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  1. 1) Cloud Atlas (2012) 2) Pan's Labyrinth (2006) 3) Gladiator (2000) 4) Almost Famous (2000) 5) Cinderella Man (2005) Also Considered Memento (2000) A Beautiful Mind (2001) Master and Commander (2003) Seabiscuit (2003) Let the Right One In (2008) Inception (2010) Moneyball (2011) Interstellar (2014)
  2. 1) bleepholes that leave shopping carts in parking spaces 2) Vegans 3) People that get insulted by the idea of paying college football/basketball players 4) I basically hate anybody who takes their sensibilities and tries to apply them to another person's life by telling them what they should think/feel/do/etc.
  3. No way the Dems are dumb enough too...wait, yes they are.
  4. Holy poo, I hope everybody is okay
  5. In the case of killing, robbing, and stealing, there is a victim. You are hurting another person and violating their rights. In the case of being in the country illegally you are crossing an arbitrary line that was drawn before you were born. When looked at from that angle it aligns more with jaywalking.
  6. Living the the Tampa area I can say that the Bucs fans I know feel the same way.
  7. I know it is not BPL, but we have no UCL thread so I will say it here. Hahaha...take that Pep!
  8. Honestly it is a better story than what we have watched, even when it was good
  9. If that indeed is what they are saying then it seems FOX is having a blind squirrel moment. Not often I agree with them.
  10. How is it that high?
  11. I am not surprised by this at all by this being a bill. I am however very disappointed to see Rand Paul on there.
  12. This sounds like the plot of a horror movie. Perhaps that California TV crew was filming Blair Witch IV?
  13. While I am not sure I would be a fan of that ending, I am also not sure what type of ending for this show would be a good one. Similar to The Leftovers, I hope that the question of what actually happened is never answered. There really is no answer at this point that I feel would be satisfying. As long as Rick does not become a lumberjack though.
  14. Not a trans issue, but I remember reading an article maybe ten years ago about boys playing girl's field hockey. I forget all the details but I guess there was no field hockey team for the boys and due to Title IX they could not tell them that they could not compete. As one cold expect, the difference in physicality led to issues that angered parents. I think it was in New Hampshire or something up there.
  15. That was probably my favorite show of all time. Such a sad day. RIP