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  1. I am curious, where are you getting your combine and NBA playoff numbers?
  2. As much as I love baseball and wish this were true, it is not. NBA and Soccer are the two rising sports.
  3. I would much rather face the Rams. First, they have a second year QB that has never played in the postseason, who knows how he reacts. Second, I know what happens when we play New Orleans. It is just a bad match-up for us. I would rather avoid them if we could.
  4. Hopefully Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland are early in the season. Would like to avoid a weather game.
  5. What’s your favorite drinks

    Whiskey (Jack or Jameson) on the rocks Tuaca Tucher Hefeweizen Dechutes Obsidian Stout Nitro and Mirror Pond Pale Ale
  6. What teams are most likely if we end up in London? I know Philadelphia and Green Bay have not been either so the Eagles could happen. I figure teams that have not been would be possible match-ups.
  7. Stoked to see the Lions on there again. I really wanted to go this year but with a new job and buying a place the time and money was just not there.
  8. So that NBC Gold thing must really be a pain in the arse for you guys huh? I do not watch a ton of EPL but have always looked forward to placing some bets and watching some games on Boxing Day. Only allowed to watch one game and it is bleepin United.
  9. We want the Monk, Gotta have that Monk

    Yeah, this takes away any reason to watch for me. They should honestly play Monk and Bacon as much as possible. Sure the are not ready, but they will learn faster and their growing pains will result in a better draft pick.
  10. Unless the Bucs and SF beat the Saints and Rams it is highly unlikely that we will play either so I honestly do not care. If we get the three seed then I suppose I would rather play Seattle because they do not have Julio but I think we beat either at home.
  11. panthers falcons game flexed

    I am a Panthers fan. The Panthers are not the reason the game was flexed. We were flexed because the Falcons and the Seahawks are fighting for the sixth playoffs spot and they wanted them at the same time and they were not going to flex the Seahawks to our time because it would be 10am. The Saints were flexed because if they were at one and beat the Bucs we would have nothing to play for and could rest starters, which would be an unfair advantage for Atlanta compared to Seattle. The NFL does this every year. Week 17 flex decisions are based on playoff scenarios, not who is better. Had Atlanta beaten NO then we would have been the night game because it would have been for the division and no other game would have an impact and they like to have those type of games in the night game if they can help it. The best thing to do would be to copy MLB who the last few years has had every game the last day of the season start at 3pm, but the NFL cares too much about their TV deals for that.
  12. I certainly will not be betting on it. Hopefully Jimmy G beats the Rams and they become the four seed
  13. panthers falcons game flexed

    Once the Saints/TB game gets out of hand we probably will.
  14. panthers falcons game flexed

    We are not the reason it is flexed.
  15. panthers falcons game flexed

    We knew this would happen the second Seattle won. Atl/Sea are playing for the same spot and therefore at the same time. NO also gets switched because us knowing the Saints result could potentially impact the Seahawks chances because they need us to play to win.
  16. I mean our history suggests we will be 7-9 or something but there is so much more unknown right now than a team typically has so this is almost impossible to predict.
  17. We also play like poo against the Saints, that is the problem. If the Rams lose next week so we get someone else then I could very much see a run in us. I have close to zero confident against the Saints. Football is about matchups and it is just a terrible matchup for us.
  18. Game ball, who gets it?!!!!

    Byrd, Peppers, or maybe Gano? There was not a lot of positives. Bucs just suck a lot more than us.
  19. When will people learn to never underestimate Rivera and Shula’s ability to make a game that should be a blowout tough.
  20. Would prefer if the new owner was given the opportunity to decide this.
  21. Right or wrong, it will not be the first time. If wrong, will be glad to say I was. If right I will only be happy if Bayern is the eventually champion because I am no fan of those I am picking either.
  22. Yes we shall. I watched for three years as Pep took over a treble winner and destroyed the Bundesliga but burned the squad out by the UCL semi-finals every season. My money remains on Barca and the PSG/Real winner until I am proven wrong.
  23. Fuggin bears game, Amiright?

    You could argue that. I would argue that if we beat an inferior team where the QB completed four passes then our destiny would be in our hands.
  24. If we win this Sunday

    Games will be at the same time. We will play everybody but once things inevitably get out of hand in Tampa we will start benching people.