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  1. Who is defending Aaron Rodgers or Brady here?
  2. This team needs to spend money on a legit WR. Watkins, or trade for Gordon, whatever, but these Cinderella receivers that no other team wants is NOT cutting it. Also, Greg is getting old and I'm not sure we can completely rely on him to carry the slack for too long. In a dream scenario, Gordon/Funchess/Samuel/Greg/CMC would be nasty.
  3. I kind of hope he doesn’t. We need someone creative in here. Granted it’s Rivera so that’s probably not happening.
  4. Yeah I love this show. It's not amazing, but, the chemistry and bromance is great and it has a lot of heart. Dude who plays Rigs is a great actor, I first seen him on Rectify (an amazing show everyone should watch). I also am surprised I like it as much as I do, and I usually stay away from network shows.
  5. Norv is at boa..

    Oh God
  6. Predict the new OC here...

    I'd say Norv Turner is a possibility with Rivera.
  7. Predict the new OC here...

    For real though I'd LOVE Chud back lol.
  8. Predict the new OC here...

    Jeff Davidson
  9. Mother of GOD. Thankfully.
  10. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    MKG has been fine this year actually. He's about what we expect. I definitely haven't been a MKG super fan but he's fine, he is NOT the issue. Batum, yes. But Clifford just not playing young guys is stupid. His rotations never make sense either. There's no reason this team shouldn't be above .500.
  11. I honestly didn't notice much of an improvement when Ryan came back. In fact, I think we were running a bit better with Larsen. He's not worth the money, but I get he's a fan favorite and my GOD around here that trumps everything. He's a liability, and his injuries have piled up, if it's between cutting Kalil to keep Norwell or even Star you do it easy.
  12. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    Hornets have a coaching issue just like the Panthers. There is no reason this team isn't top 4 in the East with the talent, it's all coaching.
  13. Trump is "Fighting For Me"

    Yeah the day migrant workers are gone is when this country will REALLY realize our salaries haven't been inline with inflation in like 30 years and we've been getting screwed on payday every 2 weeks.
  14. Never had a back to back winning season. That's not really consistent. Let's get honest here folks, Rivera is an average coach, and a couple games a year, above average. He's a bit better than Fox. We're going into what, 8th season next year, and he STILL does not understand clock management? He's a terrible game day coach. No doubt someone hires him fast, but it would be a franchise that is OK being mediocre and not being terrible, but not getting over the hump. That's the Panthers basically, and, kind of always has been because of the coaches we hire. It's completely possible the new owners are OK with mediocrity, and they keep Rivera though. I just wouldn't expect anything amazing unless he changes his ways over night (like realizing Shula sucks and other things).
  15. Can Kaelin Clay step up and be a factor?

    This team needs to stop with the cinderella story wide receivers that no one else in the league wants. It's funny that some fans get so excited for a team that has really never developed a WR in its history. Smith was self-made and lightning in a bottle luck pick, and Moose was good from the get go. KB was KB throughout. Funchess is the about the ONLY example of slight progress but he's still a #2 or #3. We need to trade a real #1, or sign a real #1. No excuses.