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  1. How about you stay on topic instead of speaking nonsense?
  2. What drivel are you speaking?
  3. And? There's peoples grandfathers that were in WW2 that doesn't mean it wasn't a long time ago.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Born physically them together but it's within his character to stay by her stay rich and stay alive instead of go north
  5. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Bronn his is own man and he'd more than likely stay around cersei and try to wait it out than go north and maybe die
  6. So we are multiple generations removed from when the practice was outlawed in this country. That doesn't qualify as a long time ago?
  7. North Korea Missile Flys Over Japan

    Technologically superior in terms of what?
  8. Trump really just tweeted this...

    Not defending trump here but the presidents before him did the exact same thing in terms of "rest of the administration littered with oil and wall street executives are making money hand over fist for themselves and the wealthy elite of our country." thats nothing new
  9. Xbox One X!!! (Not Scorpio)

    PSC is a sad hipster fug lol
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7

  11. Game of Thrones Season 7

  12. Game of Thrones Season 7

    PSC in meme form
  13. Dems are stupid for trying to push Trump out right now.

    What has trump actually done? Like legislatively done to undo what Americans have built over decades?
  14. Dems are stupid for trying to push Trump out right now.

    Objectively Pence is a lot scarier than trump and any smart person with their ears to the ground will tell you the same. Giving Pence the White House and both houses is a terrible idea.
  15. Dems are stupid for trying to push Trump out right now.

    SInce when are politics not about politics?