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  1. Was Kalil at the Super Bowl Opening Night?

    Thanks folks...Watched both...good stuff.   Kalil on Jordan Gross, "He's jealous of my size, I think"!  HAHA
  2. Silly question, I know.  I saw pictures of him there.  But I've gone to,, and elsewhere and have yet to find any video clips of him being interviewed...Tons of Cam, Luke, Greg, etc., which is really nice, but Kalil is a personal favorite.  His quick-witted dry humor makes him a great interview.  I could only imagine with all the hoopla surrounding the media day, the kind of stuff he'd come out with.  Come On media...we need some Kalil!
  3. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Of course not...But just like I drive from Winston-Salem to Charlotte for the games, out in Dallas or Houston, I'm sure there are bunches of folks that drive from Austin, Round Rock...probably San Antonio to one of the larger markets.  Gotta draw the "market" line somewhere.  Clear as mud when you start drawing it up based on the population within the areas people drive from.
  4. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    As mentioned above, MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is more applicable than the population within the city limits.  With that, the Charlotte MSA is 34th in the 2010 census.  Rank within NFL markets is 27th.  Only smaller NFL MSAs are Nashville, Jacksonville, Buffalo, New Orleans, and Green Bay.   
  5. Remember that quote?  In Davis's first week as a Panther, he was asked in an interview about his tackling philosophy. His reply?  "Get to the ball with bad intentions". I've never done a GIF, but would love for someone to put the clip of Davis's tackle on David Johnson last week on here.  That's when he blew right through the line and totally creamed Johnson for a  6-yard TFL.  The speed...the violence...just incredible! If he wants to use his arm less, I can see him just trucking his target with all he has. Can you imagine a more violent Thomas Davis?  Kinda scary. Can't wait to see you in the Super Bowl TD!  Looking forward to those bad intentions!
  6. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    Kasay - Charlotte Christion AD - Hoov - Football Coach - Cannon School in Concord -  
  7. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Terrific Pics, as usual! Favs are slide 4 with TD lined up as the ball's about to be snapped...think the center pooed a bit in at the thought of a TD blitz.  And the pic of Rivera's thumbs up with the trophy is really nice! Curious, who is the gent in slide 18 on JR's left?  My wife asked a couple times last night "who is that little old man"?  
  8. Here's an idea...Add six "Keep Pounding" drums and have all our team captains (Cam, TD, Kalil, Luke, CJ, Olsen) and Little Coach Beam pound those drums...If that doesn't light your fire, your wood's too wet! Have no clue who Kenny Powers is...had to google to find out.  No HBO at my house.
  9. Coach Carousel 2016

    Interviewed over the weekend.  Don't think Rivera would stand for a distraction this week.  It's just not done during prep time.
  10. Time to silence the Hawks... and the media

    ITS OUR TIME!! Nuff Said.
  11. McDermott Interviewing with Bucs

    Personally, I'm pulling for Koetter now.  For Winston's continued progress, they'd be wise to maintain continuity in their offense like we did with Cam.  Koetter could make that happen.  That'd be consistent with their public statement they'd like to model their organization after the Panthers.  Of course pilfering our coaches could help with that too.   I wish Sean a successful future unless he's at an NFCS rival...or anytime he's on the opposite sideline from our Panthers!
  12. Have been hoping that the inevitable departure of McD puts him outside of NFCS, but he has his name in the hat for the Bucs HC position. It'd be hard to see McD on that sideline, possibly with some other Panther assistants!  C'mon McD, push hard for Cleveland!!
  13. For those saying we don't get respect...

    DG's and RR's "best 11 rather than 11 best" mindset is amazing to see blossom before our eyes.
  14. Off to NYC...

    I used to do some string reporting on ACC basketball for NBC radio.  Sat court-side close to the action; cheerleaders dancing just a few steps away.  Got two press passes per game and took my dad - an avid sports nut... I told him to take some notes and look busy while he proceeded to do nothing except hold back cheering for his team (bad form on press row).  Lots of fun and great memories! But JI has the ultimate gig!  Free run of the an NFL field and locker room!  Keep living the dream, JI and safe travels!  
  15. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I've endured years of the wife saying something like "how much they losing by this week"?   While strolling memory lane, remember when we traded for Denver backup Jeff Lewis (RIP) to be our starter and cut Beuerlein?  What was Seifert thinking?!?  Lewis was a preseason disaster and Weinke got the nod.  The result was 1-15.  But I watched every game. Going through all those down times makes enjoying this year that much sweeter!