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  1. Lemory

    JR Statue to remain

    I'll sell you the team for 2.2 billion but you have to keep my statue up.
  2. Lemory

    It's a boy!!!!!!!!

    Cam be fugin
  3. Lemory

    Pruitt Resigns

    Great news but he will just replace him with someone else who hates the environment and loves to slurp Donny dick.
  4. Lemory

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Take Jerry out of there and replace him with Sam Mills and its a badass statue.
  5. Lemory

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    You're right, forgot about Kagan.
  6. Lemory

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    Man fug Mitch McConnell that man is gonna bust hell wide open when he goes.
  7. Lemory

    Justice Kennedy announces retirement

    But I thought presidents shouldn't be allowed to pick 2 supreme court justices. That only applies to when a democrat is in office right?
  8. Lemory

    This is the democrat party

    I was gonna make a joke but the effort isnt worth it
  9. Lemory

    How Fox News Works

    I love John Oliver but you're never gonna get any of the Trump supporters to watch him because he's a liberal cuck or a deep state media mouthpiece or whatever their word of the day is.
  10. Lemory

    Trade War Update

    I wonder how many of those 2.6 million people voted for Trump? I'd guess most of them considering that those jobs tend to lean largely conservative.
  11. Lemory

    "Why would I care?"

    Yeah nobody want to go to Wash St now, way to go bud.
  12. How the rookies like Jackson, Thomas, and Moore look. Also would be cool to hear about those rookie guards.
  13. Lemory

    Deadpool 2

    I liked it better than the first but I can see how some people would be underwhelmed with it.
  14. Lemory

    WTF Did I Just Watch

    Saw that before Deadpool 2 yesterday and the whole theater was laughing. It looks hilarious.