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  1. I still don't have a clear answer as to who is doing the hiring. It's a very confusing, dysfunctional situation. I can't find anything to compare it to.
  2. You have to be able to consistently throw the ball down the field in this offense. System fit matters more than Madden ratings.
  3. The Jets and McCown have already openly talked about re-upping for 2018. https://thejetpress.com/2018/02/06/new-york-jets-josh-mccown-comments-confirm-likely-return/ So yeah, you'd be "bidding" with another team for a player who likely won't see the field anyway.
  4. He's started one game over the last three years. One. This is why Carolina Huddle has such a rotten reputation. You guys a really, really idiotic. Go ahead and get into a bidding war for backup quarterbacks.
  5. Neither are the other free agent options. Plus all three are probably jostling for a starting opportunity. Bridgewater would be interesting if we were willing to have a QB competition, but that isn't going to happen.
  6. Black&Blue

    CJ Anderson

    Stewart is still a fine option in short yardage and goal line. This is another area where you don't need to out think yourself.
  7. DA is a sufficient backup QB for this offense. Stop over thinking it.
  8. Black&Blue

    New name in Ownership bid (Ben Navarro)

    He's rich and white. Eww!
  9. Can you name one valuable piece of gun legislation that Obama passed with a Democratic majority? The left wants to use this to demonize anyone who isn't for total gun confiscation. That is precisely what they are doing. Anyway who wants to talk about this is a reasonable and open fashion is being shouted down. You can't even offer thoughts are prayers anymore, because the left also hates freedom of religion by some crazy coincidence. I'd like to see Democrats come up with realistic, viable solutions. Taking 300 million guns and dumping them into a Terminator 2 lava pit is not a viable solution. And no, making all guns illegal is not a realistic solution either. It's amazing to me that so many people who are for marijuana legalization don't understand the dangers of a black market.
  10. You're talking past me. Most Americans don't believe in a theoretical Utopia where there's no gun violence at all. Again, I have no problem trying to hash out ways to make gun laws stricter, but that's not what the left is doing. If you don't see that, you're blind.
  11. I'm purple on gun control. I have no problem with constantly reviewing legislation and trying to find ways to improve it. That's not exactly what the left is doing, though. Many of them (not all of them) are using gun control as an instrument to vilify the side that disagrees with them. I don't see how that's anything other than counterproductive.
  12. My point is that a vast majority of people on the side of gun control have ulterior motives. If you don't think that's relevant then you're not paying attention.
  13. The majority of the left immediately tying their hatred of religion into this latest shooting tells you everything you need to know. They've completely lifted the mask. By the way, if you think you have the antidote to gun violence or any other tragedy just because you can post about it on a message board all day, then you're a psychopath. Anyone who thinks they have the magic bullet for anything is a deranged narcissist. That's true for people on both sides.
  14. And the prior administration had absolutely nothing to do with that.