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  1. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    So, the people who support this pick believe it is in the Panthers best interest to reduce the roles/impact of KK and Star to below 50% of defensive snaps, and replace their production with a raw rookie project that has a low motor and trouble keeping his shoulders square. Probably the same people who believe giving Boykin 1000+ snaps over the season will not create a liability other offenses will target, or that making Kurt Coleman spread himself thin by playing more of the field on a per snap basis means he will increase his production. While were at it, why don't we decided to reduce the running attempts of Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart in favor of a fumble prone RB. Now, let's add to the reduced snaps philosophy to keep KB, Olsen, Davis, and Kuechly fresh. The idea that playing the starters/impact players less and relying more on inexperience/projects throughout the season is not improving your team. That is called regression.
  2. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    Kind of like how Rivera and Gettleman based their choice on the Senior Bowl film they just watched this past week. Listen to the presser. They tell you his college tape is unimpressive and this decision was based on the Senior Bowl.
  3. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    If Vernon Butler plays anything like he did against Mississippi State, then the Panthers can cut him now. He was absolutely abused in that game. They ran right at him. He is very easy to double team and does not take chip blocks well. He turns his shoulders often giving the blockers an easy target to get him off balance. Usually finds himself pushed off the LoS in the running game, and gives up on plays when they are run away from him. His one strength is he is an excellent bull rusher to collapse the pocket when he is one on one. In the run game, he is a non-factor. Major project.
  4. Kony is turned loose.

    When Rivera stops telling us how he does not fully trust Kony, and Kony plays in more than 95% of the defensive snaps, then we can call him the next Josh Norman. Until then he is streaky and unreliable.
  5. This is not how it works. There are only so many snaps to go around in a 4-3 over the season. So, you either decrease the roles of Star and KK, or you cut Soliai or Love and give Butler 30% of the defensive snaps. If Butler receives less than 30% of the defensive snaps, then it is a waste of a 1st round pick. Shaq was under utilized last season, but he managed to get more than 30% of the snaps.
  6. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    DTs - KK played 69% of the defensive snaps - Star played 48.45% of the defensive snaps - Dwan played 34.09% of the defensive snaps - Kyle Love played 29.82% of the defensive snaps The Panthers opt to use their 1st round pick on a DT? They now need to cut Love or Soliai. If they do not cut either, then you have a rookie DT who rides the bench for most of the season. This 1st round pick will see 6 to 12 plays a game - a non-factor. No one wants to see KK or Star have less of an impact so a rookie can get playing time. I am guessing Love is done. If not the Panthers screwed up in free agency with Soliai or they screwed up in the draft with Butler. 5 DTs is overkill when you have a significant percentage of lost defensive snaps at DE, CB, and Safety.
  7. First mistakes? Where have you been for the past 3 off-seasons. The players and their agents do not have a very high opinion of Gettleman - especially the veterans. Gettleman gets used by any player of value to the league. Young players he drafted will require top dollar from him when their contract is up. It is getting to a point where Gettleman is the teams biggest distraction internally. That is irony. Gettleman runs the Panthers based on a foundation of loyalty to the team. However, he delivers no loyalty to any of the players on the team or the player in negotiations when it comes time to build the team in the off-season. Some may want to pretend like this formula will not come crashing down, but we all knowthe outcome of this system of management. Once he has used up his surplus left to him from his predecessor, there will be nothing of substance to hold on to for the future. It will be a system of interchangeable used parts and player development/projects that will be leaving for better pay when their business deal is up.
  8. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    If Gettleman was offering Norman $10m per season, then he is going to offer KK and Star $7m per season. Expect both Star and KK to look elsewhere for $13m+ per season. No worries. I am sure they will be easy to replace just like Norman.
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    Dumb move. He is an investment, and his value just took a dive. He does not have the production on the field to offset this stupidity. He gets flagged for a possible team distraction. Next up. CAP, sell that fancy car you were speeding in. You will need that money soon.
  10. No matter what other fans have to do to convince themselves it will not be difficult to replace Norman and the defense will not miss a step, losing him was a huge set back for the defense. Josh Norman was as important to the defense as Luke Kuechly. Norman significantlyreduced the opposing offenses options and made it considerably easier on the safeties and LBs in coverage.
  11. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    And that signing bonus was likely a slap in the face.
  12. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    You may want to read what Norman has been saying. He feels disrespected by the front office. He felt "side-swiped" by the Panthers like an Odell Beckham cheap shot. On par with several other former Panthers who have been shown little to no respect on their exits. Told they are not worth it,have little chance to keep up what they are doing,or still have to prove themselves. Typical and expected.
  13. Bill Barnwell: Panthers' patience should be rewarded

    This is expected and was mentioned by some at the start of the off season. When you are not respected by players and their agents in negotiations and treat them disrespectfully it gets around quickly. You should expect to be used as leverage and lose players you are interested in even if your offer is equal toor slightly better than another team. If you ever get the chance, ask an agent of Gettleman's reputation in negotiations. I expect to lose out on just about every quality free agent that negotiates with Gettleman. The only hope I have of signing one of them is if they have a bond with a player on the team and that player lobbies them. I do expect to load up on the used up veteran players trying to get 1 or 2 more years of cash flow.
  14. It's Been a Slow Free Agency For Us...Or Has It?

    History tells us Super Bowl winners make splash moves. Look at the key players/starters on their rosters. From the past 7 Super Bowl winners:Aqib Talib, DarrelleRevis, Michael Bennett, Anquan Boldin, Antrel Rolle, Charles Woodson and Jonathan Vilma. I would be hard pressed to find a Super Bowl winner who did not plug in a couple free agents and a trade or two to bea key factor in winning the Super Bowl. Free agency factors into the equation of winning a Super Bowl. Stocking a team using free agency will kill a team (must use the draft for that), but it is necessary to plug in a couple key free agents to put a team over the top to win the Super Bowl.
  15. Marty Hurney

    Who is the #1 GM for drafting players who have gone to the pro bowl over the past 15 seasons? Who is the #1 GM for drafting players who have made 1st team all pro the past 15 seasons? The answer is Marty Hurney. Marty Hurney's foundation set in 2011/2012 is the reason the Panthers have had a shot at winning in the playoffs the past 3 seasons. Defense struggled in 2011 with 2 key injuries at LB in week 1. The 2011 Panthers were going no where with theirLBs Dan Connor, James Anderson, and Jordan Senn.A youngdefense was up to speed half way through the 2012 seasonwhen the winning began the first week of November 2012leading to a record of40-17-1 to date. This includes the 1-9 losing streak in 2014 from the failed Gettleman experiments coupled with an injured Cam Newton that almost cost the Panthers the season. If Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Josh Norman had got up to speed 2 weeks sooner, Marty Hurney would still be here and Dave Gettleman would have never been a thought for the Panthers. There would not have been a WR, CB, OT, or PR situation in 2014, and the Panthers go on to post double digit wins in 2014 as the experiments everyone knew would fail in the preseason never seethe field. Hurney also keeps Gary Barnidge on as the #2 TE for 3 to 4 more seasons. I am positive had Gettleman been the GM in 2011 this team would still be struggling to get to the playoffs. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly would be replaced by Marcel Dareus and Dontari Poe - love them Hog Mollies. Thomas Davis and Jonathan Stewart would have never been given the chance to recover from their injuries. The Greg Olsen trade would have never occurred as Gettleman goes for the bargain bin free agent TE. Mike Tolbert would not have been signed at his price tag in free agency as a FB. Josh Norman is never drafted as Gettleman trades away picks for a 5 player draft and uses his final pick on a RB like Dan Herron (goes along with his Kenjon Barner, Tyler Gaffney, and Cameron Artis Payne picks).Steve Smith would have been released earlier, and Jordan Gross would follow suit with his retirement the same off season Steve Smith was released - probably 2012. Also, Ron Rivera would not be the head coach. A Gettleman hire would have been Perry Fewell or Steve Spagnuolo. Sage Rosenfels would be quarterbacking the Panthers in 2011. Be glad Hurney set upthe foundation of the Panthers because the alternative would be muchworse. That is how I see it. Have fun.