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  1. How the rookies like Jackson, Thomas, and Moore look. Also would be cool to hear about those rookie guards.
  2. Lemory

    Deadpool 2

    I liked it better than the first but I can see how some people would be underwhelmed with it.
  3. Lemory

    WTF Did I Just Watch

    Saw that before Deadpool 2 yesterday and the whole theater was laughing. It looks hilarious.
  4. poo id take Daniel Jeremiah at some position. One of the only dudes whose opinions I respect in the media.
  5. Lemory

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Damn, good call guy who brought it up earlier.
  6. Lemory

    Pence’s doctor was a woman...

    ‘Oh God, What Happened Last Night?’ Says Groggy Mike Pence After Waking Up In Same Bed As Wife https://politics.theonion.com/oh-god-what-happened-last-night-says-groggy-mike-pe-1823070030
  7. Rd 1: Fine with Moore. Rd 2: Isiah Oliver or Justin Reid Rd 3: Armani Watts
  8. Traded next years 1st for a 264 lb DE from UTSA. What a dumb fuging move.
  9. I dont see any problems with this draft. We get Cam a legit WR in Moore, Jessie Bates is an instant starter at S, Smith is a great value at G in the 3rd and so is Thomas. Not sure about rounds 6-7 but you're usually hard pressed to find contributors in those rounds.
  10. Lemory

    Who is this prospect?

    Looks like Tre'Quan Smith He was at this years Senior Bowl and is 6-1 210.
  11. I disagree, Cam needs all the weapons he can get and out WR corps doesnt really inspire a whole lot of enthusiasm. If Ridley or Moore is still there, i think we need to take them but i get that they both have their downsides. It really all depends on how the draft shakes out.
  12. I hate playing the same teams every year.
  13. Lemory

    Who are your top targets at 24

    Tier 1: Landry, Ridley, Moore, Reid Tier 2: Alexander, Oliver, Jackson Tier 3: Hernandez, Wynn, Daniels, Hughes
  14. Lemory

    Screw You Disney!!!

    "In time, you will know what its like to lose"