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  1. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    Just another entittled person thinking she is above the law and the liberal Charlotte Disturber putting their slant on it... Nothing new here.....
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

    My pre-season shirt....
  3. I showed D'Will !! I unfriended him on FB !!!
  4. Weird job interview story

    I really thought this story was gonna end with someone getting a broom handle up the turd cutter !!
  5. NotMichael Wilbon.... God I dislike that bone head !!
  6. So this motherfuger broke in to my home...

    Drill bolts thru the end of a baseball bat and put a big ol' nut on each one... A couple friendly whacks with that should do the trick....
  7. purchasing a video camera and A/V equipment

    Any girl on girl action coming out of this?
  8. What is Classic Rock?

    Its funny what is classic rock now is what was current and on the radio when I was growing up... Look at the charts from today and compare it to one in the 70's... It will make you want to cry with whats considered "music" these days....
  9. Knowingly making a possible bad life choice

    I quit a very good job in 1999 working for a company I loved but my manager the VP of the place was such a hard ass pecker head MF I told my secretary if I had two more bad days in a row I was handing in my notice.... Well it happened and I handed in my 2 week notice.... Longest 2 weeks of my life.... Biggest mistake I have ever made.... Looking back on it over the years.... I realize my boss was only trying to manage me the only way he knew how... I had climbed the ladder to a respectable job and blew it... I have regretted it ever since... Think long and hard before you make the decision !!
  10. How do I get rid of a terrible cat?

    I think it is Eli but he stole Russell Wilsons cloth's....
  11. How do I get rid of a terrible cat?

    Its all about tough love and the stabilzer screw !!!
  12. Anyone like going to Music Festivals?

    Been to more than I could count... Seeing live music is pretty much where my vacation time has gone for the last 25 years....
  13. 7 year wedding anniversary is approaching

    SIIHB !!