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  1. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    He's not over-rated when he's one of the best rim protectors in the league and a great rebounder.  We're going to be so soft next year.  A bunch of guys getting pushed around.  Al gets hurt 20 games in, Cody disappears for games at a time, Frank probably sits on the bench because Clifford hates rookies, and Hawes has too much on his back.  Marvin will be Marvin.   NONE of those guys play defense, Biz did.  Biz actually put forth 100% even on bad teams, never whined, and did what he needed.  He brought an attitude to an otherwise soft team.
    Bad move, but not surprised, par for the course.  I can't wait to see the black hole, Jefferson, out there with Zeller/Frank getting abused, it's going to be hilarious (not really).
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  2. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Positions of need/change?   

    Batum is fine at SG mostly.  Lamb can play SG too I believe.
    We need PG help for sure.
    We need Biz back, it's obvious.  If we could send Al somewhere that would be a huge help and make us better IMO.  Biz can start if he has someone with him that has offense, I've always felt like that.  If Biz can drop 10 points and keep up the boards/blocks we're OK.
    Taylor is not worth it, he's the training camp hero every year, he's mediocre like Henderson, time to move on.    Marvin is more of a SF anyway and can play that roll too.  
    I think the biggest moves we can do is another PG and signing Biz.  That's about all we have the flexability for I think, unless some big miracle happens and we can unload Al and Marvin.
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  3. Zaximus added a comment on a blog entry: A case for Bismack Biyombo   

    It's even more important now to keep Biz because of the Frank pick.  We cannot have Al and Frank on the court at the same time.  However, a Biz+Frank combo could work pretty well and offset their issues.  
    I wish someone would take Al off our hands, because I wouldn't mind a Al+Frank team-up.
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  4. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Only make sense if we are shipping Al, but who wants him?
    Al and Frank on the court... ouch.  Frank and Biz, may work actually.
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  5. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    I wish someone would take Al from us, somehow.   I'd rather see Biz and Frank playing together.  If we put Al with Frank, my lawd that's going to be terrible.
    Then again Cliff will probably just let Zeller or a vet sit in there and be terrible, because that's how he roles.
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  6. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Exactly what was said about Zeller lol.
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  7. Zaximus added a post in a topic: My take on Kaminsky   

    So who do we pick in the top-5 next year?  What tall slow white big is available?
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  8. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    It's getting hard to care about this team, it really is.  This guy has "college player only" written all over him.   And we're stuck with jordan too.  I always gave him the benefit of the doubt but he's officially a joke.  
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  9. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Kaminsky's guys don't want him to be here   

    Probably just seen Vonleh getting traded after not getting playing time the previous year at all.  I don't know if a young player would want to come here and stare at the bench.
    Oh well I want Cauley anyway.
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  10. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Updated Draft Express mock (Kaminsky at 9th)   

    If Cauley-Stein is there and we take this guy, I will rage.
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  11. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Batum to Hornets, Hendo + Vonleh to Portland   

    I think we had to do the trade.  Without shooting we'd be bad again next year, and without some stretch wings as well.  The hype from the new name has almost completely faded and they need some goodwill.   Batum is still pretty young and it's a low-risk trade since he only has one year.  With him and Al coming off the books next year it'll free up some money to spend if we have to.  Vonleh may be good but it's a project.    When you consider we got Hawes/Lamb/Batum for Stephenson/Henderson/Vonleh it's not completely terrible.  
    Batum can make everyone better on the team, it may be a risk worth taking.  
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  12. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Thank you Hendo!   

    I'll miss those wide-open bricks from the baseline.....
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  13. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Stanley Johnson refuses to workout for Hornets   

    I almost want to take him just because lol.
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  14. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Top 5 since Jordan?   

    What about Garnett?  Guy is a punk but his stats are killer and he doesn't seem to get credit for changing the way the PF is played but he had impact just like Duncan did.  
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  15. Zaximus added a post in a topic: Hornets offseason   

    Biz is the least of our worries.  I believe if he could start he would drop 10 points/10 boards a game easily, and if we had actual people that could score/shoot around him (a real SG) he would be fine.   We need a scorer, one that can shoot, more than anything.  We haven't had one in so long if ever.  
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