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  1. Thomas Davis had a historic season

    Is Urlacher eligible yet? I thought he would be a HoFer once he's been out 5-6 years.
  2. Thomas Davis had a historic season

    Maybe he needs to play for the Ravens his last 2 seasons. Outside of homer Panther fans, I never heard people say Smith should be a HoFer. This last season, before he got hurt, every week they talked like he was a sure thing HoFer.
  3. Is our special teams a liability?

    That's one game. There has been 2 Webb penalties in two different games that cost us a lot of yardage and a TD. Penalties are also very fixable as oppose having terrible ST players.
  4. Is our special teams a liability?

    I honestly think we are 2-3 block in the back penalties away from being ranked closer to 15th in the league.
  5. I assume that tweeting it to the right players would do the trick.
  6. First look at the Carolina Blue Man group (colour rush)

    All of a sudden? Should have been here for the fake Nike uniform leak several years back.
  7. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    I really would like to see our front 7 vs their current O-line. Ron could get them a Brady pinata for practice.
  8. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Good news is, I feel much better about facing the Pats in the SB if that becomes a thing.
  9. Predict Fussy Fan of the Week

    It's DC, so I predict Cam causing some political figure to commit adultery.
  10. So we could clinch a playoff berth next week..

    Can always hope for a Bucs-Eagles tie.
  11. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    I'm pretty sure he does his celebrations because the kids love it.
  12. im in asheville tonight

    The Vault,  LAB, the Southern and Scully's is where most of the out of control chicks go. Elsewhere, most of the girls are just trying to chill and not get hit on. lol
  13. im in asheville tonight

    you're going to the wrong place if thats what you want.
  14. im in asheville tonight

    If you like messing with people, I can give you a target at Wicked Weed.
  15. Hey Panther fans

    He's most likely a 3rd generation Packers fan. 2nd or 3rd generation Packers fans who don't grow up around other Packers fans tend to act like Cowboy fans.