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  1. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    Im just pissed people are buying up all the decent GPU's for ridiculous prices.
  2. Wouldn't be against it but with a deep draft class this year id like to pick up someone like Royce Freeman or Josh Adams over Crowell.
  3. Really? Hate to hear that, i always liked him as a player.
  4. I would want Kurt Warner as a QB coach but there would be no desire from him to come here and coach.
  5. Its basically like Shula never left.
  6. Head coach at Midwestern State University.
  7. Yea thats probably realistic. Wouldnt surprise me if he's the first receiver off the board.
  8. Christian Kirk would be a great addition to the WR corps in my opinion.
  9. Hope we have enough money to sign Norwell and make a run at one of these guys like Watkins or Robinson. Gonna be hard to pull off.
  10. How do you lose 3 times to the same team in the same season?
  11. Can Kaelin Clay step up and be a factor?

    Called this one earlier, wish that wasn't the case.
  12. Can Kaelin Clay step up and be a factor?

    He's quick enough to get open but he's had a few bad drops when Cam throws it his way. He can have a big impact if he actually catches the ball.
  13. Would rather go with Clelin Ferrell if we draft a DE in the first but he probably wont make it to us and we really need a WR early. Probably ought to draft a RB in the first few rounds because this is a very good RB class this year. Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Josh Adams, Royce Freeman, Damien Harris in the 2nd should give us a big play maker we haven't had in a while. Once the senior bowl and the combine rolls around it will be easier to tell which guys are separating themselves from the rest of the pack.
  14. Good thing we picked a guy in the 2nd round that can play tackle and guard.
  15. I would rather slam a toilet seat down on my balls than watch OBJ play as a Panther.