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  1. Zaximus added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    Not surprised.
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  2. Zaximus added a post in a topic Big oops by Russians... Bombed Iran instead of Syria by mistake   

    These guys testing out a new cruise missile for the first time, decide to do so over other countries' soil lol.    This should be interesting.
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  3. Zaximus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    How many laws and crap are pushed through because of religious reasons up in Washington?  Abortion quickly comes to mind.  Don't act like Washington follows these things to a T, they don't, and haven't in a long time.
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  4. Zaximus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I grew up there, so I have a pretty much insider knowledge, but you are right, it IS a stereotype and generalization.  That's the point.  You lumped everyone that doesn't agree with you on these forums and acted like you knew them personally and insulted their intelligence.   I know you are just a young kid but comparing a geographical stereotype to hatred of a race/sexual orientation is pretty ignorant in its own right, but weren't you calling everyone else ignorant?
    The sad fact is, as long as people put a hobby over the lives of their fellow citizens, I don't see anything getting changed.
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  5. Zaximus added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    We get it bro, you're from WV and can't let go of guns.
    I know because I grew up there and know your type, so I'm qualified :)
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  6. Zaximus added a post in a topic CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!   

    Also as amazing as Jake as been, solid as Lester has been, and the great play of Schwauber/Bryant/Rizzo, the BEST pickup and the best thing the Cubs did was signing Madden this year.    And yes it all starts with Epstein.  What a great farm system too.
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  7. Zaximus added a post in a topic CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!   

    I mean they won like one more game than us but the one and done game is brutal and needs to be changed to a best of 3, imo.  Arrieta has been unhittable and my Pirate friends knew this was coming.   Good baseball teams have good teams all around with a good rotation, so one game is just stupid, even though it worked out for my Cubs this time.
    To win like that without Bryant or Rizzo even getting a hit is great.  I feel we're just as good as any other team right now.
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  8. Zaximus added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    Except it's not just year.  He's been having issues and looking like he's falling apart for 2-3 years.   Everyone always said he was the reason Hardy was successful that last year or two but I'm pretty it was the other way around.  He's not worth what he's making, not even close and he won't be next year unless he gets a more friendly deal, which I doubt happens.
    Sadly, Star is looking like another guy that is getting crushed with injury issues.  I wouldn't give him a big contract unless he proves he can play an extended period.   
    Short/Norman should be the priorities.   We're going to look like idiots for letting Hardy walk, as expected unfortunately.  We'll definitely be taking DE in the first round next year, or at least the second.
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  9. Zaximus added a post in a topic MMA fighter sh*ts himself   

    I'm surprised this doesn't happen more in sports honestly. 
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  10. Zaximus added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Yeah, me either.  It takes hardly any time to get the "30 day rights".   Even squaters have had 30 days before to get out.  
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  11. Zaximus added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Explored the Deep Web?   

    This has been around for years, so yeah the onion network isn't anything new but it seems over the last couple of years everyone has found out about it and it's mentioned on TV shows and stuff now.  I think the shut down of Silk Road was an eye opener.   But yeah at this point, there is a large number of scammers running it and not scamming who you would think, it's more scamming people trying to sell stuff on there.    But yeah, there's a lot of that nasty junk on there and of course drugs and stuff like buying organs and weapons, etc.   It's still a crazy world that is fascinating and weird.   Those videos seem like shock value though.  
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  12. Zaximus added a post in a topic My Land Rover Defender 110 has finally ARRIVED!   

    Wow, so this really IS Jerry Richardson posting.......
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  13. Zaximus added a post in a topic NFL.COM Quarter 1 awards - J-No defensive MVP   

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  14. Zaximus added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    I never understand why people that have morals because they are afraid of going to hell think they are better than those who have morals that aren't afraid of going to such a place and do it just because it's right.   
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