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  1. Zaximus added a post in a topic Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in this thing?   

    Yeah raise taxes on wealthy, cut loopholes, etc.  I'm assuming cut defense budget because it's out of control.
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  2. Zaximus added a post in a topic How will SCOTUS ruling pertain to polygamy?   

    They should be able to as long as it's consenting adults.
    Most probably won't get a license because they like the wives to appear "single and poor" to get benefits.
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  3. Zaximus added a post in a topic Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in this thing?   

    If the Hillary camp called him an extremist, then I don't even want to vote for her.   His ideas are more like common sense to me, honestly.  The fact that they call him that, shows how out of touch most of these politicians are with their country.
    I think Bernie should resonate with the middle America workers as well, maybe not on religious things, but he is pro union, pro higher min. wage, against the Obama trade agreement (not afraid to bump with his own party), and his idea of reinvesting money into our infrastructure could create tons of jobs and get needed work done at the same time.   I like how he isn't sugar coating the "fake" unemployment numbers and spelling it out, especially the youth unemployment.   Middle America and blue-collar workers should support him, if not their children may not have the money to support them when they are old like they want!
    Bernie has some advantages, and if that's all they can throw at him, whatever.  Hillary already looks suspicious to the country.  Even my mother who was a staunch Hillary supporter against Obama is iffy on Hillary now.    There are tons of suspicious things about her but I have yet to hear any about Bernie.  I've heard about his high approval ratings, one of the highest for a senator.  I have heard about his voting record, and how he has been right when others haven't, the Iraq war vote for instance.
    This is the guy we need.  The right and some others may not like his religious/abortion stances, and some other things, but we need someone with ideas, someone that wants to GROW this country and heal it for the future, not more Bushes and Clinton's pointing fingers at each other without ideas on how to FIX things. 
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  4. Zaximus added a post in a topic Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in this thing?   

    Yes and no.  It doesn't seem this guy has any dirt though, not like everyone else.  What will hurt him is not having enough money to run stupid commericials and whatnot, but maybe with the internet he can his ideas out there.  He has a great track record and was on the right side of things more often than not.  One of the highest apporval ratings for a senator even when everyone is hating politicians.  
    He's really the first guy i've WANTED to vote for in a while instead of "lesser of two evils" thing.   He has actual ideas instead of finger pointing, mostly.  I'll definitely vote for him.  I agree with everything he has said so far.    And if people are worried about his age, I watched an hour long speech of him standing up earlier this morning, I think he's OK.  
    We need an idea person in there.  
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  5. Zaximus added a post in a topic Would you be happy with the Kaminsky pick if...   

    I'm not sure I have the confidence in our owernship and coaching to put him in good positions, sadly.
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  6. Zaximus added a post in a topic Cerebral move for future..?   

    Maybe he cares about greatness, going somewhere where they haven't won before, and making that his franchise for history.  Like Jordan and the Bulls.  Lebron will be remembered for someone that had to have a full cast, but maybe Steph wants it different.  Who knows though.
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  7. Zaximus added a post in a topic The Dukes of Hazzard pulled from TVLAND   

    I'm not sure so that is this.  The flag from the state building, yes, but all of this reaks publicity stunts and attention to me.  I don't remember anyone calling for Apple mobile games pulled, or Dukes to be pulled.   Typical media and big companies fueling the fire.
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  8. Zaximus added a post in a topic Alexis Ajinca signed a 20 million dollar extension with the Pelicans   

    Yeah we failed on this and didn't give a project time.  Like Biz.  Like Vonleh.  I hate that these will start piling up.
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  9. Zaximus added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    Personally, no tap wouldn't be something I'd be interested in.  Just bottles would make me want to just stay at home.   For me, draft just tastes better.  It's like comparing Coke from the can to Coke from the glass bottle.   Not sure about the food thing, but may be a issue for other people.  I think you may have issues with no liqour because I know a lot of women that don't really enjoy beer at all but would definitlely order a blue motorcycle or something like that.
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  10. Zaximus added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    This guy is serious!  x3
    LOL :)
    I thought Hairston was decent when given time to actually play.  His defense surprised me too.  
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  11. Zaximus added a post in a topic Wayward Pines   

    It gets really good in episode 5.  Don't compare this to Under the Dome, that show is terrible, so terrible.   Pines isn't groundbreaking but it's a pretty good watch so I would say keep watching.
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  12. Zaximus added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    He's not going to be a starter on any team.  Lamb will mostly be backing up MKG and Batum (Marvin as well probably), especially since it looks like Taylor is walking.  So Belinelli to me, would be the clear backup to Batum, with Lamb behind him in a pinch.   MKG will probably miss 20-30 games so there will be minutes to hand out.
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  13. Zaximus added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    You draft Frank who would fit in nicely with Biz, someone finally to help Biz, and then... let Biz go.  So all we have now is the same players with no defense.  It's confusing.  Hope it pans out but I'd be surprised.
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  14. Zaximus added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    We better score 115 points a game next year, because when MKG gets hurt (not and if, but when) and no Biz, we're going to be dominated by teams.  Al will be still running to the other end of the court and our soft bigs will be doing nothing.
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  15. Zaximus added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    He's not over-rated when he's one of the best rim protectors in the league and a great rebounder.  We're going to be so soft next year.  A bunch of guys getting pushed around.  Al gets hurt 20 games in, Cody disappears for games at a time, Frank probably sits on the bench because Clifford hates rookies, and Hawes has too much on his back.  Marvin will be Marvin.   NONE of those guys play defense, Biz did.  Biz actually put forth 100% even on bad teams, never whined, and did what he needed.  He brought an attitude to an otherwise soft team.
    Bad move, but not surprised, par for the course.  I can't wait to see the black hole, Jefferson, out there with Zeller/Frank getting abused, it's going to be hilarious (not really).
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