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  1. Jeter/Jordan buy Marlins

    Yeah, it is too bad Jordan did not wait on the Rays situation. If they do not figure out their stadium situation soon then I suspect they will be sold and moved by the end of the decade. They have no stadium holding the new owner in town.
  2. Oh I agree, did not mean for it to sound like that was the answer to all of it.. Hopefully at that point (if it occurs) technology and society have advanced to a point where it will not be a problem.
  3. I would say probably, I know in games for other sports players were on multiple teams. Now those were individual teams and not franchise teams so who knows. It will be interesting.
  4. Well said. The most difficult part of this discussion is that both sides are correct. It really is just a crappy situation for all involved. Who knows, maybe one day technology does advance to a point where the issue does not matter, where the mother will not have to carry the child but science will be able to keep it alive.
  5. I really wish I could have Pie'd this more than once. I cannot so a quote will have to do. Excellent post.
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Hell, just have Davos be the one to bring Jaime back and pick Gendry up. It would make much more sense.
  7. This past week was huge. Tampa is basically done as far as the division is concerned and the Sox has opened up five games in the loss column on the Yankees with a chance to extend the lead (maybe put them away with a sweep) at home this weekend. StL coming to town this week. They have been playing well recently so have to make sure not to slip up there.
  8. Very difficult question and I could certainly understand people coming down on either side of that. It is similar to the "if you go go back and strangle Hitler in his crib, would you" question. I would fall on the side of no in both cases. Of course in the Hitler situation we know what he did while in your hypothetical we cannot know for sure. At the same point though killing Hitler does not solve the problem that allowed him to rise, it is tough to imagine but whatever replaced him could have been worse.
  9. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I hope that is how it goes. I have a bad feeling for whatever reason. Just cannot count Littlefinger out until he is dead and burned.
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7

    The rowing lines was one of my favorite in the entire series. Can Sam become Lord Tarly? He was Night's Watch, but then went to the Citadel, and now has left. I guess Jon became King in the North so it is possible. Would someone have to erase his vows? As well Tarley, Warden of the South would be awesome. I had assumed that Tyrion was trying to convince himself that Dany was not her father and that he had not made a mistake joining her. Had not thought about him trying to convince Varys so Varys does not turn against her. I do like that take as well.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I hated the Jaime not dying as well as he and Bronn not being captured. If they wanted him to escape then that is fine, have him flee like Tyrion suggested, I would have been totally fine with that. What they did was a total cop-out. Reminded me of the Season 1 finale of Homeland where they tried to have their cake and eat it too but in the end the delegitimized what had been a great buildup.
  12. Game of Thrones Season 7

    It was the letter from Season 1 that Cersei forced her to write to Robb saying that Ned was a traitor and to bend the knee to Joffrey.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. First week of school at a new school and new grade so it has been a busy time. I too appreciate the discussion. These types of discussions that do not become a childish name calling are very rare these days, particularly with this subject. On the subject of seven weeks being enough time (you also said two months which would be closer to nine weeks) I am not in a position to agree. I am not a woman so have never been pregnant. I have no point of reference on when someone should know and therefore how much extra time they should have. I would imagine it is different for everybody. A friend of mine recently announced her pregnancy. She said she had known for a month but they waited until after the first trimester to tell everyone. That would have put her knowledge of it right in the middle of your deadline. I also imagine your first pregnancy you figure it out later than others. Again though, as a male this is simply speculation. I am not sure that the babies learning language in the womb makes a difference in the discussion because the article says it begins in the third trimester. That is after the times that we are discussing and just as most pro-life people are willing to make exceptions for life of the mother, most pro-choice people do not advocate abortions at that stage. I definitely feel that at that point it is too late unless is the only way to save the mother. Not to start another tangent but how do we know similar things do not happen with other species? I agree that it would be great it we as a society came to a consensus on this, but I honestly do not think that it is possible. Regardless of what deadline science comes up with there will be people for whom it is either too late or not late enough.
  14. From how I understand it they will be making one team from all players in the franchise's history as opposed to having each franchise's best individual team.
  15. 50 greatest black athletes

    Golf and NASCAR are both sports