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  1. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    You just can't say enough good things about Luke. I am pretty sure people will start ranking him above JJ Watt as the best defensive player in the league. Incredible game.
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I am sorry. But why is there never any YAC in our offense? Like ever? On that 3rd down throw prior to the 3 series of throws by Cam, Cotch caught the ball and heading straight to the ground. Why does everything in this offense come off the right arm of Newton? (Except for that crossing route that was called back due to penalty) We have got to get some WRs/TEs/RBs that we can check the ball down to and have them run.
  3. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Greg Roman is an awful OC by the way. Just pure awful. His offenses, often loaded with talent, is underutilized because he thinks he is calling games in the 1940s NFL. His play designs are trash...and unless the QB takes over in the two minute drill, his offense rarely can overcome a bad defensive effort.
  4. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Not a purely WCO attack...and like I may have nothing to do with our scheme or coaching...maybe it is Cam's style not to throw check downs or to always go for the lower percentage but higher reward type plays. I simply believe that everything need not come off the right arm or legs of Newton. And I hope that he trust's his team mates to get 10 yards by checking it down.  
  5. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    I really wish our offense was somewhat similar though. I said this last year, but if you look at the best passing attacks in the nfl, with the best, most accurate QBs, 70 percent of their throws are easy throws to wide open WRs, TEs, RBs. And that is with the best, absolute most accurate QBs. Rodgers throws about 70 percent of his passes to wide open too does too Brady. Maybe about 10% of their throws are really difficult, down the field...thread the needle type throws. For whatever reason, 70 percent of our offense's throws are down the field, hold the ball for 7 seconds, and thread the needle for no YAC yards type passes. Everything comes off the right arm of Newton. Prior to yesterday, I have a difficult time remembering a TD where Newton didn't have to throw it into the Endzone. This also explains why Newton rarely ever throws for 300 yards in a game (that and a low amount of attempts). The passes he is asked to attempt (or simply refusing to take the check down) are mostly difficult throws that someone like Brady, despite being generally more accurate than Newton, attempts only about 10 percent of the time.
  6. Wow! Reason and logic does still exist! We literally have posters in this thread (and you see this ALL THE TIME) suggesting that "it can't be about race because a black LB does it and nobody said anything to them!" It is like talking to a 3 year/wall when it come to discussing the uncomfortable truth of race and how it TRULY operates in our society especially when it come to football for some people. ESPN doesn't spend 5000 hours straight talking about CBs, WRs, LBs, DEs, or TEs around draft time. They endlessly talk about the QBs. Why? Because the QB position, like no other position in American sports, occupy a position of prestige and control. The QB position is the position MOST closely a team even an entire city is identified with. People really need to stop the nonsense of: "I can't be bias against Teddy Bridgewater because Adrian Peterson is my favorite player!" Let's try not to be intellectually dishonest when discussing matters of race and sports.
  7. Y'all think I am joking with this. Go back and look at the 49ers message board/local media, Washington message board/local media, Seattle message board/local media in the last 3 years. Even at their heights, these fan bases contained a SIGNIFICANT amount of "fans" that absolutely HATED their young, black QB. I have maintained for years that Cutler, Stafford, and Bradford of the world are treated FAR more kindly when they are doing terribly by their fan bases, than when black QBs are actually leading their teams to playoffs with far less weapons to work with and coaches who don't even want them on their team. The only white QB that comes close to being given the same treatment is Andy Dalton. So I will ask the same question again. Why is it that on the Huddle we have more threads/posts criticizing a Newton TD pass than there are threads on Dolphins board when Tannehill has one of his 14/31 206 TD/3 ints games where his team losses badly to prevent them from going to the playoffs? Why is it that between Cutler/Stafford/Bradford they have probably gotten 15 OCs fired but their fan bases are all to willing to give them another 100 million dollar contract? People need to stop and open up their eyes and recognize that Newton for ALL that he has accomplished is about 2 bad games from a significant portion of the Huddle and local media for calling for Newton to be benched and traded. And it has nothing to do with dancing.  
  8. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Right. And let's be clear. Cam only celebrates when he RUSHES for a first down or TD. Cam understands that passing is in his job description and that the WR is often the ones making the play. He is a QB so throwing for TDs or first downs get you maybe a smile and a point into the crowd if it results in a TD. But rushing? Rushing is something extra, not something that is really in his job description, and that is about Cam's effort (as opposed to the WRs).
  9. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    LOL. The Huddle has its share of latent racist morons...but nothing can compare to that board ESPECIALLY when Vince Young played there. Holy poo, that board was awful. This summer they claimed not to want Jameis Winston because of the allegations at FSU, meanwhile they had a CONVICTED rapist as their QB. That board is a complete piece of poo.
  10. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Exactly. The Saints are the Saints. Marcus looked all world against that pathetic defense...
  11. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    Reading comprehension. Reading comprehension: "...pray tell what other "bad" elements of this team did you have occasion to note?" "...Please provide a link to the other "bad" elements of the team you [had] sense to create an entire thread on... "
  12. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    So no thread created about the team's other "bad" elements? Interesting...
  13. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    I love the BS games people of your ilk like to play...pray tell what other "bad" elements of this team did you have occasion to note? A comment on Gano missing a FG would work A mention of Ginn dropping a TD pass would also work A summation of the defense allowing 40 some points in the last two 4th quarters would be fine Please provide a link to the other "bad" elements of the team you sense to create an entire thread on...
  14. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

    Remember when I stated a couple of years ago that the Huddle/Panther Nation criticized Newton more for the way he threw a TD pass that won us the division crown and a first round bye against the Saints...than there was against Ryan Tannehill who that same week badly lost a game vs. the Jets/Bills that cost the Dolphins a spot in the playoffs. Remember when I said that there are more threads in Panther land/the Huddle discussing what is wrong with Newton even on good days and wins...than there are on either the Colts/Lions/Bears forum with regards to Luck/Stafford/Cutler on bad days when they lose. Remember when I said that and people didn't believe me? Do you believe me now?
  15. Devin Funchess.. Turning point or headfake?

    Imagine if the Refs would stop playing favorites and call DPI, Fun Fun would have had an even better game!