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  1. How about those RED SOX!

    Craig was inside the baseline. If Middlebrooks was laying on the baseline then it would be different.
  2. How about those RED SOX!

    He zone was awful and that ending was an abomination. Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have seen in any sport...ever.
  3. How about those RED SOX!

    I want Iglesias back.
  4. How about those RED SOX!

    8 down, 3 to go!!! Go Lackey tomorrow!
  5. How about those RED SOX!

    I think it goes 6. I am on the fence as to which team wins. When the playoffs began I felt the two teams that could beat us were St. Louis and Oakland and I think the series is one incredible match-up. -We do not have the DH advantage AL teams normally enjoy with Craig coming back. -We have the pen advantage as long as you only go three deep. After that it swings their way. -They have the best pitcher in the series with Waino, but I think Lester can beat him at least once due to the Cards weaknesses against lefties. -I do not trust Peavy at all and Clay does not have much stamina at this point. That being said, Shelby Miller hit a wall weeks ago and the rest of their rotation after the top 2 do not scare no I think who wins the series comes down to Lackey v. Wacha. If either wins both of their starts then that team wins the WS. If they split then it goes seven and with Clay v. Kelly on the mound and all hands on deck it is a total crapshoot. I may think differently if I had money on it, but since I do not I am going to say Lackey completes his redemption tour by out pitching Wacha and winning MVP. Sox in 6.
  6. How about those RED SOX!

    Hell yes, way to go Shane!!! 7 down, 4 to go!!!
  7. How about those RED SOX!

    We crap. Dammit Morales. Should have brought in Breslow, I do not care what inning it was.
  8. How about those RED SOX!

    Well, this is what I was afriad of. Clay was great through five but simply does not have the stamina, allowing the first two to reach in the sixth. Bullpen must now come through to preserve the slim 1-0 lead. Come on Sox!
  9. How about those RED SOX!

    Almost game time. Here is hoping Clay fares better than Clayton did in his own Game Six.
  10. How about those RED SOX!

    I have felt confident about this team the whole series. Game Six makes me a little nervous though. Buchholz has not shown the stamina since returning that we need to see on Saturday. If he performs we will be fine.
  11. How about those RED SOX!

    I know, I love watching him pitch. We have had so many RP in the past that cannot throw strikes, it has been surreal at times. Having a closer who makes the hitter earn everything he gets is so much fun. Best WHIP in history!
  12. How about those RED SOX!

    Great game tonight. Just as we had our chances in Game 4, Detroit had theirs in Game 5. The staff and defense came through when needed. Two games at the Fens, but they have the game's second best 1-2 punch. Just need one of them. Go Sox!!! 6 down, 5 to go!
  13. How about those RED SOX!

    5 down, 6 to go!
  14. How about those RED SOX!

    Because the NL game is also on tonight and having them at different times will maximize viewership. Tomorrow the times are reversed. We had the late game last Saturday and the early on this Saturday (should those games be necessary). So both teams have one early and one late game during the week and on Saturday.
  15. How about those RED SOX!

    Game 3 is huge at this point for Detroit. They have to win with Verlander on the mound or they are in danger of going back to Boston down 3-2. At that point I would have to like our chances. The Dodgers better do something or the Cards are looking at a nice little break because I think we could be in for a long one.
  16. How about those RED SOX!

    Well, it was pretty ugly last night, not sure what happened to the bats. Tonight will be only the eleventh game in twenty-one days, I wonder how much of it is rust. Whatever it is, we better fix it quick or once this series leaves Boston it may not come back. Cannot afford to waste another one run performance from Detroit.
  17. How about those RED SOX!

    Looking forward to tonight. I must say, I prefer Detroit to Oakland, hope I am right!
  18. How about those RED SOX!

    Sure was. 3 down, 8 to go!
  19. How about those RED SOX!

    Was unable to get on the past few days so missed the update... 2 down, 9 to go Hoping to update again really soon
  20. How about those RED SOX!

    One down, Ten to go
  21. How about those RED SOX!

    Work has caused me to miss most of this game. I love the Mountain Time zone but it does not mesh well with the LDS. Even so, made it to Chili's for an extended lunch break and went at the right time as I saw the fourth inning. Now keeping track on the computer. Unusual to see the Rays make those types of mistakes but great to take advantage. That hustle on the INF 1B by Drew was big.
  22. How about those RED SOX!

    So it is Tampa. I must admit, I am not excited about that.
  23. How great would it have been had he taken that to the house?
  24. They let their backup throw. We should have done the same, hehe