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  1. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    ESPN literally set up shop on the campus of FSU when the Winston story broke. To this day they have yet to report the numerous holes in her story. ESPN literally made up the Winston "pay for play" story. To this day, there has been no apology despite the fact that they used as their main source as guy that owns the online site and who is also under federal investigation. The funny thing is that when Johnny Manizel was ACTUALLY caught, ESPN spent a week defending Johnny by saying how much money he brings to college football and having segments where they go visit the NCAA/TAMU merchandise website to see all the Manizel stuff that was on sale. Funny how when someone like Winston, Gurley, AJ Greene, Dez Bryant, Terrelle Pryor, etc. is accused of impermissible benefits ESPN doesn't care about how much the NCAA is making of their labor. Nope only Johnny Manizel gets that benefit. ESPN "cared" so much about the rape culture at FSU that they literally made an open records request for every male football and basketball (only) player for the last 20 years. ESPN literally when through 500+ reports and found nothing.   ESPN has been, is, and will continue to be a joke of an media outlet.
  2. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Jesus. Folks always crying about the "race card." Yet you got Manning, who I absolutely respect and like: 1. letting it be known that she sleeps with a lot of black guys (as if the adjective "black" is really necessary but I guess when you are in the South it makes all the difference) and 2. trying to get her to blame it on a black teammate of Manning. But don't worry...I am sure the Huddle will explain to us all how only blacks use the "race card" to their advantage. 
  3. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Our starting field position is not that much better than the Cardinals and they had a top passing offense. Same with the Patriots. And I also understand that we run more than we pass. But the reason why we run more than we pass might be because of our WRs. BTW, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with running more than passing in the NFL. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting a better, more dynamic passing game.  Would I personally sign Jeffery over tagging Norman? No. Would I sacrifice our running game or run defense for an expensive WR FA? No. Would I pass on the draft's best DE or CB for the draft's 4th best WR? No. But this is not a zero-sum game. You can get better passing while maintaining other areas of your team. But it is okay to go into a season better than a 2nd year RAW, ACL KB and RAW Funchess. I personally would add either AJ Johnson or Boldin, cut Cotch, and then spend a 3rd on WR/TE/a pass catching RB.   i just wanted to point out that this notion that anyone who suggests that maybe our WR unit could use some talent getting laughed at is ridiculous. It is not crazy to think our WR core/Newton/the Panthers could use a Jeffery is not crazy. Of course, a "big" FA WR addition should be reasonable.
  4. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    While I do not think we need some major overhaul of our WR core... I am completely dumbfounded and floored by the people on this board who attacks anyone who suggests that a WR core led by Ted "stone hands" Ginn Jr this year...that will enter next year (if no one gets hurt) with a 2nd year, coming off an ACL injury, still RAW player KB, and an even more RAW 2nd year player Funchess...Philly "I cannot stay healthy in the playoffs" Brown... should not add someone of Alshon Jeffery's talent level. NEWSFLASH: The weakest part of the Panthers game last season...Anyone want to venture a guess? Run defense? Run offense? Pass defense? Nope. The 2015 Carolina Panthers ranked 24th in PASSING OFFENSE. And that is with the damn MVP. If Newton was an average QB, our passing offense would probably be much, much, much worse.   IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO HAVE AN ELITE PASSING GAME. IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE GREAT WR. GOODELL IS NOT GOING TO SUSPEND RON RIVERA FOR HAVING GREAT WRS.   IT IS OKAY TO ADDRESS THE LEAGUES 24TH RANKED PASSING GAME WITH ADDITION OF MORE TALENT.
  5. Because we have two eyes and we see a rather large QB wearing the No. 1 on the ground fighting for the ball? He explicitly explained why he hesitated--- But last I checked, Newton did (after he made sure it was less likely he would sustain an injury) was on the ground. Now, should Newton have hesitated? Absolutely not. It is the damn SB. Go for the ball at all costs...but it is wholly incorrect to say he didn't try to make a play.
  6. I would take this seriously if both you, I AND Bill didn't know that this is who Newton is. Bill sat right through Newton's press conferences like the rest of us. Hell even more than the rest of us. Cam Newton has repeatedly said that this is who he is. You don't like it. Fug off.   So let me remind you and Bill again. Newton's highs are really damn high...Newton's lows are really damn low. It is what it is. It is what makes him, him. It is what allowed him to be a five star QB out of GA, to win a National Championship at Blinn and Auburn. It is also what allowed Newton to be a MVP and lead the No. 1 offense without his No. 1 weapon and in all likihood get this offense to a SB with Ted Ginn playing KB.   If the worst you can criticize Newton for is a bad attitude with the Media and being a sour loser, you probably should just stop criticizing altogether.
  7. Oh, and make no mistake about it. If Newton didn't like losing so much he wouldn't be an NFL MVP. You know who he would be: Jay Cutler. Matt Stafford. Ryan Tannehill. Again, if the worst about Newton we can say is that he really high when he wins but is a bad loser with a bad attitude when he loses, then we have a damn good QB both on and off the field.
  8. As I said the other day. You can tell who truly knows what they are talking about as it relates to Newton and the Panthers. All this talk abut Newton "changed" was 100% wrong. He didn't change a damn thing. And that is why he and everyone that is close to him got mad when the media started this nonsense about how Newton was "different." Again, Newton has NEVER accepted losing. NEVER once. He will NEVER accept losing either. He just STOPPED losing over the course of the last 3 years. That is why Newton "changed." As Newton said yesterday. He IS a sore loser. Always has been. The difference is this year, the Panthers weren't losing. And to a great extent it what drives him now. He doesn't like to lose and he doesn't like the feeling or how he feels after he loses--therefore he simply stopped losing altogether. It is a great trait to have. To hate losing so much that you do everything (in the offseason and in season) to prevent losing.   The only problem with this is that there a another young QB in TB that this also applies to. Winston is not about that losing life either. I believe like Newton he is going to do everything to prevent that feeling.
  9. "Show me a good loser... "

    Has anyone seriously gone on the Observer, our hometown paper, after the Panthers' win? The place is a ghost town as far as people posting about that week's win. The Panthers won 15 games in the regular season and for all the articles posted, there may have been 100 comments total for the season. Most of the comments coming after the Atlanta loss.   You go on there no, and suddenly there is about 1000 comments. 85% of which is negative towards Newton. I will say it again. There are some racists fan bases around the country, but at least they are always passionate about the local team. Philly is a prime example of this. But no fan base quite does racism as Charlotte does. Literally can give two dicks about the Panthers when they are on an historic run...but come running out with negative BS as soon as there is a lost. And people wonder why the Observer is willing to publish letters from angry mothers in TN about the star QB: the community in which the Panthers play practically roots against Newton.
  10. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    I know a lot of our players/coaches won't want to hear it now...but hopefully in the next few weeks as time passes they can reflect back on what an extraordinary and brilliant season they had. The work continues but I hope they at least pause and acknowledge what a successful season they had.
  11. Anyone greeting the team back home

    To add: I don't think Newton ever accepted losing. Even in his rookie and his second year. He never accepted it for one moment. Ultimately, he and the team got better, but Newton never learned how to lose and probably never will. It is a good trait to have if (as Newton shown) you are willing to use it as extra motivation to get every ounce out of a film study, practice session, or workout routine. 
  12. Anyone greeting the team back home

    God, on one hand I completely agree. I mean if you're going to be doing the Hulk impersonation during game and getting the fans hyped by directing the wave, etc. then you ought to at least greet, for a moment anyways, some of your fans. On the other hand, I think we should all understand by now who Newton is as a person. He has high highs and low lows. It is what it is and we should just take the good with the bad. And Newton has repeatedly said that he is not going to change because what makes him him (great) is his intense emotions. But at the end of the day, come on Cam you gotta at least acknowledge the crowd-- But this is Newton. This is who he is. And if this is the worse we can say about him: Then we have a damn good QB both on and off the field.
  13. Exactly. Lets remember: We had just scored a TD. The defense rises up and gets a three and out. We get the ball at our own 49. We end up losing 2 yards and have to punt. Our punter then completely screws up by only punting 25 yards. We then further f it up by not tackling the returner. Boom. Denver inside our own 10.  Thank God our defense rises up and gets only a FG. Series like that is why a team loses a really big game. You cannot be in prime scoring position and then f it up so bad that now the other team is in prime scoring position.  Especially in a game where field position and points are going to be at a premium. 
  14. Positions we need to upgrade

    I agree with a lot of this but my question is do you think this offense could use a WR/TE/RB that could get YAC? The Panthers, for about the 4th year in a row, ranked among the bottom in YAC. And if you do, do you think KB or Funchess (or anyone else on our roster) is capable of that?