 yards why are you going for 30?
  3. One GM Candidate Off the Market

    John Dorsey is a lot like Gman a great talent scout but super questionable dealing with personal. I'm sure that will go over like a lead balloon in Cleveland.
  4. that Buffalo Nickel package is trash, Shaq can not cover wide receivers
  5. Newton - Rivera a "lock" to be back

    When I read this I thought Cam said this....I was like if Cam said this this is not a lock. Nope it's David newton a nobody
  6. That was an easy call to make...turner even stands up and they still don't call it
  7. This game is close to being over I'm not seeing anything from the offense to make me think we can play with the saints offense
  8. We can't get out of our own fuging way...Cam making the wrong reads time and time again. The one drive that worked we ran the ball the we stopped running since
  9. First this status name is some click bait BS and two this is some god awful MMA, dude is pretty much running from Hardy.
  10. So you are telling me CJ was cheating and he still kinda sucked? now thats depressing
  11. Lattimore didn't practice today

    BS, Lattimore is their best corner by far. even if they think they can win without him they always need him.
  12. Cam on Cam trash talk

    Cam is build like a basketball player so he can dress like Russell and Lebron and company. It's pretty weird
  13. honestly this doesn't pass the bullshit test, it feels like cheating and damages the intent of the 15 second rule in the first place. that said if you aint cheating you aint trying i guess.
  14. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    So what your saying is start any fantasy defense playing the Giants? Ok got it..
  15. I bet you are the life of all the parties
  16. Is Kamara OROY?

    I really don't know who else you would give the OROY too....he has been amazing in spot duty
  17. Yea it was weak...it doesn't pass the eye ball test at all.
  18. That second ASJ catch was a TD...I mean yea it moved but barely
  19. A win is a win is a win...I will take them anyway I can get them.
  20. Worley.... Not a good game today.

    I'm shocked they stuck with Worley this long. Only time he is ever talked about is when something awful happened
  21. I knew he was ok because he was standing on the foot. I broke my foot the same way and walking is cool but pushing off and running and jumping is what took some type.
  22. Can I get like 10 minutes of joy?

    Im just here for the pie
  24. He did have that bs TD...it was almost like a trick play
  25. I can remember the last time the Panthers had a punt return for a TD....it may have been Steve Smith