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  1. It is a concern. Although hopefully bringing KB back will be huge and add some wrinkles to the offense. Lots of people don't take into account the growth of players. Funchess having a year under his belt could be huge for this upcoming year. Ginn is going to be ginn, Olsen will be Olsen. Philly showed major progress for what he was asked to do IMO. Ultimately though we go as Cam goes. And there is talent around him. If he has another stellar year, we will be in good shape. I feel like the Super Bowl was an anomaly in an otherwise amazing offensive year. I said right after the NFC championship game that Von was going to be a problem. If he had the game of his life we would lose. Unfortunately I was right. Luckily there is only one Von Miller in the league. We will see but I think we are in good shape.
  2. Yeah I was hoping to get a quick, shifty, fast WR in this draft. Kind of a gadget type of player for Cam but I'm good with what we did. Defensive end and dbs I think are the only two positions without a first round pick on this team. Even though we've drafted two seconds for those two position groups. I like our balance though and we draft to fit our philosophy and it seems to be paying dividends. We got a ton of talent on this team.
  3. NFL Top 100 Players of 2016 - Guess Our Players

    Call me crazy but star actually might make it this year.
  4. NFL Top 100 Players of 2016 - Guess Our Players

    If I had to guess Cam will be #1 or #2. Him and Von will be the top spots. luke will be top ten. Norman top 20. The others I really don't know but I'd imagine we will have 3 or 4 others besides those 3. TD will definitely make the top 100 somewhere this year especially with all the hype around the broken arm, fantastic play aside.
  5. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    This is one of the greatest videos I've ever seen
  6. Just makes me miss him more.
  7. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    Half our starting dbs will not be rooks lol. There maybe just one.
  8. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    Your member name is very fitting
  9. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    Eh you're singling out one play by a mid season couch pickup. Don't think this really changes anything the linebackers will do too much. Im not trying to downplay Josh. Losing him is a deal, but it's not as earth shattering as some people claim.
  10. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    I think we should have kept the tag for a year but I get why we pulled it. This isn't static though, because Josh is gone OTHER players, regardless of position, are going to make plays, game changing plays. We have a ton of talent on this team. You ou can't just look at Josh being gone and say well we're gonna lose 5 game changing plays this upcoming season. It doesn't work that way.
  11. DG is like fug you Josh, basically.
  12. Really wanna hear DG on this guy. This looks horrible tbh.
  13. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    This feels like the amini pick in 2012 lol