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  1. Bills got a real gamer in Poyer. Saved the Bills from two touchdowns last weekend.
  2. Gano

    His longest field goal of the year is 39 yards so he better be perfect so far.
  3. For the Shula Haters

    If he doesnt have a connection to Rivera he wont be here.
  4. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    You guys should fug.
  5. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    All the more reason to lock up Norwell long term.
  6. Buffalo: What concerns me

    We have the better team by far and I find it funny that most of the Bills fans on their fan sites think they will win this game. Typical poo posts like "shutdown their run game, contain Olsen and make Cam beat us through the air because he's a shell of his former self."
  7. Well at least Larsen got plenty of playing time in the preseason.
  8. Lmao

    Brian Hoyer is the starting QB lol.
  9. "and thats why I think he will be the greatest safety in NFL history."
  10. Having him head hunt Cam twice a year is going to suck.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 7

    My boy Jon tamed the dragon!