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  1. Goondal added a post in a topic unaffiliated voters running for school board   

    Should I take your lack of an answer to mean that you do not have one?
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  2. Goondal added a post in a topic unaffiliated voters running for school board   

    Why should the D and/or R   matter when voting?
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  3. Goondal added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I am not sure what the whole plan would be because I honestly do not think that there is an answer.  There are simply too many damn guns in this country so banning them is as unrealistic as deporting 11+ million people and most ideas seem more like band-aids to make us feel better rather than something that can actually work.
    I absolutely believe that in order to have a license you must go through very thorough training and a phsycological evalutaion.  You must then renew both every year or so the same way you must do to be CPR certified.  You must also prove that you possess a gun safe or other suitable way of storing said gun(s).
    That is a start, not sure where to go from there.
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  4. Goondal added a post in a topic SC Graham wants help for SC, doesn't remember denying help to NJ   

    At least he is finally for something other than boots on the ground in Syria.  That is basically his answer to every question
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  5. Goondal added a post in a topic NFL in Los Angeles   

    A good thing about StL and SD moving is that the entire NFC West will then be in the Pacific time (well, Arizona is most of the time).  StL kind of gets screwed as it currently sits with three trips out there each year.
    If you move Oakland to SA then that helps out KC as they also kind of get screwed heading to the West Coast twice each season.  It makes the West divisions better geographically.
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  6. Goondal added a post in a topic NFL in Los Angeles   

    The Chargers going with St. Louis and Oakland going to SA has been the best solutaion all along.  The Oakland/SD does not make sense because then you have to switch up teh divisions and Kroenke's idea seems so much better.  The only downside there is the NFL wants two teams there so they need to get one of the other two to go with them.
    From everything I have heard, StL and SD are doing all the work while Oak is involved in the SD thing almost as a throw in since two teams in the same stadium is the NFL's ideal situation.  Ironically though it seems that a new stadium in either StL or SD seems much more likely than in Oak.
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  7. Goondal added a post in a topic unaffiliated voters running for school board   

    I do not see the point.  Voters should be looking at the people and voting for the one that they agree with most.  If they cannot make the decision without seeing a D or R next to the name then they clearly are too ignorant on the race to make an informed decisions anyway.
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  8. Goondal added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    I happen to find my suppot of equal rights for homosexuals to be very moral while those that immorally deny those rights often base their beliefs on non-secular ideas.  Oh irony.
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  9. Goondal added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    True, at the same point though if he never does those things then they never find out about Cobalt and the Army leaves and kills everybody.
    If you are not willing to do things like that in thise world then you die.  He recognizes that and is willing to do those things, therefore to me he would be a good person to have around.
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  10. Goondal added a post in a topic Sooooo.... who do the Hornets draft?   

    Sucking awful and picking first is better than sucking somewhat and picking ninth.  I do not want the team to suck, I want them to win a championship, but if they are going to suck then I would at least like to get something for it that may help them win a championship.
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  11. Goondal added a post in a topic How About Them Heels?   

    Part of that was because GT had the ball the whole damn first half so really nobody had many touches, but yes he definitely needs to get used more
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  12. Goondal added a post in a topic How About Them Heels?   

    I keep trying to not think about that 
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  13. Goondal added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

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  14. Goondal added a post in a topic I actually want the Saints to beat the Cowboys..   

    I too think I would rather see New Orleans win, although the THanksgiving game has nothing to do with it.
    I am supremely confident that the Saints are not a threat to us.  We are three games up on them and already won a h2h match-up.  At 0-3 they would have to go 10-3 to reach the ten win mark.  They have shown absolutely nothing to convince me that they are remotely capable of that and with both Carolina and Atlanta having three wins already that still would likely not be enough to take the division anyway.  In my opnion, if we are worrying about the Saints in the standings come December, then we are not the team I think we are and will not be in contention anyway.
    Dallas on the other hand could be a threat in January with Romo and Dez.  I would love to see them crash and burn now so that some bum team comes out of the East.  Outside of Seattle and GB, I really do not see the value in Dallas winning.
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  15. Goondal added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    If health is not a concern then I would pick Star.  He makes me think of how the old Ravens had Siragusa and Adams clogging the line so Ray Lewis could run around and do whatever he wanted.  Star does that for our guys.
    We will keep both though so it does not matter  
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