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  1. Supergirl

    Flash will go to her world probably.  I hate it, I'm going to have to watch this show now because of the crossover lol.
  2. He's just saying the same crap as everyone else.  Trying to act like he has a right to tell another grown man how to act just because he's in the media.  I'm so tired of people saying how Cam should act, everyone in life reacts differently to different things.  He lost the Superbowl.  I wonder if Voth had a chance at the biggest job promotion in his life, then loses out, and when walking out the door of the boss he has to give a press conference to the world RIGHT THEN.   It's stupid.  Players should have 24 hours or so to talk and even then, how dare he act like he has a right over Cam's behavior or feelings.  We don't own these players.   People somethings think they do and/or try to live through them.   
  3. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I think people get annoyed by the fact that most of the hosts aren't Panthers fans and they let too many non-Panther fans call in.  College basketball season is boring as well.  I used to listen a lot but got bored.  The morning guys aren't bad sometimes though.  
  4. It's a lot easier to do this than 9/11, so I wouldn't compare the two honestly.   Just in the last 10 years, over $2 billion has been spent on the super bowl game ALONE.  During the season, $3 billion is spent, each season.  If a company wants to use NFL terms in ads, they have to pay licensing, which is huge.  In 2011  the NFL signed a record deal with tv stations to broadcast, which was way more than before.   I also find it a big coincidence that when the NFL really started to blow up (around the beginning of 2000) and become the #1 sport was when shady things started happening and also with Goodell.  I get that people just can't admit their "baby" is tainted, I do, I personally just can't look at all the facts and all the occurrence and just think it's coincidence.   More power to you, I wish I thought everything was all rainbows and unicorns as well.    It's so easy to push momentum one way, with just one ref, why wouldn't you do it?  It's impossible to ever get caught, and it's perfectly legal as well.  The rulebook is designed to be muddled and confusing so deniability is always there and "judgement" calls are great for it too. Nothing would vaporize either.   When Goodell screwed up Ray Rice thing, did the stations stop showing NFL games?  The NFL is too big to fail.    The NFL is such a large part of people's life it's almost kind of sad, but they will not admit it.   They are in the perfect position to keep going for the money. Oh and yeah Manning's farewell tour superbowl ended up being the #3 most watched.   Good job NFL.
  5. I never said you can't win despite favorism.  I said that when you're playing a defense like Denver you have to play perfect to overcome both.  It was such a perfect storm because of their defense.  And both fumbles should have been a hit in the helmet and a defensive player knocking the ball forward penalties.  A Tyree catch or something like that can always happen, I doubt their plan is 100%.   They fact is, the NFL has to give money back to advertisers if ratings drop during the game.  
  6. Keep being blind.   This isn't one game of plays.  This is over a decade of bad officiating and questionable calls.  A decade of making the rulebook more muddled for.... what reason?  What is a catch?  It's even harder to figure out every year.  Why would do do something like that?  Why do refs not get reprimanded for bad calls or replaced, ever?    Billionaires buy elections, we overthrow governments weekly, people believe in religion (any religion) where they really haven't seen anything to prove it, but then think it's completely CRAZY that the NFL would legally manipulate games with even just ONE ref, for MILLIONS extra in advertising dollars?   
  7. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    Does it not annoy anyone else how the media and even regular people try to judge people they don't even know's "maturity".  I always found it pretty lame.   
  8. That could be a good storyline they go with.   It could also be the Panthers vs Patriots revenge story as well.  I really wish we played the Patriots this year instead of Denver.
  9. I don't think it reaches that far.  I think the league and maybe a head ref.   It really started with Goodell if you look back.   They can legally do it, that is, legally manipulate games for suspense.   The money the NFL is making from advertisements is crazy.   They are really good at not going too far over, so people like you don't realize what is going on.
  10. Do you believe in the skygod you've never seen?  if so, you're point is invalid. Anyway don't you have some Mazda commercials to narrate or come up with more lame dad jokes?   You should know money rules all.
  11. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    He didn't want to be in Dallas.  He wanted to be here.  You could tell.  He didn't even facepaint for our game or care.  He was hanging with our guys after and trading jerseys.    I know he won't be back here, but I'd be for giving him a chance.  
  12. The have more fans.   I don't think it really matters as much in population as how many fans there are and how much buying power the fans of that team have.  Advertisement companies go to great lengths to obtain these numbers and I'm sure facebook only makes it easier for them.   Age groups come into play as well.  Just like any placement of any commercial.  
  13. It's sad because I really enjoy a lot of Nugent's music.  His early rifts were sick and he doesn't get enough credit for helping push heavy music.   Unfortunately, I have a hard time listening to him knowing he's such a bigot, and a hypocrite (draft dodger much?).   Basically, his antics have took over his contribution to music.
  14. Teams can still make plays and win.  It's just when you face a team like Denver's defense you have to be perfect.  I don't think they always get what they want, but usually they do.   For instance, the way we played Arizona, it would be hard to take that one away from us.  
  15. Dallas isn't as popular as they would lead you to believe.  Also a lot of other things go into advertising.  Their popular age group may not be the target purchasing group, which is like 20-49 males I believe.  They may not have a lot of purchasing power if their large base in rural/poor areas.    Dallas also doesn't have a superstar people care about, and they haven't in 20 years.  They don't have a Rodgers or Manning.  Romo has been a good QB but most people never put up in the top 10 (which he actually is, when healthy, at least regular season lol).    Also storylines are key.  KEY.  They bring the viewers as well.  America loves drama.  Cowboys haven't had a good situation for a good storyline.