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  1. Zaximus

    Charlotte City Council

    Yeah the flex cubes are nice. I've actually been working at Ballantyne often this last month, it's a nice building. It's also cheaper for them than renting cubes uptown as well.
  2. Zaximus

    Who is America?

    Show was funny, but more sad and scary about American political landscape. But there is a thread already:
  3. Zaximus

    Charlotte City Council

    Yeah I don't want to be anywhere near uptown for this. Hopefully most companies let everyone WFH.
  4. There's a lack of Trumpster alts in this thread for some reason.
  5. Zaximus

    The weird Trump cult

    In 30 years, this presidency will be used as an example in a psychology a class, etc., about how to brainwash the masses.
  6. Zaximus

    hail trump

    Sure, just go look at all the lawsuits over him being a slumlord and how he treated people of color. Also, listen to him talk. You don't think the KKK and all those hate groups LOVE him for no reason do you? If so, I have some beach front property in Arizona to sell you.
  7. Lost it at the "bink 182" and following lines haha. This is funny as crap but, also sad. This is the republican party.
  8. Zaximus

    hail trump

    Not really. Almost half of America voted for Trump. Trump is a racist.
  9. Zaximus

    JR Statue to remain

    Thanks for making an account to say this, but, you're wrong. It was going to happen one way or the other, and, Richardson had a lot of help from the PSL owners as well. And it still doesn't give someone an excuse to be a creeper.
  10. I've said it many times, if we want to truly fix the illegal immigration system we need to go to those countries in Central/South America and help clean them up (clean up our messes). If they had nothing to flee from, they probably wouldn't risk the dangerous trek to come to a country that hates them.
  11. What I get from this thread is: 1) OP thinks that cops shouldn't be held accountable for the bad things that are going on in the force, in that city because a) They will get mad, get their ball and go home. Basically, because they have to do their job CORRECTLY they stop doing the JOB at all. If anything, this tells me the force was really corrupt or riddled with bad cops. 2) OP thinks news article is "God's Words" because he's using it on some "all cops matter" quest, but, has and would ignore other articles that point out REAL facts (and not just, this "may" have contributed) if it doesn't fit his agenda. Basically, all other news is "fake news!".
  12. Zaximus

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    So are you going to adopt these children you want born and raise them on your unemployment check? I mean, from your posts here, I'd assume you will be the FIRST one in line at the adoption agency to help out and raise a child.
  13. Makes sense. Guy REALLY wants that $20 Applebees gift card.
  14. Zaximus

    JR Statue to remain

    Hasn't said it officially, but if you read all his posts, it's like almost a perfect match.