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  1. This is not an old school grind it out running game the Panthers have. They do not depend on the RBs to keep the drives going with first downs. They depend on the RBs to challenge a defense and keep them honest to open up the run options and play fakes. This is what opens up the intermediate zones in the passing game. Yes, Stewart is productive. No, Stewart does not carry the offense. No, Stewart does not keep the chains moving with first downs. He helps to set it all up. The Panthers are not relying on the running game to carry the offense to victory. If they were the Panthers would be score 10 to 17 points a game.  
  2. Cam's runs are mainly off the pass plays.They only call designed running plays for Cam 3 to 5 times a game. Yes Cam is a large part of the running game, but he is not the main component of a "grind it out running game". Cam's running game is more like a west coast offense QB infused with a power option.
  3. This is correct. The Panthers are not a grind it out running offense. If you take a close look the Panthers are actually running a hybrid west coast offense influenced by the run option. On 1st and 2nd down the Panthers will mix in the run. On 3rd and 4th downs, Cam will use the run option or choose to pass the ball. The Panthers have been in 3rd/4th and short 36 times this season. They have passed the ball 16 times. Cam has run with the ball 14 times (8 were called run plays). RBs carry the ball 6 times (17%).  As for the Panthers first downs, they have passed for 60% of them. The RBs only account for 22% of all first downs. To compare: Seahawks 32% / Vikings 36% / Rams 31% / Bucs 29% / Bills 29% / Cardinals 25% The Panthers rank behind all of them. A traditional grind it out running team would be 30-40% first downs with their running backs. The Panthers make you respect their running game, and then use deception with the play action/run option to carve a defense up with the short to intermediate passing game. This offense looks a lot like the early days of the Bill Walsh led offenses in the early 80s pre Jerry Rice and the Mike Holmgren offenses of the mid to late 90s. The stat lines and play percentages are very similar. They just worked in the read option/QB power instead of the standard play action roll out.
  4. I do not see the Dolphins comparison. Not many similarities outside of trying to go undefeated. This team resembles the 1981 49ers. A team that no one had any expectations for rising up to dominate the league. A revolutionary offensive system taking root after a few years of development. A system defenses had significant trouble reading and playing against. Most importantly, two young leaders who were the best at their respective positions at the early stages of their careers. A young QB and young defensive leader who every teammate believed in every play of the game. Their teammates would follow their lead and TRUST that the system would succeed week in and week out. There was no doubt. Having those two young leaders becoming the best at their respective positions was the key to a decade of dominance. It is rare to have the HC, QB, and defensive leader all early in their career dominating and leading with such confidence at their respective positions. Every Panther fan needs to enjoy it and respect it.
  5. I keep thinking... what team is comparable to the 2015 Panthers? The closest I came was the early 80s 49ers.  You had Montana the happy go lucky competitive offensive leader. Ronnie Lott the serious defensive leader/motivator who was smarter than just about every QB he faced. I can not help but see the similarities of two young leaders on opposite sides of the ball growing together with their young head coach. The Panthers seemingly have a very similar personality as the early 80s 49ers. When KB returns to form I believe the Panthers will be comparable to the late 80s 49ers with a young Jerry Rice. Of course, there are technical differences, but I believe this is the most comparable team to the Panthers. The Panthers seem to have the ever elusive formula for a dynasty in the modern era. Enjoy it because this achievement is close to impossible. Then again 19-0 is close to impossible, but the Panthers seem to be on the verge of achieving what many view as the impossible. The Panthers have the team character/philosophy to ignore the typical pressure and let downs that we are all conditioned to see from modern day teams. The Panthers are truly a throwback.
  6. Colin Jones in the slot...

    Kurt Coleman in the zone with the receiver in front of him... great. Kurt Coleman has let receivers get behind him, and has had trouble staying with them in man coverage. Same with Harper. As long as you have CBs and LBs who can go man to man with receivers, you can hide the deficiencies of the man coverage by the safeties. There is a difference between man and zone. Cannot ignore one because they are great at the other.
  7. Colin Jones in the slot...

    If all the Panthers need is a dime back this late in the season, how about Marrio Norman? Josh Norman's brother.
  8. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    That is the big nickel package that Shaq has played in. I have a feeling the Panthers need a dime as they will see teams continually spread them out to get one on one match ups with their 4th and 5th receiver. Not so much the nickel. Teams are going to force the Panthers to spread out with 4 to 5 receivers and roll the dice on a big play. The Panthers have made it difficult, but they can be beat with the slot going out and up the sideline. Luke, Davis, Jones, and Shaq have all been beat with that route. Not sure why they do not go to Teddy Williams. Here is an idea. Sign Carrington Byndom back from the Cardinals PS and put him on the active roster. Not only do you get a CB who can cover and special teams player who knows our system and communication, but you get a head start on everything he has learned from them over the past month.
  9. Colin Jones in the slot...

    The weaknesses every team will pick on are AJ Klein, Roman Harper, Kurt Coleman, Tre Boston, and Colin Jones in man to man coverage. Also, have the issue of speed receivers getting behind the safeties. Luckily QBs do not get much time to stand in pocket and take a deep shot with accuracy. If an offense cannot establish the run between the tackles or run with their QB for big gains, then their only hope is to send out 5 receivers with a pick on a DB and toss it up deep over the safeties. Hope that you make it more than you turn the ball over. Anything lobbed up to a spot under the safeties will have a high chance of resulting in an interception. Have to gamble against the Panthers D to win.
  10. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    First, your numbers are wrong. Second, every GM misses outside of the first round. The bad GMs miss inside of the first round. All GMs have a ton of draft picks that never make it past a year. On average a player lasts 3 years in the league. There are 256 picks a year in the draft. There have been 113 first team all-pro players drafted since 2002. Care to guess where Marty Hurney ranks? 2nd. He will jump to 1st if Cam Newton, Josh Norman and Thomas Davis make 1st team all pro this year. And if you believe he only hit on 12 to 15 players over 10 drafts, then you believe pro bowlers and all pros are the only thing that count as hitting in the draft. After Norman and Davis make the pro bowl this year, Hurney will rank 5th among GMs since 2002.
  11. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Josh Norman, Brad Nortman, Greg Hardy, David Gettis, Captain Munnerly, Gary Barnidge, Nick Hayden, Geoff Schwartz, Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson, Dante Rosario, Richard Marshall, James Anderson, Jeff King, Will Montgomery, Evan Mathis, Geoff Hangartner, Jovan Haye, Joe Berger, Keary Colbert, Travelle Wharton, Ricky Manning Jr, DeShaun Foster, and Will Witherspoon. Hurney hit on 2 to 3 players outside of the first round every season excluding 2011 (which was horrible for all GMs outside the top of the 2nd round. Name me one of these players who could not start in the NFL or contribute to a championship contender? Half of these players are still starting in the NFL. Take this information and decide if this looks like a GM who had a history of poor drafts.
  12. I know there are two strong parties regarding the following topic, but we must step back and give thanks to Marty Hurney for what he put together the second time around. Here is an article by Darin Gantt from PFT that gives him that respect.  Undefeated Panthers still have Marty Hurney’s fingerprints on roster: So, in the spirit of the holiday weekend I want to give thanks. Thank you Hurney, and thank you Gettleman for being humble and not blowing up the foundation set by Hurney. It is going to pay off for another decade.
  13. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    Are you a forensic medical examiner? Are you trained in identifying and matching bruise patterns? I doubt it. Until then I will believe in the report by the forensic medical examiner in this case, and that report refutes Holder's testimony.
  14. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    I can not believe her word when you know her character. I can not believe his word, because he has shown poor judgement. I can not believe the presses word because they are in it for the money/ratings. I can not believe the public view because they are a mindless herd that ebbs and flows with emotion and irrational judgement. So, who can I believe? I can believe those who had something to gain and took a loss on this, or those who had nothing to gain and just did their job, So, I choose to believe the police. They saw no reason to believe her coked, drunk, and crazy self when they ran after her in the streets of Charlotte. They did not see any reasonable proof of battery after hearing both sides of the story. I believe the forensic medical examiner who found no evidence of physical abuse on Hardy's part. These people are trained to evaluate bruises and match them to the person/implement used and the amount of force used during the incident. They found that she fell and was restrained forcefully. That the bruising on her hands and feet are signs of her attacking another person. That her cuts were from minor contact with broken glass. Nothing to corroborate her testimony of being hurled onto a bed of rifles, dragged across the floor, choked by a man with large hands, or thrown in a bath tub with more force than her own body weight. I believe the magistrate who decided that this did not fall under a felony due to battery and the arrest was allowed under misdemeanor charges. I believe a district court judge who gave Hardy probation and counseling as a punishment. (Rarely if ever do they rule not guilty unless the defense has absolute proof. The judge simply goes with the lesser penalty and reduces the charges.) I believe the DA and his team. They had every reason to prosecute for personal gain and wanted to from the start. They had to drop it since the evidence failed to corroborate her story and they began to question Holder's side more than Hardy's. They can and usually do prosecute these cases without the victim as long as they have physical/photo proof that is supported by experts and corroborates the victims testimony and the witness testimony. I believe the Superior Court judge who always discusses this with the DA and warned the DA of what was to come with the holes in the evidence/story of Holder and her reluctance to work with the courts. I believe Nicole Holder's attorney who refused to continue working for her and got dismissed by the judge so he could wash his hands of her. So, that tells me that you have two very troubled individuals who need to get their act together. I can conclude that both Holder and Hardy lied, and Holder's lies were much greater than Hardy's. I can conclude that those who were in contact with the events chose not to elevate/pursue this case even though they had a significant gain if they were able to pursue this event. Some of you are blinded by the herd mentality and fail to see the key piece of evidence that favors Hardy because you believe the evidence is "gruesome". The photo evidence actually supports Hardy's side and not Holder's. Look closely. Look for what not is present that should be, and look at what is present/what it matches. Hardy is innocent by rule of law/procedure. The courts even expunged the record (and that is not easy to get if there is reason to prosecute). He is guilty in the eyes of the press/public because they love a good irrational/emotional event that enables them to carry out their agenda or find justice in a story/straw man that gives purpose to the hurt they have experienced in their personal lives. If you care so much about justice, then pursue the Holder side. Look into her story/character, and if you still believe this is worthy of being prosecuted, then convince/support her in taking a stand as this is still within the statutes of limitations. Last I knew she was in Wilmington. Go ahead. Reach out and see how she treats you. Now can we move on? Please!