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  1.   The media narrative this season is that Andrew Luck has been horrible. Just for the record, I agree. Conversely, the media narrative is that Cam Newton has “never played better”... It must be a “privilege” thing... Or could it be that team success often dictates the tenor of the narrative?     NFL passer rating:   Luck 76.2 (30th). Newton 78.4 (28th).   Completion percentage:   Luck 56.2 (29th). Newton 55.8 (30th).   TD/Int ratio:   Luck 11/9 Newton 9/7   TD %:   Luck 5.2 Newton 5.0   Int %:   Luck 4.3 Newton 3.9   Total offense per game:   Luck 280 pass, 25 rush, 305 total Newton 212 pass, 41 rush 253 total          
  2. All 24 of those teams made the playoffs...   14 played in their respective conference championship games...   7 made it to the Super Bowl...   5 won the Super Bowl   Last year your Carolina Panthers gave up 15.1 ppg.   Can Chico work his magic with a revamped secondary ???   If the Panthers are as good defensively as they were last year, you'll need to make playoff reservations...   And the Panthers have a punchers chance at a deep playoff run...
  3. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

        Actually, Harrison said:  " It is time for the Carolina Panthers to switch quarterbacks".   That was the quote.
  4. Newton is a disaster under pressure...he had at least 5 seconds to throw the ball,,,baloney
  5. Another great GIF opportunity...right into the officials back
  6. The players lost this game.
  7. Hey, nuthuggers, post a GIF of that one
  8.     No, No. the Broncos have Peyton Manning. That is the difference. 20 TD's and 0 INT's through 4 1/2 games
  9. FG is OK turnover
  10. Cam is lucky that wasn't number 3...bad throw
  11. we are going to win this freaking game
  12. Defense will bail us out again...
  13. We are going to answer the bell and take this game.   Some tough luck, some mistakes...   This team is good enough to overcome them and win on the road
  15. We are going to win this game.