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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Dallas looks sluggish. We look lightning fast.   what a start.
  2. Who else feels like this?

    Half of my family are panther fans. We cannot sit still right now. Pacing everywhere
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    I don't know how I forgot this but I hope you have your family with you. If not thanks so much for doing this on thanksgiving and being away from your family Jeremy. I think I speak for everyone when I say it means a lot to all of us. 
  4. Panthers have a 64% chance of beating the cowboys.

    64% of the time works everytime.   sex Panther :-)
  5. Cowgirls look a like thread.

  6. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    Greg hardy looks fat
  7. Lol at him ribbing that ref.  
  8. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    Just beautiful
  9. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    Game speed is still very different than practice.   ease him in. 
  10. Week 12 Power Rankings

    Yeah. If amendola is out its gonna be a rough going for them. broncos will end their streak 
  11. Damn star is such a beast
  12. It's his rookie year and he is immensely talented. Who wouldn't want to add a first round pick for cheap?
  13. The Patriots are the worst undefeated team in the league

    Seriously he looked and screamed at refs everytime he was hit. Embarrassing