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  1. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    Thought Stefan Lefors was the future...
  2. I think the silly part to this is concluding the Panthers would never get a call like this. We're 15-1. I'm pretty surewe've gotten a call or two in our favor along the way that shouldn't have been. Don't buy into that mindset at all. I thought there was movement and it shouldn't have been ruled a catch (based off of the rules that constitute a catch). However, the rule is so jacked it wouldn't be surprising if refs interpret it differently from one another. Maybe Hochili's crew calls it different. I don't know. I don't think though Bryant got the call cuz he's a Steelers and if it was Ginn he wouldn't have cuz he's a Panther. Nah.
  3. JAX Sept 13

    Couldn't have worked out more perfect. Warm weather, first game of year where everyone is jacked about the season, other stuff. Just perfect.
  4. San Diego

    Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is also legit. Just came back. Ahhhhhhhmazing beer scene.
  5. Best/favorite NC craft brew?

    Olde Hickory Redeemer, Birdsong honey pie, NoDa hopcakes, triple c barrel aged up all night The list goes on. Some of my faves.
  6. JAX Trip Details

    lolol. When that photo was taken in 2000, I was the hippest kid on the block. Puka shells ftw!
  7. JAX Trip Details

    In. You'll be seeing this mug all day..
  8. OTA Observations

    Kugbila looks enormous. In a not so good way. Good stuff Zod. Always appreciated.