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  1. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Not really. First it said if a long term deal cannot be reached and second tagging him is like 14 mill gauaranteed. i think we may actually get a deal done give. Our cap situation, I think they actually might view him as a core player
  2. So amped. Going to a house party at my buddies in 2 hrs. Getting the smoker started, drinking and dabbing with fellow Panther fans until kickoff. Been watching games with this crew since high school.    what a year. it's a great time to be alive. 
  3. It's been magical, Huddle.

  4. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    He is "puts the lotion on its skin" level creepy.
  5. We've got some peeping toms!

    I'm sure those pictures will dissapoint you.
  6. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Where the fug have you been?
  7. Newton and Olsen Share a Strong Bond

    They are both 6'5" monsters with huge personalities.  whats crazy is next year 6'5" KB, 6'4" funchess 6'5" Olsen and 6'5" cam.    What           the                 fug. Has that ever happened? Like ever on a team? A 6'5" qb throwing to three 6'4,5" recievers? That is Monstars poo.
  8. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Cam and I'm not joking at all
  9. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    see this is the poo I was talking about.
  10. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Just checked out Denver boards and it was unbearable. "cam isn't the first to be able to run and throw look at what Mike Vick did in philly under Reid" "why is he acting like he's the first black qb DO THESE PANTHER FANS AND CAM NOT KNOW WHO DOUG WILLIAMS IS!?!?!? "cam said people don't like him because he's black, what a race baiter" "look at these gifs of Von Miller in 2012 sacking cam" " cam is not that good, I mean this is only the first year he's had a good season"   Let me break it down for you ass clowns if you're reading this 1. Nobody has seen a qb in this league who has passed for 35 tds and ran for 10 tds in a single season. This isn't a fluke, this is a guy growing, developing in a system for 4 years (you know like Peyton manning developed and grew before he really began to shine and put it together IN HIS 5TH YEAR) 2. Nobody has seen a qb with the running style of cam. He can jump over defensive lineman and linebackers for tds. He can juke dbs and run for first downs. He can stiff arm and truck linebackers. Look at the tape. He is 6"6' 260lbs and runs a 4.5 40. No qb has ever ran with that style like that ever. Mayyyyyybe elway but not even really close at all. 3. Cam can make all the throws with anticipation, finesse, speed, and precision. It had been on display this entire season. Watch the games, y'all haven't I know. The shoddy mechanics are overblown. He does throw off his back foot occasionally when lineman are in his face but to act like he does this 95% of the time is retarded and you sound retarded. I mean the dude had what 2 or 3 5 passing TD games? Stfu 4. Cam comes from a hip hop culture in college park, Atlanta Georgia. He doesn't act a certain way that other black qbs have at this stage. Either is ok, neither is wrong. And nobody has seen that personality and culture displayed on the football field in someone who is this talented and who is winning at the highest level. It scares some ppl. That's why you have Tennessee moms writing letters. That's why you have old people bitching about stupid poo. That was a microcosm of the issue some people have with Cam and what he was speaking to. 5. Cam knows his history. For christs sake Warren moon is in his corner and helped train him pre-draft with George Whitfield. 6. fug you. And get ready for dabs and smiles bitches.
  11. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Dwan looking for cuddle time.   this team is so tight knit. defense, offense, special teams. There are no differences, they are all together and friends. Reminds me back playing ball in high school with all my friends. It's rare when it happens at the professional level.
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    She is a massive bitch. This is common knowledge for Asheville folk.