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  1. Larsen has filled in nicely for Kalil this year. At this point, id rather stick with whats working and let Ryan focus on healing fully.
  2. Hurney scouting?

    Well since he's gonna be around for the next few years I hope he hits on a few late mid-late rounds picks this time.
  3. Saints-Patriots Superbowl? fug that. Panthers-Patriots rematch where we get our revenge.

    Sweeet Caroline!
  5. Vague Worley tweet

    The guy is 22, he can stand to wait a little while longer.
  6. Trump Jr Deadlifts like his dad governs

    Them are some skinny ass little calves.
  7. Seymour has been way better than Worley so he gets more playing time. Seems pretty damn simple to me and eveyone else watching.
  8. "I have balls, I have the best balls, anyone who has seen my balls tells me they're the greatest balls they've seen."
  9. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    Number one defense in the league against smoking Jay Cutler is a very favorable match up for us. Id imagine the D plays like it usually does and the offense does just enough to win.
  10. Is this still Cams team?

    This is Luke's team.
  11. Big Vern... Where are you?

    Its been said that he's not a bad player, he just wasn't the right pick.
  12. Hornets vs Bucks

    Monk is feeling it tonight.