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  1. Trump vs. Hillary

    As I'm sitting in a diner at 1:16 in the morning this is the photo I'm looking at. Coincidence? I think not
  2. Trump vs. Hillary

    Of course trump is a terrible candidate but your lying to yourself if you think just because you aren't voting for trump you also aren't "really" voting for hiliray.
  3. Trump vs. Hillary

    No it's not. If you ultimately end up casting a vote for hiliray you still voted for her. Neither candidate deserves to be president IMO. In good conscience I can't vote for either
  4. I don't have faith in the way DC is currently set up. None what so ever. That doesn't mean I don't believe there are real, achievable, attainable goals a fairer, uncorrupted government could make. Saying its just a fake utopia is nonsense.
  5. Coerced communial pipe dream for utopia.... people who say this also say it's fantasy and impossible to pay people enough to live, or have health care for everyone, or that education can't be affordable and for everyone but there's all the money in the world to subsidize billion dollar corporations and fund unnecessary oil wars and continue to bomb foreign countries. This pipe dream for utopia actually is just spending money on where it should be spent instead of continuing to make capitalists uber rich while labor and the middle class see their money shrink year after year.
  6. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Don't hold your breath
  7. Oh you guys, I was only giving a simple counterpoint to socialism in a form that wasn't relevant to our country or the conversation at all. Why is everyone so mad at me?!! I just said socialism by itself doesn't work when no one was even arguing that basically derailing the thread with a huge non sequitur cluster fug.
  8. Deflection. Solid tactic for a victim.
  9. So you aren't acting like a victim crying that Zax brings up your notoriously shitty post history when you yet again post shitily?
  10. He literally said "some form of socialism" are you that egg headed you take that to mean socialism by itself? quit playing victim like your poo posts arent on display. It's quite clear
  11. Because your spin is off the charts and you aren't smart enough to think critically to see the meaningful difference between the two? That'd be my guess why you can't see the difference
  12. "Radically" as in expanding education into college which a large portion of countries already have. fueled by class envy or a desire to see a fair economic system that works for everyone instead of the top %1? sanders isn't purposing tearing down capitalism. Asking billionaires to not hide their money offshore is just reasonable. They are totally different but you'll bend it any way you need to convince yourself Bernie hates capitalism
  13. Who was arguing socialism by itself was ever the answer? When talking about socialism in the context of this country it's always under the umbrella of Captialism. Just like every social program we have operates. You bring up Venezuela and talk about nets but can't/won't give GJBC a definition regarding socialism because you'd be more exposed than you have been.
  14. Hopefully this can be seen as an example of a kid with a troubled past coming out of college who gets put in a good environment and locker room and turns his life around instead of fans immediately writing people off for actions or choices they made when they were 18-22 years old. Its really sickening seeing the same holier than thou crowd dismiss people like they are some righteous beacons of goodness talking down people behind computer screens. If any locker room could turn someone around and bring them into the family we have it's ours.
  15. No I think you have it backwards. We are talking about social democracy and you bring up Venezuela.