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  1. ESPN writer Super Bowl picks are in *Surprise*

    You are bi polar 
  2. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    I really think it's because right now, Cam is unstoppable. And Cam lets everyone know it. Defensive players don't like that. The lowest common denominator of ppl don't know what to do so they say dirty poo because they know if they lined up against Cam they would lose based on talent and physicality alone. It upsets people. Especially in an ego driven sport like football.   its why you hear all these former dirty players say that poo. Because when they went up against superior talent they had to resort to dirty play to try and level the playing field. Which in turn makes them bitches. And from what I said earlier in the season, cam has exposed bitches this year more so than any other player I can remember in recent history.
  3. #1 Defense vs. # Offense Narrative

    They are just trying to hype the game. 2013 Seahawks D may have been the best ever. And their O with lynch was ground and pound much like ours except we have three guys who can do it with stew Tolbert and cam. Defense does win championships. Good thing we have a great defense too
  4. How Thomas Davis is protecting his arm

    The term warrior to describe football players is overdone IMO. But not for TD. 
  5. I really don't know what happened to dilfer. He was a HUGE cam supporter and the two texted each other and cam sent workout tapes for him to review (so dilfer says). So I dunno if something happened with their relationship or if ESPN is paying him to be contrarian, my guess is the latter.  Its really strange. YouTube Trent Dilfer Cam Newton and watch the video of Trent talking about Cam when he was a motivational speaker in Charlotte. He predicted the panthers would be in the super bowl by year 5 or 6 in Cam's career after his first season.
  6. channeling my inner jangler       
  7. Why are you wearing socks and sandals, Cam?

    Even the reporters are running out of legitimate questions.   just have snoop interview everybody, every day until the game. Problem solved. Caaaaaaaaam ohhhh caaaaaam make my children's dreams come true!!!!
  8. Mmmmmkay I found that to be hilarious. Sorry 
  9. Practice

    Don't think 30 minutes either way really matters much.
  10. When did you 'know' this team was Superbowl bound

    When we got the two point conversion in the nfcc game
  11. Cam Newton disappointed me

    All I know is that if this happened to me (it wouldn't) I wouldn't put him on blast on the largest panther fan forum in the world.  Shame on you dude
  12. Pauly Shore is awesome I don't care what you say. And an Oscar would have been more apropos.
  13. Peyton's College "Issue"