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  1. Blackmagic added a post in a topic Will Shaq start?   

    He'll start. He started also in the third preseason game.
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  2. Blackmagic added a post in a topic Bersin 4 targets 4 catches at the half.   

    I don't get the Bersin hate. He made crucial third down catches. He is what he is. He isn't fast, huge or strong, but he has great hands and knows the soft spots in zone coverage.  He's a sixth receiver. You want your last receivers to be dependable when they come in for one or two snaps and he proved that he can do that. 
    I don't mind if he gets cut but I really think that he always did what he was asked to do. He isn't a good receiver, but which 5th or 6th receiver is? He's a marginal role player, who plays his role perfectly.
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  3. Blackmagic added a post in a topic 454 yards to 191 ...   

    We're slowly becoming a deeper team, and depth is crucial in the NFL because injuries are inevitable. Steelers are top heavy, but have zero depth. Their offense will have hard time making up for their defense. Their backup defensive players can't stop the run or rush the passers, and that's scary for them because you need to rotate defensive line players.
    I'm happy to see that Gettleman is building a deep team, because few years ago, we didn't have any depth. We can still afford to lose certain players, but Steelers can't afford to lose any starters.
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  4. Blackmagic added a post in a topic Panthers vs Dolphins Practice 1   

    Never again for joint practices if we go on like this. Damn.
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  5. Blackmagic added a post in a topic Panthers vs Dolphins Practice 1   

    Please let it be something innocent or something for 2 weeks because losing him would make the season so much harder.
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