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  1. Are we in a Window situation?

    You did not need money to draft young leaders. You needed to keep from giving up a ton of draft picks for 5 picks per season while wasting multiple picks on players like Benwikere, Funchess, Worley and Williams.
  2. definition of a #1 receiver

    We need a WR with good hands the entire team feels can win on every play for the final drive of a game. If you are afraid of a player being thrown to on the last drive of the game, they are clearly not a #1 WR. Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart are the only players the Panthers have on offense that I want touching the ball on the final drive of a game. Kelvin Benjamin was close to being in that group if he had better hands. Makes you value the Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad years so much more.
  3. Are we in a Window situation?

    The glaring problem is Gettleman never brought in young talent to step up and take the lead from 2014-2016. You need young players who give your team a reason to get rid of veteran leaders for younger leaders.
  4. Look familiar?

    I pointed that out in the 2015 draft. The pieces have been in front of the Panthers the past several offseasons and they have been obvious. Gettleman just missed too many times on putting the roster together.
  5. Two years and top draft picks wasted on players that should have never been starting in the NFL. That is Gettleman for you. Force a round peg in a square hold and call it a perfect fit. Panthers should be fielding Xavier Rhodes and Josh Norman as the starting CBs for the past 4 seasons. How did I figure that out and an NFL GM missed on the obvious? Double up on DTs and triple up on CBs with not a single one capable of being a team leader. smh
  6. Star likely to test free agency this offseason

    He can go sign with the Giants. I am sure Gettleman will break the bank for him. He is not worth top money as simply a plugger who rarely gets pressure. He is not even a team leader. Just a role player. I wanted Xavier Rhodes to pair with Josh Norman. Star was a waste as a 1st round pick. There were DTs in the 2nd and 3rd round that were just as good.
  7. Luke is not responsible for constantly covering up poor CB play on both sides of the field. He and TD were relegated to coverage because of the CBs in the first two Saints match ups and he took care of the running game today while trusting the CBs to step up. CBs messed up a lot, and it was obvious with the frustration on Kuechly's face when he knew they kept giving Brees large windows to pass in. The 3 TD drives for the Saints in the first half were directly linked to Badbury.
  8. A monkey could have fixed the cap issue. It was already set up to ride out the 2013 and 2014 seasons behind the core built in 2011 and 2012 with little to no work.
  9. So, Gettleman takes pride in building a core to carry the team of Cam, R. Kalil, Olsen, Stewart, Kuechly, Davis, and Peppers? I believe those are not his players and he waited too long to bring back Peppers. It was the inability of Gettleman to surround that core with consistent young talent and eventual team leaders that has put the Panthers in a position of not being the best in the NFL. 2014 to 2016 was a complete waste when it came to building around the core with young talent and young leaders.
  10. Badbury gives up on plays and loses focus mid play a lot. I will never forget the image of Badbury lying next to the Saints fumble thinking the play was over once he attempted a tackle... or Badbury forgetting his assignment and drifting too deep out of his zone allowing for an easy pitch and catch for the Saints and then missing an open field tackle on a critical drive... or Badbury getting schooled by Ted Ginn Jr over and over again.
  11. Since Gettleman took over and scrapped Smith and Ginn twice. Hurney will correct it. He has always given this team WRs to compete with.
  12. Not sure what OL you were watching. Turner, M.Kalil and Williams had a horrible game.
  13. That effort by Funchess...

    The better question is why was Funchess on the field for the last drive and why do you throw it to him when you have Olsen and McCaffrey as the ones making plays to win the game?
  14. Badberry / Whiffley / Bustler / Williams / CAP / Dickson Funchess needs to be a #2 or #3. He is not tough enough to compete as a #1.