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  1. Pundits and some people don't understand that teams' board are a lot smaller because we throw away all the 3-4 defensive players and scheme misfits. But it was educational when he talked about the corners and how he evaluates. He was throwing some indirect shade to the Giants. They drafted Apple with 10th pick while he's a man corner who struggles in off coverage while they're a zone defensive team.
  2. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    I know. But they've to project for the upcoming three years with the upcoming. Gettleman doesn't want to come near our previous cap problems. You always want to have around 10 million cap space during the season (not this season, but every year).
  3. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    Norman was very good. but he's no Revis. Cardinals play man, and Peterson gets beat sometimes, but he's on an island. Seahawks play more man than we do. The CB's were rated as second rounders by Gettleman. So, no reaches. The 14 million not spent on Norman, can be spent on KK, Star, Kelvin, Trai and Norwell.
  4. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    It actually would. We can roll over the remaining cap to next year. Money not spent on Norman, can be spent on players that they deem more worthy.
  5. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    With KK, Star, KB and Turner coming up. I understand his decision.
  6. Defensive staff

    Jalen Ramsey is a talented DB and described as next Woodson but has no ball skills and his tackling is average. Every player has flaws.
  7. Best players left going in to day 3

    My bad. Good for the Browns and for him. They're having a low key but quality draft.
  8. Best players left going in to day 3

    He said that he had a second round grade on both of them. There weren't impact players left on offense or defense. He didn't want Kendall Fuller. Injury prone.
  9. Defensive staff

    We've the best defensive staff in the NFL. McDermott makes players with limitations who would fail elsewhere, play average (Harper) or even shine (Coleman) and our young players improved every year on the field with him as DC. Wilks is the best secondary coach in the NFL. Norman excelled when he started to listen to him instead of playing his way. Washington may be the best DL coach and Holcomb prove himself with the improvement of Klein and Shaq during the season. Gettleman wouldn't pick players if the coaches didn't approve. Our coaching staff has shown a great eye for talent. If Gettleman and the best defensive staff in the NFL believe in the new CB's, we should believe in them until proving otherwise.
  10. Best players left going in to day 3

    I hope we take a chance on Shon Coleman in the fifth. He has first/second round talent but his downside is his medical. Dixon could be a good pick. Talented RB. Selecting the German WR in the 7th could be a good gamble. He's big and fast.
  11. Kony is turned loose.

    No DE plays 95% of the snaps. 60% is almost too much. Teams prefer 50%.
  12. 2015 Panthers DT Snap Counts

    Kony played some DT in nickel and it frees him a bit to focus at DE.
  13. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    As an European/African Panthers fan, it has been fun to see Cam and Panthers gain awareness worldwide. We seen two of soccer's biggest young stars dabbing in Lukaku and Pogba. Jan Vertonghen of Tottemham Spurs used to do the Superman after he scored.Cam reaches across sports and has the chance to be the face of NFL worldwide because he's fun and has unique playing style. People around the world know Brady because of his wife instead his achievements. Cam could make NFL more global. He already visited Australia. Europe should be next We're striking a relationship with the Premier League sensation of the year: Leicester City One of the biggest female tennis stars is dabbing on them folks after games And she shares an agent with Cam and he approved her swag. Heconvertedanother tennis playeras Cam and Panthers fan. Laura Robson, This interview was earlier this year. You don't need to read between the lines here.
  14. ‚ÄčLets hope the wait will be over in 2016.
  15. FTW will happen, but I don't know if it'll be the last thing happening in the episode. Too much hints. I'll be disappointed if GRRM doesn't delivered a new book before the next season. The show will make the books less relevant. I love the books, but the quality of the books is decreasing. I hope that WOW will be great, but I'll be fine with OK as long he delivers before next April.