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  1. Latest Obama care Repeal exempts Alaska

    Let's consider the fact that our elected officials are wasting time trying to repeal a bill because someone's name is in it, instead of working on other legit issues, or coming up with something better than the ACA.
  2. Latest Obama care Repeal exempts Alaska

    It's just insane people are going to such lengths to kill something like this just because a former President's name is attached to it (and unofficially at that). If you think it's anything but that, you are wrong. If they really cared about coming up with something better, they could, and it would start with Bernie's bill and then work on it from there to fit our country.
  3. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man I thought Witch was terrible, and I usually agree with the RT ratings. I actually had some LOL's during it though. Guess we all have those movies we just don't love like everyone else lol.
  4. I haven't seen a better example of how this country is bought. We need to get public money out of politics for good, but I don't see anything ever changing without some radical solutions, and I'm not sure what those would be.
  5. Barnidge Time

    He makes Dickson obsolete actually. He's a better pass catcher and probably the best blocking TE in the league. You guys saying, what happens when Olsen is back, need to rephrase what IF Olsen comes back.
  6. Do you trust Igo?

    Nope, he blocked me on twitter ages ago because I trolled him about his love for Bersin.
  7. They look really bad, but this is the type of game we'll go into and get waxed, playing down to competition and helping the other team get their bearings. Smells like a trap game but I hope I'm completely wrong.
  8. Do you trust Shula?

    Nope, not at all. I don't trust Rivera to make the right choice and move on from Shula either. The only way we lose Shula is if someone hires him as a HC or Rivera leaves too. Let's face it, they both are pretty mediocre at their jobs. Rivera is a great defensive mind, and probably should just be a DC. His clock management is still the worst in the league. He sees no issue with calls coming down from Shula super late giving the defense an easy jump. Game day coaching is meh. He looks lost sometimes during the games, and still, this many years in. And Shula is riding that Super Bowl year where Cam bailed him out on so many broken, terrible play calls until he injuries have just piled up. But this all starts from the top, with JR, and his acceptance of mediocrity over the course of this franchise. I know he wants to win, so that's what makes it really confusing why we accept it.
  9. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    I can't blame CMC when we run him on the inside and there's no holes. He's not going to blow through like Stewart, who also had issues too, he needs holes, and better yet, not used like that that often period. We need more outside runs with him and more screen passes. That's how he's going to be dangerous. Sadly, we don't have an adequate OC to use him correctly. CMC on the Patriots would probably be blowing the league's mind right now.
  10. IT - 2017 movie

    I loved it. I don't really watch a lot of horror, definitely not the new kind of stuff, but this was good, nailed the 80's vibe without the cheese. I didn't mind the CGI honestly, it needed to be different and it's own take on the material and I love how they went with a more "out of this world" Pennywise. It wasn't scary, but I've never been one to really get like that with movies, but there was some freaky scenes that were cool. The worst part was the "bad kids" which was almost an element of 80's movies I could have did without or at least a bit different but I thought the movie was great, definitely something you'll want to experience in the theatre as well. Way more humor than I thought too.
  11. Armah or Barnage?

    With a team that relies on tight end play like us, bringing Barnidge in should be a TOP priority right now. TOP. Also the additional blocking because, we're going to need it.
  12. Had a good game, almost a great game if he got that TD, but I can't fault him, dude got plastered. Funchess had a good game too.
  13. Shula has to get fired

    Cam carried Shula's bad play calling that Superbowl season. All those broke plays, he made something happen, and eventually he paid the price with injuries.
  14. This was one of the worst Shula called games I've seen in a while and it's looking like my fears have been realized after we drafted CMC, and that's that Shula is NOT a good enough OC to use him correctly, or Samuel. That QB draw play drove me nuts as well. Shula has always been the weakest link here, and since Rivera keeps him around, he's part of the problem too. With Shula's inability to draw up anything creative with CMC, I'm starting to worry about the pick (not anything against CMC but Shula) and wishing we traded back into the first for OJ Howard after Greg goes down and now we're stuck with Dickson. You know our QB is rusty and you know the line is still unproven, so what do you do? Instead of using CMC and Samuel for short quick passes, we elect to keep using LONG developing plays against a defense that A) is good and B) knows us. There is no hope for Shula and every year we trot this mediocre play caller out there, is another year you realize this franchise is just A-OK with mediocrity and always has been.
  15. True. That and line need to step up. Sadly seeing effect of no Ryan.