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  1. I could live to be 1,000 and would still never experience more joy from sports than the ‘04 Red Sox run from Game 4 of the ALCS to winning the WS. I could make a top 100 moments from that eleven day period alone. Even the off days felt like some surreal dream. Jamie McMurray winning the Daytona 500 in 2010 has a pretty solid lock on second place. Those two were always on another plane from the rest, but the last five year’s have been pretty good to me for individual moments... The rest of the top tier of best individual moments: 2013 - Arjen Robben’s goal in Champion’s League Final 2014 - Mario Götze’s goal in World Cup Final 2015 - American Pharoah wins Triple Crown 2017 - Luke Maye’s shot Others receiving votes Red Sox: obviously both the other two WS titles are there, but nothing could top ‘04. My best in person game for any sport was an insane back and forth Sox game in ‘05 against Tampa Bay. I was physically and emotionally exhausted afterwards Tar Heels: ‘05 was my favorite title overall because it really was my first (I was barely eleven in ‘93) and ‘09 was my favorite team, but last year was my favorite tournament run Hornets: Alonzo Mourning’s shot; ‘02 First Round Game 4 (attended) to put away the Magic Panthers: ‘03 game @Tampa (which I attended) and of course X-Clown are the top two Panther moments. I think the thing that differentiates Luke Maye from X-Clown is that one led to a championship Tar Heels football: easily Gio Bernard’s punt return against NC State Other: any of Federer’s Grand Slams but especially the ‘09 Wimbledon and last year’s Aussie
  2. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    I leaning towards laying the points with the Vikings and taking the points with Jacksonville. If I go that route then that is where my rooting interest lies.
  3. Once the Panthers have no stakes I lose all ability to care how well other teams do or do not do (unless it is the Bucs because living here when they are good is annoying). Normally I would root for the happiness of friends but I have no close friends that are fans of the Vikings, Jaguars, or Eagles fans and while I have Patriots friends, they are not what I would call long suffering. Therefore I will root for whatever I decide to lay money on.

    I wonder if the Huddle can count as our “faith based” community. We do after all get those four services a month for at least four months out of the year.
  5. This is the best I have felt about this team since the NFCCG two years ago.
  6. B- Above average and trending in the right direction
  7. I think that Saints will win the SB and yet for a brief, drunkin’ moment I actually thought we might make the next round. Oh well, I had a reason to drink and hit my Over for a nice cash. Most fun I have had with football since the NFCCG, I will take it.
  8. I'd fire Gano right now

    Gano’s miss sucked but I think Payton is much more likely to punt if the lead is only two at the end.
  9. Carolina will host NFCCG

    I will say that if given the choice I would much rather go to Philly next than Minnesota
  10. Ron Extended

    I suppose it is possible, but seems like a really silly way to do a sale, especially one of this magnitude. I would bet against it.
  11. Ron Extended

    Are you suggesting the new owner is already decided?
  12. Ron Extended

    This should have been left to new ownership in my opinion.
  13. I do not like their playoff either, but they have had that/worse throughout their history. The point remain. CFB #s are down. Pro Football #s are down. People are watching less football altogether. Players kneeling is a red herring.
  14. https://www.si.com/tech-media/2017/12/10/college-footballs-declining-ratings-2017-media-circus “CBS: 4.951 million viewers, down 10% from 5.489 million in 2016. ABC: 4.203 million, down 18% from 5.097 million. Fox: 3.625 million, up 23% from 2.951 million. NBC: 2.742, down 3% from 2.814 million. ESPN: 2.155 million, down 6% from 2.300 million. FS1: 819,000, up 4% from 743,000” Are we supposed to believe that college football ratings are down because pro football players are kneeling?
  15. I am Honestly though The Orville is the first network show I have watch in probably a decade.
  16. This could have an issue. There are also cord cutters that cannot watch certain channels so they simply will not bother. CBS for example has a garbage app so I never watch anything they show.
  17. Agreed. Those things provided immediate gains, but have not been good long term. If not for the Red Zone I think the decline would worse to be honest.
  18. The protests are a red herring. There is a small, vocal group of people for whom this is an issue but to be honest, those I know that are most upset over them still watch the sport. I know plenty that watch a lot less (myself included) or not at all and protests have nothing to do with it. In fact, I and some others saw a decline coming before the first protest ever happened. The biggest reasons for this are (in no particular order): 1) Concussions 2) More options that ever before (something that is effecting ratings for nearly everything, everywhere) 3) Rapidly shrinking attention spans (I am supposed to waste three plus hours for eleven minutes of action...why?) 4) A younger generation that is continuing to come of age that largely does not care (I see this daily and it is the biggest reason I felt this coming several years ago) Really, if you go look at baseball from forty to fifty years ago and many of the issues are very similar, with the extra added issue of concussions thrown on top.
  19. Agree? Disagree? Indifferent?

    Middle school flag football team I coach uses the same strategy. Underdogs in title game this year to team that beat us handily twice (three if you include the preseason game). We changed our strategy, got momentum, and somehow hung on. The proof is in the pudding Ron, take the ball!
  20. 1) +2 in turnovers 2) 35 minutes TOP 3) score TDs in the red zone 4) get off the field on third down 5) leave Shula at the airport
  21. Maybe we should buy you a stadium chair for your home for when you cannot make it.
  22. That and they also get six games a year against the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets. To me that is a very underrated aspect to their (and recently the Colts) long runs.
  23. No, but if we continue with the status quo it will close very soon.