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  1. Gettleman/Fox v. Hurney/Rivera would certainly give us the opportunity to answer some debates around here. I do not see it though.
  2. I have never heard that name in my life, but I like the way she thinks.
  3. I am perfectly okay with this. Not only do I not see him as a threat, but unlike the norm where they never give the guy more than two years, they will keep this one for awhile which means I do not have to view the as a threat for some time.
  4. Playoff Schedule

    The one time I do not think we will play will be Saturday 4pm. That is the worst time slot and usually the worst match-up. The AFC match-ups will be less enticing this year so I am speculating NFC will have the late game. After that it depends on what the better match-up is and where the games are. I do know the Rams game will not be Sunday 1pm.
  5. Hurney vs DG

    ‘03 Smitty certainly was not ‘05 Smitty but he and others that were already here were incredibly important parts of our SB run. My point is that both GMs inherited valuable pieces that were a major part of a SB run. Both GMs also made valuable additions that were a major part of a SB run. Neither team makes the SB w/o both the inherited pieces and neither does it with the new ones.For someone to try and discredit one GM with that information and ignore it in the case of another is dishonest.
  6. Hurney vs DG

    I am sorry, I still do not buy it. By just removing Smitty from the franchise there is a good chance Hurney never makes a CCG, let alone a SB (the ‘05 team definitely does not). That does not mention the three defensive players. Yes, Hurney made important additions, so did Gettleman. Giving Hurney credit for his success and for Gettleman’s as well is akin to Bucs fans back in the day with their stupid “Gruden took two teams to the SB” argument.
  7. Hurney vs DG

    This is the thing that always gets me. I always hear the argument that DG cannot get the credit for his run because it would not have happened w/o Cam and Luke. Yet these same people never mention that Hurley does not have the success he did without Smitty, Morgan, Rucker, and Jenkins
  8. Play them like normal. If come the third quarter the Saints game is out of hand you can start resting guys.
  9. January 2017 Transfer Season

    How much longer Are they keeping Navas you think?
  10. I think he meant organized activity. A lot of kids swim too but most are not on a swim team.
  11. If I owned a team I spend an absurd amount of money on coaches. The salary cap prevents me from outspending on players so I am going to get the best coach at every position possible. My OC and DC would make as much, if not more than HC around the league. This would not only attract the best offfensive and defensive minds I could find, but hopefully keep them awhile a little while longer. For HC I would want someone who’s skills lie in managing personnel, handing the press, etc. as well as someone that would use numbers and percentages in making in game decisions such as when to go for it and going for two. He would almost completely stay out of the OC and DC and what they are doing. It would require some ego checks for sure as you would need a HC that is okay not being the all powerful dictator and also coordinators that are okay not having the HC tag. That is not everybody for sure, but there are people out there where it would work for the right money. My position coaches would also be top of the pay scale and I would treat the GM and the scouting department the same way. You cannot control someone looking for new challenges or a new place to live, but I would never lose a coach or front office person over money.
  12. Wins per season: 2011 - 6 2012 - 7 2013 - 12 2014 - 7 2105 - 15 2016 - 6 2017 - 11-12 You can argue how successful he has been, but one thing it is not is consistent.
  13. I hate half the distance penalties. Personally I think they should be treated like a PI in the endzone. Mark off all the yardage and if it gets you to the endzone the ball goes on the one, first and goal.
  14. I mean it is biggest sports story, not biggest game. I am not certain the kneeling would be my top choice, but it is certainly higher than that. I am not certain the SB, or any game for that matter would even be in my top ten.
  15. Umm, that link says it averaged 276,000 viewers and topped out at 406,000. The first round of the playoffs alone averaged 3.1 million.
  16. I know. I was hoping for an entertaining response.
  17. If Cam were in Dallas and Dak was here we would be playing for a draft pick again this Sunday.
  18. I am curious, where are you getting your combine and NBA playoff numbers?
  19. As much as I love baseball and wish this were true, it is not. NBA and Soccer are the two rising sports.