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  1. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    Training the military gives in an active shooter situation is the people nearest the door swarm and attack the shooter. So he isn’t far off with how people should handle things.
  2. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    Idk the law in Florida(probably shitty) but in Maryland you have to be 21 or over to buy AR’s/hand guns. 18 you can buy normal hunting rifles/shotguns.
  3. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Those stats are 3 years old. Wonder what they look like now
  4. Matt's Brilliant Response

    How is faith a substance?
  5. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yeah the shaver video was rough. The worst part about it is that it got released when it was already to late and the cop avoided justice for straight up execution
  6. Cloverfield Series

    It came out in 2008 but it was still not that far removed from 9/11 so seeing the Statue of Liberty head getting thrown through nyc was crazy to see
  7. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    You see the video of that poo? Its even worse. The person who actually shot him and killed him was distraught with guilt and sadness that someone died and this fug was trying to convince him that what he did was a good thing and the only choice he could have made. Sickening how warped this guys minds are to give the order to slay an unarmed dude so your squad cars don’t get damaged
  8. Cloverfield Series

    I guess to me it was the first true monster movie of my generation. I must have been 14 when I saw it. I didn’t grow up with Godzilla or Frankenstein or Dracula or King Kong. The websites and the viral media surrounding the release and not knowing what the monster was until you were in the theater was so cool. I guess older people didnt like the way it was filmed though
  9. Cloverfield Series

    I loved it. The experience and the mystery of that whole movie left me in aw. Just curious, how old were you when you saw it?
  10. Cloverfield Series

    Don’t listen to critics who have had a bone to pick with 1) Netflix movies in general as i believe there is a concerted effort to blast movies like this and Bright to kill Netflix hope into feature films. And 2) because the release of this movie was so direct and fast critics didn’t get there special treatment where they got to watch it first. The critics against this movie have never been more meaningless because people don’t have to read the reviews they can just watch it for themselves. ive loved every single cloverfield movie. The first one is in my top 5 all time.
  11. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I know what an authoratarian is and trump isn’t one in the classic sense. Bush, obama and Hilary are more authoratarian type leaders than trump. Trump is all over the place and doesn’t know his ass from his elbow to be a true authoratarian type
  12. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    CNN msnbc etc are also spin machines and propaganda arms but you can’t have them with out fox to counter and disinform people. Feeding everyone the same bullshit and people will start to question what they are eating. Feed people bullshit from two different angles and depending on what side of the argument you are on one seems more reasonable than the other so you don’t question it.
  13. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Miss me with that bullshit.
  14. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I can’t take you seriously if you think trumps relationship with putin doesn’t go against the deep states agenda and that isn’t threatening to them. also trump isn’t authoratarian in the sense obama bush Clinton or Hilary would have been in the sense they all knew the rules and how to play them but trump is a wild card and isn’t good for there type of business destabilizing countries and global interest because trump is always liable to say some poo they don’t want people to know and very well could boast about private poo. and I certainly can’t take your posts seriously if you actually think we have free press. That there aren’t only 6 media companies left in the country and they all have the same globalist corporate agenda.
  15. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    That’s not saying much. Only party shills like rodeo/Cwg and identity politics feminists are actual fans of Hilary. That still doesn’t change the fact FBI and IC as organizations like authoratarian presidents as opposed to people like trump who threaten the deep state. lets be clear. The IC/FBI would be doing the exact same thing to an anti war/peace candidate that they are doing to trump because the deep state has an agenda and they aren’t going anywhere