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  1. Finnegan: "I have to earn it"

    People will love him soon enough. 
  2. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Look I wasn't there, but the fact that he found himself in that position in the first place definitely means he was slippin on his pimpin 
  3. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    If the Seahawks go 5 wide, why in the hell would you keep blitzing??
  4. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Cam has never been accused of rape, he just wanted a laptop so he could get some homework done! Everyone knows you don't have sex with drunk chicks that you just met. If I have sex with a drunk chick I make sure I've known her for a while and have texts/pictures backing me up that she wanted the D. At the very least Jameis is stupid. 
  5. Panther's should fear Bucs

    I'm just going to leave this here
  6. Who to pull for Sunday

    Yea it's been pointed out, but you know people don't like to admit when they're wrong. 
  7. Who to pull for Sunday

    All I know is that I'm pulling against Seattle. I don't want Wilson and his lucky bombs in the damn playoffs. 
  8. I wonder how much he'd be willing to sign here for 
  9. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Cowboys have a very underrated and healthy defense
  10. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    And they were actually going to pass, doubt they will now
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Why the fug would it bother you anyway?
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Let cam get his passing td