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  2. Zaximus

    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    Maybe this:
  3. Zaximus

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    Faith IS the scam. And if you think some magical force has stopped the word of God from changing, why not do something for me? Get a word document version of the Bible, change a few lines or add some of your own, print it out. If you are struck by lightning when you try to get it to someone on the street, I will believe you. If the print out magically disappears in front of you, I'll believe you. If ANYTHING magical happens, I'll believe you. What will happen? The person can take the changed "word of God" with no issues and pass it on to next person (here is the pyramid scheme and how anyone could have changed it in the past).
  4. Zaximus

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    Well maybe he should f*cking send us a message so we know what he really wants for us? Because the only thing we do see is that he's trolling Earth and doesn't give a damn about it at this point. And no, some writings that have been tinkered with and passed down over thousands of years does not count, nor does a double rainbow.
  5. Zaximus

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    Listen to what you say. You believe in something without facts because you were told to. Faith without some evidence is just a scam. Scientology is, and I know people hate to hear this, not really that different. Anyway, I understand people will not change their views, and that is OK, I've just always wanted people to keep their believes out of things that interfere with everyone else's lives. And it really wouldn't be a big deal of religious people actually followed their own religion's teachings, which 99.9% don't.
  6. Zaximus

    California has the nation’s highest poverty rate

    If you're someone like OP, or Ecat, don't you you eventually realize you just aren't that smart when people start putting up the facts and shutting down your arguments? I don't understand why you keep embarrassing yourselves over and over. We used to have some good conversations in the Tbox between right, left, etc people. We may have not came to agreements on a lot of things, but I can't really remember that many of them being totally stupid. This new wave of Tbox posters over the last years (Trump era) have been completely retarded. There isn't a better way to put it. And trying to put down Philly over a movie that was completed and is about to make its way to streaming services and whatnot is the dumbest thing ever. This guy made a MOVIE on his own. If you don't understand the difference in complexity of making an entire feature film to recording a rap song solo and uploading to soundcloud, then I don't really know what to say here. This put down is never going to work bro.
  7. Zaximus

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    Do you realize this is the greatest pyramid scheme in the history of the world? I mean, not just Christianity but other religions as well. If you can't see this stuff was written up to control the masses, it just means you're being controlled. If you can't even admit that it COULD be just a mass controlling device, then come on now. I mean, there isn't much difference between this and Scientology which Christians hate, right? Both have proven just about the same when it comes to the teachings.
  8. Zaximus

    So they DO notice

    lol you didn't even watch, Greg Jennings didn't say that. Anyway, you aren't even a good troll. Can admins ban this guy? I think if you are going to troll, you should have to do it well. When SMF is telling someone to chill out in a thread, you know things have gotten bad.
  9. Rivera is a mediocre head coach, but a great defensive mind/coach. I'm sure the DC's we've had just call the plays that he wants ran. When they leave, they are doing their own thing and it isn't as good. It's his way and no other way, and it's probably the same for the offense (minus when Chud was here).
  10. Zaximus

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    These discussions are never going to go anywhere. People that are religious aren't going to change or look at any logic when it comes to it. I say this for any religion, that's just how it is. This is why it's really hypocritical for Christians to criticize Muslims or any other religion, or vice versa. The fact is, all them are in the same boat. I get it though, religion is a way for people to make themselves believe/hope there is something after death. I'm not saying there isn't but that is what I see from this. I'm not sure if there is a god or gods, or not. I sometimes believe there is karma, but I don't know if it's a god/gods. If there is such, he/they are doing a pretty terrible job and he/they are definitely gone/moved on from this planet. I just don't see logic in celebrating one guy's survival experiences because of "GOD" when that same "GOD" allowed a hurricane to ravage multitudes of more people.
  11. Zaximus

    DB depth is looking scary

    Munnerlyn does legit suck. I don't care about tackles, but just watch the plays, guy is out of position all the time.
  12. Zaximus

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    If you don't see the difference between a born person and a fetus or whatever then I don't know what to do for you. There isn't anywhere else to go in that conversation and we can avoid one of your tangents. What we do know is, Christian republicans care more about the fetus than the born child/person, hence the fact there are kids in the system at all.
  13. Zaximus

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I've been bringing this up for years and no one can ever come back on it. These same people are all about "child rights" until they are born. I even compared the number of "Christians" in America with how many kids are in the system and it trumps it by a ton, meaning, if people really cared, there should hardly be any foster kids in the system, and that's excluding all the "Christians" that can't afford a kid or can't take on one. Instead they'd rather them be born in bad conditions and become part of the system (welfare etc) so they can complain about it.
  14. I want to talk about the face that something that can offset something else. Nothing should offset that, in fact, that should be made a 30 yard penalty if that is what it takes to stop that nonsense.
  15. This is a big problem. We trot out bad secondaries every year (minus Norman super bowl year) and try to cover it up with a good pass rush. It works often, but if we can't get any pressure it's going to be a long season.