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  1. Pass rush can cover a lot of deficiencies of defense so thats what I wanna see.
  2. Top 5 line when they dont have injuries but yea it was a good performance.
  3. Lemory

    Amini shouldn't be in the NFL

    Ron needs to be fired in order to get rid of Silatolu.
  4. Lemory

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Antonio Garcia was a 3rd pick by the Patriots a few years ago and got cut by the Jets. He's gotta be better than Clausell right?
  5. Why didnt Allen get to play more often this preseason!?
  6. Hey, call roughing the passer! He tackled the QB really hard!
  7. Thats some pansy ass football they want us to play.
  8. Mose Frazier been making plays this preseason!!!!
  9. They not gonna call that lowering the head?
  10. Trade for Dobbs immediately.
  11. Lemory

    The Saints traded for Bridgewater

    Ole noodle arm teddy huh. lol "Nice" trade
  12. Eugene is a real nice guy, just not a good football analyst/announcer. I dont know if i would trust his analysis plus I cringe every time I have to listen to him and Mick on a radio broadcast.
  13. Lemory

    Cowboys with injury problems

    We're pretty banged up too should be a close match-up.
  14. Walter football is a schmuck.
  15. There really isnt a Tackle out there that we could get without overspending (draft picks especially). Tackles are a hot commodity in the NFL which is why they are throwing around ridiculous contracts at starting caliber LT and RT. I think our best bet right now is to stick with Moton at LT until Kalil is healed up and find a guy after the first round of cuts.