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  1. AntiBuc added a post in a topic Funny wife vs Panthers game story   

    Sinbad advises how to be assured you can watch the game...check out 31:25-32:55.  Video & audio are terribly out of sync, but funny stuff....and good advice.
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  2. AntiBuc added a post in a topic Smith Sr vs M Mitchell   

    There's nothing in Smitty's quote to indicate he's referring to that play.
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  3. AntiBuc added a post in a topic Joe Webb on kick-off team?   

    Been dwelling on this lately, wondering how our former OC would use Webb in this offense.  Regardless of whether you liked or disliked Chud, I have to think someone that'd dare to pull off the annexation of Puerto Rico would find a way to take advantage of Webb's athleticism.  I'd like to see Shula come up with some creative packages that get him and Cam on the field together.  Two athletic studs with elusiveness and strong arms - It could be electric.
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