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  1. 1) +2 in turnovers 2) 35 minutes TOP 3) score TDs in the red zone 4) get off the field on third down 5) leave Shula at the airport
  2. Maybe we should buy you a stadium chair for your home for when you cannot make it.
  3. That and they also get six games a year against the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets. To me that is a very underrated aspect to their (and recently the Colts) long runs.
  4. No, but if we continue with the status quo it will close very soon.
  5. Interesting to see such a big gulf between fifth and sixth.
  6. So all we need is for our defense to suddenly become the greatest unit in the history of the sport and we have a chance? Well...at least we know what we need to do.
  7. I do not even feel good enough about this game to bet us to cover, let alone win. The one thing that gives me hope is that before the Chicago and New York games my thought process was “I see no reason for this game to even be close, which is why I am worried.” I am using those examples to convince myself that, “I see not reason for this game to even be close, which is why we have a chance.” No idea if it works out that way, but I will take confidence anywhere I can get it.
  8. London 2018?

    I really hope that I am wrong, but if I were betting I would say it is our Seahawks home game. -Rams, Raiders, Chargers have to give up a home game to play overseas -six teams (Panthers, Seahawks, Packers, Eagles, Titans, Texas) have not gone, NFL wants them there -Jags give up a home game every year -Packers will not be giving up a home game and my money is that Seahawks will not either -Raiders host Chargers (division), Rams, and Seahawks -Rams host Seahawks (division), Chargers (already going overseas for home game), Eagles, and Packers -Chargers host Raiders (division) and Titans -Jaguars host Titans (division), Texans (division), and Eagles The three AFC South teams all play the Eagles and Titans are @ Chargers. That is it. Assuming they want to avoid division games it makes sense to have: Eagles @ Jags OR Texans @ Eagles Titans @ Chargers With the Eagles out the following now also makes sense: Packers @ Rams Seahawks @ Panthers The Raiders have already played twice in Mexico City so they can give up their home game to return against a random team. A fifth London games can be played where either Texans or Jags (whichever is not playing the Eagles) play some random team. We also are in the middle of an ownership change so giving up a home game (which nobody wants except Jax) could easily be a stipulation for buying the same way MLB forced the current Astros owner to not fight a move to the AL when he bought the team and what the NFL does with teams getting a SB and relocating.
  9. The list of players in sports where I want not part of them simply because of the type of person they seem to be is very small. Talib may not be as high on that list as Adrian Peterson, but he is on it.
  10. QB Coach Available

    No There were a few good moments but this team looked far too inept far too often for me to feel good about them. What is more, this season does not leave me excited for the next. I felt better about the 7-8-1 team than I do right now. That team felt like they were trending up. This team does not feel like they are trending anywhere, nor do I get the sense they care to. They are just existing, and it feels as if they are okay with that.
  11. Why Conservatives Suck

    That film was fantastic. Del Toro is great. Pan’s Labryinth is probably in my Top Five
  12. Panthers 30/1 odds to win the Superbowl

    Rams odds are intriguing.
  13. Only chance I see is if we pull a Celtic Pride and kidnap Drew Brees.
  14. Whichever team(s) I happen to bet on that day. Outside of that I could not care less. Pretty agnostic about them.
  15. In the history of my sports fandom I have never had less confidence in a team of mine winning a postseason game. This franchise has sucked all joy out of watching them the last two seasons, even when they win eleven games. They are worse than bad, they are boring.
  16. Where's Dex thread at?

    Rocks for sure. =)
  17. I know that I will suffer through it anyway, but right now I cannot think of a reason to watch next week.
  18. ...and Ron has surrendered. I should already be drunk at a party by now
  19. FG kickers seem to have an incredible percentage against us
  20. Most emotion ever from Ron I think.
  21. Agreed. At the same time I wonder why Atlanta keeps running so much. It is as if the OCs are unsure which teams they are coaching
  22. I was so sure he was going to get a flag on that
  23. Luckily we will not have to play him, unless it is in the CCG
  24. Bills right now would be in the playoffs which means we will have played 8 games against playoff teams. That has to be close to the most among play teams