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  2. This is game film that head coaches will always show to their assistants, in terms of how not to lose a game. So congrats, Atlanta. You're now a Drug Free PSA until the end of time. Lady Gaga has a wonderful ass, by the way.
  3. Any Panther player who gets tagged has a very simple way out of it - become a distraction.
  4. I think it's spot on. It's difficult to "manufacture" pressure on a year to year basis. We need an infusion of real, pass rushing talent on the edge.
  5. Don't be shitty. That's how I feel about it.
  6. Cam in 2016 played a lot like Cam in 2014, or 2012 for that matter. 2015 was his high water mark, and none of us should expect him to ever be that good. I agree with Beasley, too. It would be moronic for Rivera and Shula to make him into a pocket passer. Cam is what he is.
  7. People have got to stop viewing Byrd as a viable NFL talent. As for Ginn, I'd actually be fine with getting into a bidding war for him. He's been one of our most valuable assets over the last four years.
  8. I watched strictly out of respect for Thomas Davis, who finally played in his first (and perhaps only) Pro Bowl. It's still a pretty awful "game". I can't take it seriously if the players are taking selfies on the sidelines.
  9. I hope the NFC can forgive him someday.
  10. The NFL is essentially going to have to outlaw tackling if they want to have a league in 20 years. Tackle football is unavoidably dangerous with horrifying longterm consequences.