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  1. Agreed. I think the Cavs have one more year at best, the Lebron goes west. Boston seems to be building towards having a team ready to take over post-Warriors. That will leave a window of opportunity for whoever wants it.
  2. I really wanted Hart or Bradley myself so was good with the trade if it helps them out against the cap/tax or whatever. They actually took the guy I wanted in the first for once so I would have been good with just about anything at that point.
  3. The only thing I can think is the guy they wanted at 31 was gone so they decided to trade back to a spot that will count less against the cap? I dunno how that stuff works though
  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If they screw this up...
  6. The Bulls are so stupid.
  7. Minnesota got a pick too, right?
  8. I am rooting for Mitchell, unless we can pull off a trade for Isaac or Monk
  9. That show is absolutely my favorite thing I have ever seen. I definitely think it is something where you have to relate to the characters because if not then it would not be for you. Never thought anything would come along and top The Wire for me but this one pulled it off.
  10. This has honestly been my feeling all along. I want not part of a Pence White House
  11. It would be idiotic for Tampa to get a team. Not only is it not a good soccer area but they just got a team in Orlando and are putting one in Miami.
  12. I was under the impression that San Diego (along with Sacramento) was a favorite for one of the four slots. I wonder how this will effect things.
  13. They actually peeled off enough Republicans but five Democrats supported this garbage. One of them was Bill Nelson in FL. I know several people that are already trying to convince me to vote for him in '18 to keep Trump from gaining more power. Oh well
  14. Was just looking at the schedule. Beginning last Monday with the White Sox the Sox have a twenty-four day stretch with five games at Fenway and only one off day (spent on the road Monday between Baltimore and New York). The stretch includes road series with Baltimore (already 0-1), New York and Houston. Then we have an off day followed by a seventeen day stretch with a seven day home stand and then ten straight on the road, then a ASB. That is six weeks with only twelve games at Fenway and another two off. That is a bunch of road games. If my math is correct we will have played fifty road contests to only thirty-nine at home by the break. Just staying within three games until that point will have me very confident going into the second half.
  15. They are right not to trust us, but honestly, why did they still trust us after we spied on Merkel?