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  1. If someone wants him for a HC job, you fired Rivera and promote him here.
  2. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    LOL Batum has the most lazy passes
  3. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    Always have been, under Clifford, Dunlap, and Brown. Out coached always. But man Howard needs to show the hell up in these games.
  4. Vent thread

    Speaking of movie theaters, the people that can't open that bag of candy and go at it for 2 minutes is absolutely rage inducing.
  5. Vent thread

    It's called misophonia and I have it too.
  6. Explain to me why...

    There's a reason he's mostly been a special teamer his career. I have high hopes he'll get it together but, let's keep expectations grounded.
  7. Justice League

    I've heard it's "OK".
  8. Video games are dead *rant*

    I'd almost cancel my pre-order if I wasn't getting it for basically like $18 after certain things at bestbuy. They need to change things but I'm losing hope.
  9. I heard David Gettis has been training and is ready for a comeback.
  10. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Every year, it looks more and more plausible with the terrible officiating, and the same terrible refs, and more confusing rules. Story lines conveniently always pop up too for the big games. I mean some of my posts are in jest for sure, but there is a lot of interesting stuff going on and it started when Goodell came along. When ratings dropped during that Tampa blow out of Raiders and they lost add money, things changed, especially in big games.
  11. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Tons and tons of evidence, bad refs keep jobs, officiating getting WORSE, rules MORE muddied, ratings UP and UP over his tenure. It's not really a crazy conspiracy, it's all about keeping advertisers hooked for 'story-lines'.
  12. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    They'll give it to him, and I'll tell you why, because he can leak out the information on how the NFL has been fixing games/pushing momentum one way since he took over. Since it's entertainment, there is no legal ramifications for doing this, so he wouldn't have anything to lose if they let him go.
  13. Video games are dead *rant*

    Yeah they lowered the one time credits you get for finishing campaign from 20k to 5k (it was always the cost of buying the main character, now that she's 5k, they lowered it). If EA has responded so far, we as gamers need to keep complaining so they make more changes.
  14. With the way CAP has been running this year (limited carries I know) we could definitely use CMC as a receiver more.
  15. Video games are dead *rant*

    Lowering hero cost helps, but I think they will lower other stuff as well. I've read full reviews of people that have played 30-40 hours and it's still a very good game. The actual gameplay is great and progression with infantry isn't too bad with mtx, apparently you can get a bigger boost with the aerial stuff if you pay for mtx, at least early on. Single player I heard is OK too for a nice little Star Wars campaign. EA has changed a lot of stuff since the outcry so I hope they will continue to tweak things. Don't let the mtx overshadow the fact that it's apparently a good game. People are saying that if you liked BF1 you'll love this because it's way more deep.