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  1. Finnegan and McClain

    Outside of the top DBs in the league nobody is going to be good with the pass rush we had in the second half. It's the single biggest reason (other than Wilson's Hail Marys) that we sucked in the second half.    They both played fine when we actually got pressure on Wilson. 
  2. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Cam has almost 50 TDs on a team that went 15-1. That is going to win every single time. Those are Brady/Manning in their prime numbers. When you account for that many points and that much overall production it's a guarantee win. Funny thing is that if you ask either QB...they probably don't care much about the MVP unless it's SB MVP.
  3. 2 seed easiest path to NFCC game? Looks that way.

    If that's how it shakes out then you hope GB can protect home field. If that happens then all is well. Truthfully though...I don't see anyone beating us at home if we get HF all the way. 
  4. Skins are tough at home. I think they win their first game. Don't think they beat CAR or ARI away tho. Gimme Bridgewater and Cousins at home over Wilson/Lynch any day of the week. 
  5. Film Breakdown of Julio Jones vs Josh Norman

    Josh needs to get his swag back. Imo he did nothing wrong against OBJ. But on Sunday he played like he was scared of being reprimanded again. That needs to be corrected. 
  6. It does seem that since CJ was added the rotation the pass rush has struggled. Maybe time to go back to a little more Addison, Horton, Ealy rotation. Ealy especially was playing lights out before CJ came back. 
  7. This is rich considering a physical defense is the only reason Dilfer has a super bowl ring. 
  8.   Why is LT a need? Or SS for that matter? Just because Harper is old? Move Coleman to SS and plug in Tre Boston and problem is solved. Oher has been solid for us. He's a future of the franchise type player for us over the next 3-4 years. I can see DE as a need if CJ isn't back next year. But Gettlemen's ability to find pass rushers on practice squads or later in the draft has been pretty impeccable. I could see corner as a need.  DT could be the biggest need depending on our ability to resign both Star and KK. Because KK is going to command all-pro money. Star will have to take less. Is he willing to do that? Who knows... This is a best player available type of draft. IMO Derrick Henry could be there and as I said in the Mock draft post we need to figure out a way to limit Cam's unnecessary hits. One way of doing that is to put a great goal line runner in the backfield. Henry is 6'3'' - 6'4'' 240lbs. So…you want a Cam equivalent making goal line runs? Draft Henry. I get that people like Artis-Payne but he was a 5th-6th round pick and doesn't have near the physical ability Henry has.    Find a CB,  DT, WR later in the draft. 
  9. Give me Derrick Henry all day long. You want to preserve our franchise QB? Get a RB who's 6'3 - 6'4'' to reach across the goal line instead of giving it to our 130 million dollar QB. He's worth it for the goal line ability alone. Find some corners and pass rushers later in the draft. Take the physical freak from Bama and make our backfield even stronger. You can do whatever you want with the 31st pick...
  10. What separates Norman and Sherman from other corners is the ability to close and his recovery speed. That ability has very little to do with playing zone. If you watch Norman's greatest plays they are when he jumps routes from behind the receiver to either make a quick tackle or a pass break up. Or when he has baited QBs into trying to throw over top of him…without safety coverage. Does it hurt that he has Davis, Keuchly patrolling the middle of the field and Thomas over the top? No…but IMO he makes our safeties look better by forcing tight windows and scaring QBs. Not the other way around.    He's going to get a huge contract. 
  11. Terrell Davis says we finish 14-2

    If we are 15-0 heading into the TB game...we will beat them with DA. I think Cam sits that game and our backups beat them. Maybe Rivera gives them a half to get it done and build a lead before sitting some of the primary guys. Cam's playing style is too physical to let him play in a meaningless game. 
  12. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

    Sensitivity has no place in the NFL. Get over it. If you don't like it...throw a TD. 
  13. David Newton thinks we can go undefeated

    No way we go undefeated. Truthfully don't care if we did. I will say that other than the Falcons and Saints game we have a really favorable schedule. I'm going to say 14-2...number 1 overall NFC seed which in the grand scheme of things is what matter.
  14. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    We are 8-0 and trying to make a Super Bowl run. It's time to learn that if you can't pass up makin $1000 a season on tickets when we're good then don't buy them. I understand wanting to make a little money back if we suck...but we're the best team in the conference right now. If you aren't going to go to Charlotte to see the 7-0 Panthers play the 6-1 Packers then you shouldn't buy Panthers tickets. It's embarrassing...
  15. Point is to get guys who will make the team or at least compete to make the team. DG apparently thinks this draft is trash. Players don't "fill a need" if they don't make the squad. But if you really look at it the major needs we had...we filled. OT - Oher, Williams, Stanford kid WR - Boykin, Ginn, Funchess ST - Shaq, Mayo, Artis Payne, Ginn RB - Artis Payne We hopefully addressed our problem with scoring inside the 25. Addressed our terrible tackling and blocking on ST. Shaq wasn't a need as much as he was a luxury but having him make Chancellor-type plays for us will huge.