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  1. No hard feelings from Josh towards our players, that's clear.
  2. Feeding 800+ kids/families, putting on a show for them, playing musical chairs on stage with them (participants of which were chosen via dance off), hat swag, etc etc.. datsmyqb.gif
  3. Loss or not, the Salute To Service theme is aways cool to see and means a lot to a lot of people, including myself. Here's some Salute To Service photos from Sunday, as well as photos from the first half. Let's forget the second half.
  4. Damn. Our fanbase reverting right back to its old, shitty self.
  5. Watch us be up by 20 and the stadium lights go out.
  6. I love the photos from the ceremony. The ones of Jerry, the one of Olsen in confetti.. Almost made me cry again What a season. I can't believe it.
  7. @j2sgam I found someones wife
  8. I just got off a 17 hour shift at work. Gotta go back in tonight. Planned on a quick nap before the festivities began. Yeah right.
  9. Whoops ^ Phenomenal photos. Love the ones of Luke watching the QB - always love those
  10. CAP was the highlight of training camp for me. Love seeing him finally playing. I have very high hopes for him. Love the last shot of CAMVP
  11. Your photos have added to the memory of this season. I've enjoyed them all greatly and look forward to the rest to come. I'll see you on the field in the playoffs.