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  1. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    Look at that guy making millions of dollars, having fun playing the game he loves and being the best at it. I hate him.
  2. Broncos fans: "Look what we did to Tom Brady."

    Can you now please name the 3 players the Cardinals were missing that made their 6th ranked defense become Browns-bad? Or are you gonna keep talking out of your arse?
  3. European store is quite retard. You can only get Dallas Cowboys SB50 hats (wtf), no Panthers.
  4. Josh Norman is on the attack...

    Keep the anger fuel your fire for 2 more weeks Josh & company.
  5. What will be the motivating factor for this team?

    1) Superbowl 2) Offense will show that Denver D  3) Defense will show what D's legit
  6. Panthers are 4-0 against top 5 defenses in the league.

    We struggled with 3-4 defenses the previous years due to bad OL play. Now... not so much. Broncos won't be able to pressure Cam a great deal sending only 3 like they did with Brady. If they send more, they better know what they're doing, or Cam will run for 20yards.
  7. Caption This Photo

    Excellent running form
  8. I Feel Our Offense is Better than Denver's Defense.....

    How much of a factor will it be that Denver hasn't played any type of QB that's somewhat similar to Cam? 
  9. Caption these Cardinals fans...

    But but...he said contain Cam and double Olsen
  10. Except for the Falcons (1-1), they all still have a losing record against us.
  11. Credit to the Secondary

    Yeah, I was getting frustrated with CJ at the beginning of the game, he was held way too easy out of the plays. He really started to stir things up halfway the second quarter.
  12. I Feel Our Offense is Better than Denver's Defense.....

    Both their starting safeties were banged up after the game. Could impact them.
  13. I Feel Our Offense is Better than Denver's Defense.....

    No way they will be able to rush the same way like they did against the Patriots if we can establish our running game and Cam behind center. Big game coming up for our interior OL, Brady had no space to step up the pocket.
  14. Dear visiting Cam Newton haters:

    I get the feeling that on social media (reddit, twitter), most of the people are really starting to like the way Cam is enjoying this ride.

    Only had 2 hours of sleep after the game, totally worth it.