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  1. Front Office/Coaches after G-man

    Let's remember Gettleman never complimented the foundation Hurney left him with leaders capable of replacing both the leadership and production in place. The vets Hurney left as a foundation were getting restless with their GM because their window is closing.
  2. Does it matter how many YPC you are racking up when you are best in the league at converting 1st downs with the run? Think about it. Panthers are tied for 2nd in rushing 1st downs and 7th in rushing plays. 1D>YPC When the Panthers stop converting rushing 1st downs, then I will be worried. Panthers are averaging 3.5ypc (24th) on 1st down, 2.9ypc (29th) on 2nd down, and 6.1ypc (11th) on 3rd down. (excludes QB kneel downs) So, is the running game struggling or are you just giving more weight to the negative plays in your mind? If all you want to do is focus on the 2nd down runs, I believe you are missing the bigger picture.
  3. Panthers will be ranked behind all the 3-2 teams and the Cowboys at 2-3. The Huddle will go into disrespect and media hate mode.
  4. 18 rushes for 21 yards

    The Lions defensive game plan was to sit on the running game and spy cam. They were forcing Cam to beat them with his arm. That is your explanation. They were sending 8 in the box a lot. That is why Dickson was able to work himself open multiple times for big gains. The Lions were biting on the play action and run options all day.
  5. What is the purpose of KB if not catching the ball in the redzone?
  6. Vernon butler

    Instead the Panthers went with Ealy 2.0 ... The same people will cry out how Butler is not a bust until the end of his 3rd season when he is sent packing in a trade since the Panthers will not be paying him to stay.
  7. All we need is the CBs to protect the sideline, force plays back to the LBs, and keep the offense from getting an easy 8 yards before challenging the play. The CBs present zero threat to an offense. Until they show they can force fumbles or threaten to make a play on the ball in the air, every offense is going to throw and run at them most of the game.
  8. I am just amazed how long it took for people to realize the mistake made in drafting these 2 so high. Badberry needed at least 3 season before sniffing a starting spot, and Whiffley is not good enough to ever start in the NFL. Whiffley is a nickel CB at best, and still needs work for that spot. The drafting of Bustler, Badberry, Whiffley, and Sadchez while trading away draft picks to get some of them will go down as the worst draft in Panthers history. Panthers defense is strong, but those CBs will be the death of the best front 7 in football. They have to make a play on the ball to scare teams away from the sidelines and force them to challenge the front 7 - by play, I mean INT or FF. I am prepared to see Gronk trying to be matched up on the outside against both CBs all day long, and if TD or Luke are pulled out to cover them, then they run directly off tackle away from Luke or TD and at Badberry or Whiffley. That is what I expect. They better make a play to scare the opposing offense. Have them watch tape on Josh Norman to see how to scare an offense.
  9. Do we have a defense problem too?

    TD was verbally going after Badberry for his inability to battle through a rub that pinned him on the sideline and pushed him out of his zone. When TD and Luke are clearly frustrated with them, you know there is a problem and can not deny it anymore.
  10. Do we have a defense problem too?

    Badberry and Whiffley should not be starting in the NFL. It does not matter how good the front 7 is when the outside CBs are terrible. Good QBs and WRs will feast on them. Ted Ginn was feasting on them. No surprise this week. I expected the Saints to go after them with Ginn and Coleman having success. I expected the Saints to put up 30+ points. I expected Rivera to play Conservative Ron Ball. I know the Panthers could have attacked with the proper game plan and tried to outscore the Saints, but Ron prepared that offense to sit on its heels and let the defense win it. Rivera continues to believe the defense will win it until the Panthers are 2 games back from .500.
  11. Badberry and Whiffley are garbage. The Saints just proved all you need to do is go after them all game. The Panthers offense is not a threat without Olsen and McCaffrey on the field at the same time. How many games or seasons is Ron Rivera going to let Badberry and Whiffley start without making a game changing turnover to impact the outcome of the game?
  12. Have you seen the Panthers CBs? Most teams will wait to attack them in the 4th quarter. The Saints went after them from the start. Long day for those two.
  13. Bradberry and Worley are going to have to make a game changing play to turn this game around.
  14. Bradberry was suppose to release his man to the safety and center in his zone. He was pinned on the sideline by the WR. He has always had trouble playing physical and getting around a block or rub.
  15. They are going after Worley and Bradberry. TD was pissed at Bradberry for screwing up his zone assignment on this drive. Bradberry and Worley have to scare Brees. So, far they are 0 threat to make a play and getting owned.