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  1. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Saw Price was out taking responsibility for his actions and attitude last season. This could be all talk but it I definitely good to see. If he can see a Lackey-esque revival then it could go a long way to improving our chances of three-peating in the division and competing in the playoffs.
  2. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    The top nine are correct, although maybe not in the right order. I would have us 10 or 11 along with KC, could see arguments either way. Seattle and Houston should be behind us.
  3. UEFA Champions League

    Who is PSG gong to buy after this?
  4. UEFA Champions League

    I saw both Juve and City were up 2 early. Seems it was not enough for the reigning runners-up. Now they have to win or head home early.
  5. Big cats and karma

    I do not root for the death of people under any circumstances. That being said I can choose not to be upset. If the choice comes down to a lion or a douchebag that wants the lion as a trophy, then this had the proper ending.
  6. Sobering Reality

    Wow, so twenty-eighth and that is with Kemba. smh
  7. Sobering Reality

    Outside of Kemba, there cannot be a worse franchise the last fifteen years I wonder what the winning % is of all sports teams since the Bobcats began.
  8. Cloverfield Series

    That experience was basically the exact opposite for me than In Bruges. That preview was horrible and I wanted nothing to do with the film. I finally saw it a few years later and it is the last time I remember laughing throughout a film (I am not a big comedy person, a great film with comedy sprinkled in)
  9. That was a really fun games last night. I feel like Duke has done a lot better in the first match-up of the season lately while the Heels have to look to even the series. It is nice to be up this time around. I think that you could definitely tell that Duke’s squad was filled with Freshmen unaccustomed to a big time rivalry road game. Will be interesting to see how much they improve next time around with that experience and being at home.
  10. Cloverfield Series

    Possibly. I do remember looking forward to it because the preview was really good, one of the better ones I have seen. Made you want to see it without giving anything away.
  11. Cloverfield Series

    I saw it in theaters so assume it was around when it came out, would have made me 26. That is the great thing about movies though, they all have their audience. My favorite (Cloud Atlas) is loathed by probably one-third of those that have seen it.
  12. Cloverfield Series

    ha, it is in my bottom three. It did have a great trailer though.
  13. Offseason...

    So more than 25? I was going by the numbers in the post I quoted.
  14. Offseason...

    Could they not just give Dwight’s money to Kemba and Lamb?
  15. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Evidently J.D. Martinez is now “fed up” with the Sox and might “prefer to play elsewhere.” My question is, who is stopping you? The Sox have no control over him. He can go negotiate with any club if the Sox $100 million offer is not enough. It is not the Sox problem that nobody will offer more. If he wants a better offer then get one from another team to use as leverage. Otherwise the Sox have no incentive to raise their offer. I am normally pro player but the way this FA class is acting is really annoying. I am all on board with no making any signing, betting on pitching, and attacking next year’s loaded market.
  16. Car Question

    I know little to nothing about cars, to me they are transportation. I have had my current one for fourteen years now with no issues so I really have no experience with issues from which to pull from either. Last Monday my car would not start. I was able to jump it and the then had no problem the rest of the week. This morning it would not start again. I never drive my car on the weekends. The battery is just under a year old so I would not think it was that. Last Monday I took it by where I has it installed, they tested it and said they results were good. So it is possible that the battery is just really weak and cannot hold a charge after sitting a few days and that it only seemed okay last Monday because it was just jumped that morning? Or is it likely that this is something else that needs to be fixed? I just do not want to spend the money to take it in just to find out it only needs a new battery.
  17. Car Question

    Sounds good. I have a training tomorrow right next door to an Autozone. Will just get it checked afterwards just in case. If that is good then I will just keep an eye on it to see if the battery is struggling.
  18. Car Question

    Sounds like a plan. Will they check the alternator for free like the battery?
  19. He either knows something about Belichick or he knows something about Luck
  20. Car Question

    This came to mind as well. It would seem to me though that if the alternator was not charging the battery that the battery would not have been fine last Monday and then all week but then die again over the weekend. Obviously the battery is being charged, for whatever reason it is not holding it over long periods sitting. Like I said though, I know so little about cars that this logic could easily be faulty.
  21. Car Question

    I do have chargers plugged into the lighter. I have done that for years. Is it normal for it to just start happening like that? If so, would getting a car charge adapter fix the problem?
  22. Car Question

    '04 Ford Focus
  23. Car Question

    Thanks guys. I took it back to Sam’s (where I got the battery). This time I just removed it and took it up as opposed to jumping it. When they checked this time it was dead. Since I only had it eight months they replaced it. Cost me under two bucks for the new one and the car started so hopefully the problem is solved! Again, thanks for the input.
  24. Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe we should let fourth and fifth graders eat whatever they want as well, regardless of how it effects their future health.
  25. Hornets May Move Monk

    I do not think it will happen, but if they trade Monk then I am done being a fan of a team. Seriously, between Bayern, Tar Heels and Panthers I have enough to get me through the baseball offseason, I do not need this crap. I can just bet on games and watch interesting match-ups.