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  1. Goondal

    Playoff Thread

    That was the most J.R. Smith thing ever
  2. I have been pscaterian for over a year now and love it. Never giving up the booze though.
  3. Goondal

    Theo Pinson

    I love Theo, but he needs a better shot
  4. Goondal

    Gun laws I’d like to see

    Absolutely. I am 100% in favor of responsible gun ownership, but if your gun is used in the commission of a crime then you are not a responsible gun owner.
  5. Goondal

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    I teach. Two co-workers live in a trailer park.
  6. Goondal

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    Agreed. This could change but right now I am between him, Knox, and Bridges (the one from Nova)
  7. Goondal

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    I mean, okay. Which part do you disagree with and what specifically are you basing this on?
  8. Goondal

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Ding mother bleepin dong
  9. Goondal

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Neither party by and large actually cares about education. The small minority that do are mostly incapable of solving the problems because they do not understand them.
  10. I would just stop watching. I am not a football fan, I am a Panther fan. Football itself may not be in my five favorite sports. I usually watch the Rose Bowl but outside of that I basically never watch a football game that is not Panthers or UNC
  11. Goondal

    How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Yeah, at this point Price is an average #4 or a good #5, simply because he can eat innings. The lineup is terrifying though. I really wish Swihart would get more opportunities and they would just dump Leon already. They should have traded him two years ago when he had value. Give the kid a shot! I still believe the Houston will prove to be the best team in baseball but it sure does seem right to see the Sox face the Yanks as the top two teams in baseball.
  12. I will believe it when we win our ninth game.
  13. I really know very little about the Cowboys outside of Elliott, but I would do the trade for him.
  14. If only he had the power to do something about it.
  15. I feel like there should have been a third pick coming our way in this
  16. You sound like my type of sports fan
  17. Goondal

    2018 Carolina Panthers Schedule

    I wanted so bad to go to the Detroit (MI is one of only five states I have never visited) game this year but could not swing it. Figured I would have to wait six years. Then we both finished second giving me another chance. Tonight I find the game is schedule the Sunday before Thanksgiving, which is perfect for a teacher, I will not even have to miss work!
  18. Goondal

    Kawhi Leonard

    He is going to Philly
  19. Goondal

    The Walking Dead season 8

    My podcast guys have decided that they are done with the show so I guess you guys are my only way to keep up with what is going on. Sounds like it was a letdown as always though.
  20. Goondal

    Playoff Thread

    My only difference is having the Jazz over OKC
  21. Goondal

    UEFA Champions League

    Real again? Good grief
  22. Goondal

    UEFA Champions League

    City was always going to disappoint in the knockout round. But hey, they won a bunch of league games in a row. What the hell happened in Rome though? I had a training so missed the matches.
  23. Goondal

    How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Things are definitely going about as good as can be expected so far. Sox previous record was three games to start the season with 1ER or less from the rotation. They went seven games this year before the streak broke today. Xander has been amazing so far and it seems Hanley wants to earn that PA bonus. I actually got to go to the first three games this year. Sadly saw the Kelly blowup but the way I see it we got that one back on Thursday