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  1. CarolinaCoolin

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    The whole “character deaths were real” is just a clever play at words. most of the characters didn’t die. Thanos snapped them out of existence which isn’t technically dying
  2. CarolinaCoolin

    Avengers Infinity War!

    No no no, maybe, close, close. gotg, winter soldier, civil war, homecoming, ironman, the avengers and ragnarok are the best marvel movies. Spiderman 2 is weak when you compare it to these movies. Logan was good but not perfect.
  3. CarolinaCoolin

    Avengers Infinity War!

    Another poor attempt
  4. CarolinaCoolin

    Avengers Infinity War!

    No one responded cause it was a poor troll attempt
  5. CarolinaCoolin

    Avengers Infinity War!

    Wb/dc tried to rush out an EU. Marvel built theirs over years and multiple movies before we saw the Avengers team up.
  6. CarolinaCoolin

    Avengers Infinity War!

    We are in the closing days to it’s official release. It’s been 10 years in the making to see them get to this point and I’m beyond hyped. Also who was that poster who constantly was hating on Marvel movies? Did he fully disappear once justice league was completely shitty? It’s a foregone conclusion that the MCU is just better
  7. CarolinaCoolin

    MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    Your first sentence is meaningless to the discussion. The fact that the two biggest democratic states had closed primaries is the issue. I believe in New York you had to register has a Democrat by Oct of 2015 to be eligible to vote in their primary which is unethical as fug. you can make an even stronger argument that primaries should be open because 70% of the country are registered independents. Shutting them out and silencing voices on who should represent in the general. Clinton definitely laid down for obama. When it was apparent she was going to lose she campaigns for obama after what was a nasty 2008 primary with the promise of a position on the cabinet and full support of the DNC when she runs in 2016.
  8. CarolinaCoolin

    MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    Only 40 percent of the Democratic Party. Luckily you had the DNC have closed primaries so all his support more the majority of independent voters which is about 70% of all voters couldn’t vote. When you say things like “They were in the bag for the clear front runner which is common. The news tends to cover the presumptive nominee more than someone who is clearly not going to win.” what you really are trying to do is side step all the context and histrionics that lead up to the 2016 primary where it was an inevitability for Hilary to get the nomination after she laid down for obama in 2008. That was the promise she got from obama. The media and the DNC all on her side for her run down playing anyone else and that’s what you saw. Not scandalous but unethical. It changes the complexion of the race. When you are watching CNN or MSNBC and you see very early one that it’s Clinton with 600+ votes to Bernie’s 100 votes you already write him off but in reality the actual voting tally would be something like 133 for Clinton and 100 for Bernie. Your conspiracy that the media actually made it look closer than it was for rating is a bogus one. The democratic race wasn’t the ratings driver in 2016 it was trump. They wanted Bernie to give away as fast as possible. Before the race was even over there were calls from every major news channel that Bernie continuing to run was hurting Hilary and he’s not a true democrat and he is helping trump win by continuing.
  9. CarolinaCoolin

    Altered Carbon

    Can’t wait lol
  10. CarolinaCoolin

    MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    Media was completely in the bag for Hillary. Chris Matthews on air said that he was told MSNBC was going to call the primary over before the California voting was even finished and weeks before the actual convention. the little air time and coverage vs the massive support he was generating. No coverage given to the millions of people purged from the voting rolls in California and Newyork. Even worse is is that they advertised super delegate votes before they were even cast giving the appearance Hilary already had them. This does something to a casual observer as people are less likely to vote for a loser or someone they’ve never heard about. or reporting out right lies like the Nevada thing were they said Bernie supporters where violent and trying to make them out like trump supports. Whats ironic is you claim to not be a Hillary bot but still push the same correct the record talking points
  11. CarolinaCoolin

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    That or Netflix
  12. CarolinaCoolin

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Tv show* so many parts and players.
  13. CarolinaCoolin

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    If they use this as pretext to fire rod and install another who could pull the plug on the investigation or give a time limit to mueller. Im not saying it will happen but it’s in the realm of possibility and I don’t think should be dismissed so out of hand. Trump has shown he really doesn’t care about firing people or how it’s viewed and we know he’s been trying to fire Rod for a minute now
  14. CarolinaCoolin

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Dude you’ve been unbearable since nov 2016. I read an article suggesting this and put the question in this thread and you say I watch Fox News and parrot hannity. Youre conformation bias on this story is mind boggling at this point. Calm down
  15. CarolinaCoolin

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Don’t watch fox or cable news at all for that matter. We we will see how this all plays out.