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  1. Delete statue. Then logo midfield Then black helmets
  2. Zaximus

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    You have to watch the Guardians movies, probably both of them in the top 5-7 MCU movies.
  3. Zaximus

    Black Ops 4

    Man, must we have battle royale EVERYWHERE. I don't mind not having single player, but I think there should be like 20 maps if not (on top of battle royale). I think something like >50% of people never even finish CoD campaigns. I'm actually kind of disappointed BF:V isn't going back modern. I think between BF:1 and CoD WW2 we had enough of that.
  4. So he does it often? I mean, this could just be a simple thing of the person making a mistake, maybe they have memorized all the lyrics like that and it's hard to stop in the middle. This probably isn't a big deal really, just a mistake by the fan or maybe not following instructions. You have to assume if he pulls people up all the time it's bound to happen, statistically.
  5. Zaximus

    Prison Reform

    So the senate may have a problem with it? This will be a good time to see who is in bed with private prisons (a TERRIBLE idea, still). This is good though. We can't be hypocrites and say people are going to jail to serve their time and get rehabilitated for normal life if we don't offer them the chance to do that. Of course some won't take advantage of programs, but this is a good start. Getting prisoners into vocational training is a fantastic idea, there are a lot of jobs available for skills like that (and they pay pretty well too). Anyone not supporting things like this is just saying they don't care if the same people keep going back to back over and over. There needs to be better ways of getting records expunged for non-violent offenses as well after so many years of contributing to society lawfully.
  6. It almost feels like he set her up to do that to make it a crowd thing. Not sure.
  7. Zaximus

    HVAC Companies in Charlotte/area

    I definitely want to go really efficient. I just have a townhome, haven't had a need for a house yet. Looks like Duke Energy provides up to $600 bucks for a new system if it meets their efficiency standard and is through one of their contractor approved companies (that kind of sucks though).
  8. Ok huddle, what companies have you worked with that you liked/disliked. I think I possibly need a new unit as mine is just leeching me each month in AC bills. Looking to get something much more efficient.
  9. Zaximus


    I got laid off back when the economy tanked in 08/09. I was bummed, but eventually I got a job that was way better and got me out of the rut I was in at the lost job (I may still be there if not sadly). Perspective is everything.
  10. Zaximus

    Raise your hand if you hate car shopping.

    My brother was a car salesman for many years before he moved on from that job. I've mentioned to him he should start a side business where people pay him to go with them to buy a car and negotiate for them and sit with them in the process (since he knows all the tricks and how far they can bend).
  11. Zaximus

    Amazon is not what it used to be...

    I met a dude at my job that is a top reviewer on Amazon so his reviews carry a lot of weight. He gets contacted all the time and what they do is paypal him money to buy their product and then he writes a 5 star "amazing" review for them. He keeps the product and then sells on ebay if he doesn't want it. It's against Amazon's policy but there isn't much they can do. I assume this is how those new products from overseas get reviews in the first place. I looked at his profile and what you can notice is that EVERY review is like a 5 star review, also, there are reviews for the "same type" of product that a normal person wouldn't need that many of. He had like 15 headphone reviews in a 6 month time frame for instance (all 5 star of course). I thought it was weird since dude makes at least 6 figures but I guess free stuff is free. Anyway Amazon delivered a package yesterday I didn't even expect till today, so no issue here with that lol. Also had to return an item last week and that was easy.
  12. Zaximus

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    Not my party, try again.
  13. Zaximus

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    The "we wanted something different" argument is a cop-out. If you wanted different ideas, from someone that has proven he can work across aisles, you would have voted Bernie. You voted Trump because your party told you to.
  14. Zaximus

    "These aren't people, they're animals."

    I think black people that actually voted for Trump could have been influenced by their church leaders, especially evangelical churches who seem to push the republican agenda pretty hard.
  15. Zaximus

    Thank you Big Cat!

    You have bad logic. MLB has never been a real thing here because there isn't enough MLB fans. MLS is MLS, come on. Football always had enough fans here, hence why we would have got a team anyway. Keep slurping though and believe that.