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  1. Dickson is going to get a contract based off 2 games from last year.
  2. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    I just read an article that no one signing safeties till probably Reid signs and sets the tone, but who is going to be the first? You'd rather have a 3rd round pick instead of a proven starter at a position at need?
  3. Can a true atheist be moral?

    There's so many factors that go into building a moral compass, upbringing, where you grew up, experiences, who you are around, etc and just the way you were born (personality). Saying it's dictated by only religion, even if you're religious, is kind of silly.
  4. Ebron. He had his issues, but is young and I believe Norv gets the most of out his TE's. Also having Greg providing some leadership should help. Let's be honest though, either is a big upgrade for us.
  5. Is Ryan Kalil still safe?

    I think if you have a chance to upgrade safety or WR, and you need to cut Kalil because he won't restructure or something, you do it. I think he may be OK with it, not like he'll lose money. But you can't hold up getting better for a guy that probably plays half the games this year, honestly.
  6. It's too early to answer still!
  7. Na you cut Kalil if you need to get Crabtree honestly.
  8. Trump literally admits...

    Yeah let's lie and waste the time of a big ally and neighbor. Hey Trump fans here, are you cool with this?
  9. Maybe.... just maybe one day they'll realize that single payer is best and maybe only way to truly fix this in the US.
  10. Dem holds early lead in house race for Pa seat

    Makes you wonder if RNC going to start pushing to impeach. We're just over a year of Trump and people are already flocking away from the party because his idiocy dominates the headlines and people are just sick of it. Imagine what FOUR years will do to elections.
  11. RIGHT now, we're definitely worse. You don't replace an All-Pro guard with two mediocre players and get better. But in the next week and after draft, I think we "can" get better.
  12. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    Maybe incentive laden deal? I'm sure someone that feels they can win now will open the checkbook though.