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  1. When we win, everyone loves the competitiveness and the emotions that Cam shows. It's what makes Cam Cam and it's celebrated by every Panther fan. But emotion goes both ways. The people bashing him for his attitude after the game disappoint me more than the loss did.  Cam wears his emotions on his sleeve. He's competitive - wants to win and hates to lose. I wouldn't expect or want anything different and it's why I love Cam.
  2. NFL Rigged?

    You're in denial if you don't think the NFL and (especially) the NBA is rigged to a degree Rigged as in the officials clearly call or don't call certain things, in certain games, to help keep said games close, or to help the team which will make the league more money and/or make a better story. Brady's "tuck rule". It's not a conspiracy theory, it's common sense. The NFL is a business.   It's not why we lost. If a team plays well, it doesn't matter and they'll win anyway, but it never helps, especially on an off night like this.  
  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

    They get back Monday evening/late afternoon. I'll be at work. There better be a huge, enthusiastic turnout
  4. It hurts. I hate it for Cam, Josh, and the rest of the team. But they'll be back, and so will Benjamin, our new draft picks, and whoever else Gettlemagic brings on board to what is and will be the dominant NFC team of this era.  
  5. Well Done Buzz City!! Well Done..

    Saw that. That's fantastic 
  6. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    MVP is most valuable player, offensive or defensive. If you have DPOY, you have to have an OPOY, or there'd be no offensive award when a defensive player is MVP
  7. NFL Honors #CAMVP

    Who wins what? Cam will be MVP, and Ron should win COTY Luke is never out of the question
  8. What position did you play?

    Mostly CB and WR. 
  9. That wasn't sarcasm. It's literally worth three threads
  10. Brees at the end is worth making three threads
  11. I was T-boned in the drivers door by a car coming off an exit ramp. My car spun across the intersection and onto the sidewalk, and I was knocked unconscious. I declined the ambulance when I woke up because I felt fine, and didn't feel anything until the next day, where I was more sore than I've ever been in my life and had whiplash for a month lol These guys go through that every week though.
  12. Bad Lip Reading 2016

    Brees's animal themed party at the end was perfect
  13. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Watch us be up by 20 and the stadium lights go out. 
  14. Superb Owl Push