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  1. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    No, there is nothing wrong with being optimistic. And of course we could be back next year... But unfortunately history is littered with teams who haven't. Just would have loved for us to seize this unexpected moment and win one. 
  2. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Everyone keeps acting like we are promised something next year. We are not. That is what makes losing in the SB so horrible.  Nothing is promised. See, the team whose stadium we played in today. For all we know, next year Drew Brees gets a defense and NO wins, or Lovie Smith (I doubt it) was really holding the Bucs back and they win the division, or Vic Beasley turns into a monster and Jones turns into prime Jerry Rice/Moss and Atlanta wins. Nothing is promised to you, and that is what will hurt the most.   EDIT: Oh, and it is also possible that one of our key player goes down with a major season-ending injury and we fall apart unlike this season. That is a possibility too. 
  3.   Exactly. Atlanta fans can shut the hell up. Cam Newton, with about 1/10 the offensive talent surrounding him as Ryan, has 3x the playoff victories and an MVP.
  4. I hope DG learned something tonight

    This x1000!  Do not turn this into a Lebron situation when he was in Cleveland. We see what Cam can do with a fairly talent-less offense. We see what Cam can do when he is clearly the most athletic person on the offense. We see what Cam can do when he is the only person that the defense really has to game plan for. Yes we see that Newton is capable of winning a SB with less than perfect offensive pieces. Enough is enough. Stop with the defense needs this...the defense lacks that. We have been building the defense since Newton got here.  If they don't have enough to get it done (they already do) with Ron Rivera as our Head Coach and our constant supplying them with talent...then too bad.   Cleveland wasted a good portion of Lebron's prime trying to surround him spare parts instead of simply getting TALENT. The talents of Newton does not give the Panthers the right to ignore that side of the ball and hope that "Superman" can bail them out. Enough is enough.
  5. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Thank you. This offense must get a dynamic play maker. Cam Newton should not be our only dynamic player on offense. Literally, the only thing defenses fear is Newton. That cannot continue to be so into the future. We must start building a team that reflects the awesome ability of our QB.
  6. Cam pouting at the podium

    As one of Cam's biggest supporters, I must say what I am disappointed in more than anything is that he did not wear what he normally wears after a game. No suit, no tie. Personally, you have to operate like you always operate--in the ups and in the downs-- The way he responded and then walking out is problematic but you have to suck it up, get it over with, and come back better.   But I didn't like all season seeing a dressed up Newton, and then suddenly Newton is a track suit with a hoodie. It's just a bad look.
  7. I have always said that Shula is not our biggest problem on offense (this was before this season) but that NO top 25 college team would hire him for the exact same position. Shula doesn't have a lot to work with but he is a problem. Now with that said, Shula was right. Newton didn't play good enough to win. But he better not be the one to say so when you called the exact same running play on first down.
  8. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    Based on the response of this thread, I am really afraid that I was right about Carolina, our front office, and this board. Two years ago, I said that I am afraid that Newton will end up like Donovan McNabb. Playing with a great defense...but year after year after year after year playing on a offense in which he was the best athlete CONSTANTLY. On an offense that the only thing the defense has to account for his him. Being on an offense whereby he was by far the greatest playmaker. At what point do we stop "McNabbing" or "Lebronning" Newton? At what point do we say...enough of the dumping resource, after resource, after resource into the defense (really the front 7) and we it time that we start putting talent around our Franchise QB and league MVP? I fear for Newton...I really do. I fear that Newton will end up exactly like McNabb or Lebron.
  9. Lets be honest our O-Line was never that good

    I think our oline is solid...played better this year than I expected...our WR core for the most part cost us the game...there were moments when Newton had time and for the most part the WRs either dropped or tipped the ball into the air for an INT. We have got to get weapons on the outside. We cannot keep depending on the right arm of Cam Newton. There is ZERO YAC in this offense. Therefore, the offense requires Newton to continually make plays and then hope the WR don't fumble or otherwise blow it. Newton also could have played better this game. Philly Brown, once again getting injured in the playoffs didn't help either. 
  10. Our biggest weakness came back to haunt us

    Nothing is promised to you. The 49ers thought they would be back too a couple of years ago. You have to win...when you can win.
  11. Rodney Harrison is running his mouth again.

    Wasn't Harrison the same idiot that said the Panthers should bench Newton last year?
  12. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    Thank you. This is why this nonsense about a "big personality" is such complete and utter BS. McNabb was hated  Mike Vick (prior anyone knowing he had a dog) was hated Vince Young was hated Colin Kaepernick is hated RGIII is hated Jameis Winston is hated And there is this less prominent, but CERTAINLY still present, irrational hatred of both Wilson, Josh Freeman, Geno Smith, and Bridgewater.   Not all these QBs have "big personalities." They all behaved differently. Not all play the QB position the same way either. But yet if you read the comment sections of articles about any of these QBs, or visit the home message board of any of these QBs, you have no choice but to walk away with the impression that, AT BEST, that football community doesn't quite embrace him. In a lot of cases, that fan base outright hates his very guts. The only fan base I can think of that was ambivalence towards their black QB was the Bills and EJ Manuel. Doesn't mean they wanted him to be their QB, but most Bills fans don't seem to personally hate EJ either.  
  13. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Of course it is not the majority of white America. Hell, it is not even a significant minority. It is not even, IMO, 20% of White America. However, when I can so easy go on Youtube or Yahoo and find a racist comment concerning a black person, then I must conclude that racism is not of the past.
  14. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I was going to respond to him but then I thought...why? Anybody that says "racism is in the past" after a racist went into a church and killed 9 persons because of their skin color doesn't really deserve an intelligent response.
  15. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Can I ask you a serious question? Can you name a black QB that is not either a) in the playoffs (Cam, Wilson, Bridgewater) b) a rookie (Winston) c) a first year starter (Taylor) That has gotten to either keep their job (Stafford, Ryan, Rivers, Cutler, Tannehill, Bradford) after multiple seasons of missing the playoffs, or has gotten as much time to develop as Alex Smith? Did you see how quickly Kaepernick and RGIII was benched this season? Seriously, one black QB in the history of the NFL.