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  1. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    This game was lost on the offensive line and our inability to run the football. 
  2. That image of Josh Norman crying

    This team is going to be on a mission next year
  3. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    You spelled racist wrong. I keep telling you as soon as we lose its always Cam's fault to a select group. 
  4. Cam pouting at the podium

    Also I've been saying it. You want to know who are among those in our fan base that hates Cam undercover? Just wait for a panthers loss and they show their true colors. 
  5. Cam pouting at the podium

    I know I'm in the minority, but I seen nothing wrong with his press conference. I'm glad he acted that way, lets me know how much he cares. 
  6. Play calling in the second half was like we were up by 20
  7. Offense played with 0 urgency in the second half
  8. This loss is squarely on coaching 
  9. Defense is going to have to score because our offensive line is getting owned 
  10. Everything is going wrong for us. We aren't prepared 
  11. Agreed. Denver looks like us out there. We are playing with no fire and looked scared on offense. 
  12. Can somebody tell me when halftime is over 
  13. Shula is back to the old Shula
  14. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    34-16 Panthers
  15. Denver's Run Game

    TD is fine. He basically has a cast inside his arm. Not only that, but Shaq is virtually the same player. Where I would worry is if Klein had to see increased snaps.