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  1. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    If Denver wins we send them NC BBQ...   If the Panthers win they send us weed !!!
  2. What position did you play?

    I was too busy getting stoned in HS....
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Reminds me of a story about Del Curry....  He played in my Conference in HS up in Virginia so we used to see him play...  Fast forward years later when I met him at a golf course in Charlotte where I have lived since 1985....  The Hornets were huge !!!!!  Long story short....  He was a complete pecker head....  Very disappointed at the time....  Mugsy was always cool as hell...  They both played the course I worked at all the time....
  4. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    I almost feel bad for whats about to happen to poor Peyton....  He's going to look much worse...
  5. Is CMC going to poo?

    Ha....  I work at LCI Main on Morehead !!
  6. Sounds like they are starting early with the excuses....
  7. Josh Norman takes it to Deion Sanders

    Deion Sanders is the biggest pussy to ever play in the NFL...  The fact that he is in The HOF makes me question why I even watch the sport...
  8. I sure hope the folks of this fine city show nothing but class.... 
  9. These days white folks are the only ones you can dislike or openly criticize...  Otherwise you are labeled a racist....  
  10. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Please dont break my giraffe neck....  
  11. I have left before being served but not after eating....
  12. Random pics from the Game

    No chicken tender ground scores in the suite?
  13. Parking

    Yeah....  I always pay for my ticket....
  14. Parking

    I would plan on going downtown early and on the light rail.  Parking is free and the train is about 2 bucks a ride for those that actually pay to ride... (Its the honor system still)