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  1. So wait, is the one a few games back that came off of CMC's hands the only interception since the trade? That is awesome. Plus our CBs are finally getting picks. I like those trends.
  2. Pretty sure that is Math =) Also, I believe that in regard to winning % a tie is considered 0.5 wins and 0.5 losses.
  3. Correct. Additionally, it is not the first time in franchise history the team has been over .500 as we began our existence at 7-9, 12-4, 7-9 before falling to 4-12. So we were above .500 from some point in '96 until some point in '98.
  4. I get everything that you are saying. Like I said, it is not that I think the Rams would be easy, it is that I know for a fact that the Saints are an awful match-up for us. We have seen it twice.
  5. You could very well be right. The difference is that with the Rams they may be a bad match-up for us, with the Saints we have the evidence to prove it. Also, who knows how a young second year QB responds in his first playoff game. There is no such unknown with Brees.
  6. I would much rather play the Rams than the Saints. I do not know how good we actually are. I do not know how good the Rams actually are. I do not know how good the Saints actually are. I am completely convinced however that the Saints are a terrible match-up for us.
  7. Bundesliga 2017/18

    DFB Pokal Round of 16 Results December 19Mainz 05 3:1 VfB Stuttgart1. FC Nürnburg (II) 0:2 (a.e.t.) VfB Wolfsburg SC Paderborn (III) 1:0 FC Ingolstadt (II)Schalke 04 1:0 1. FC Köln December 20 Borussia Monchengladbach 0:1 Bayer LeverkusenBayern München 2:1 Borussia Dortmund1. FC Heidenheim (II) 1:2 (a.e.t.) Eintracht FrankfurtWerder Bremen 3:2 SC Freiburg Third division Paderborn (granted they are atop 3.Liga) is the lone remaining team not from the top level.
  8. Bundesliga 2017/18

    FC Bayern Münich 12-2-2 36:11 +25 38FC Schalke 04 8-5-3 26:19 +7 29 RB Leipzig 8-4-4 25:22 +3 28Borussia Monchengladbach 8-4-5 27:28 -1 28Bayer 04 Leverkusen 7-6-3 30:19 +11 271899 Hoffenheim 7-5-4 26:20 +6 26 Borussia Dortmund 7-4-5 37:23 +14 25 Eintracht Frankfurt 7-4-5 18:16 +2 25FC Augsburg 6-5-5 24:20 +4 23 Hannover 96 6-4-6 20:22 -2 22 Hertha Berlin 5-6-5 23:23 EV 21 VfL Wolfsburg 3-10-3 21:20 +1 19SC Freiburg 4-6-6 14:28 -14 18 VfB Stuttgart 5-2-9 13:20 -7 17 1. FSV Mainz 05 4-4-8 17:26 16 Hamburger SV 4-3-10 15:25 -10 15 Werder Bremen 3-5-8 11:18 -7 14 1. FC Köln 0-3-13 9:32 -23 3
  9. Moving the Team

    The fact that JR is selling the team now instead of the sale after he dies substantially decreases the chance that this will happen as I think he will want to make sure the team stays here. I definitely makes business sense to keep the team here but that may not matter in the scenario where a potential owner from another market sees the opportunity to get an NFL team there and bids with the intention of moving the team. It happened in the NBA with Seattle and is on the verge of happening in MLS with Columbus. For a person in that situation this really is the perfect scenario because of the lack of a long lease on the stadium. I do not foresee this being the final outcome and as I said, the odds are even better in our favor now than if JR had dies, but to say it is not a possibility is incorrect.
  10. With both the Chicago and New York games I went in saying "there is absolutely nothing about this game that has me worried, which is why I am worried." This falls into that category. This is the exact type of game that Rivera screws up. That being said, we still win. Panthers 31:17 Bucs
  11. I am fine with this. What bothers me is he had to win an appeal to bring it down to Gronk’s suspension, which was worse.
  12. Week 17 Flex

    Unless Seattle or Atlanta are eliminated from the playoffs then the game will be flexed so that those two are playing at the same time. They always try to make teams playing for the same thing play at the same time. They will probably also flex the Saints game if that is the case. If the Saints win the division at 1pm then we would have nothing to play for which would help Atlanta and hurt Seattle, something else they do not want to have. Sucks because I wanted to be somewhere by 7 but also want to watch the game. Uggh.
  13. London 2018?

    I would definitely be down if I can pull it off financially (the flight will be the tough part) and with the time off work. Would probably go out on Wed or Thur so I could see the sights. Could stay in a hostel to keep costs down. When they announce the teams do they also announce dates?
  14. Yes, it is sad. It would be one thing if they were getting good deals. They did not get enough for Ozuna but at least they got something. Basically gave Stanton and Gordon away.
  15. Yeah, they got a good deal there. They have Jeter as the face and he gets blamed for everything.
  16. I would be done with football entirely. That being said, I do not think that they are going to move. It is silly to think that they cannot though. All it takes is for person that buys the team to be doing so because they want to move them, similar to what happened to the Supersonics. I do think that our odds are substantially improved with JR selling while still alive as I imagine he will do all he can to make sure they go to an owner that will keep them here.
  17. That is true but celebrities/athletes could easily go the Jeter route.
  18. Jerry Richardson - Tenderbox Edition

    I do not feel like reading the entire other thread. Do we know what the accusations are?
  19. Vikings

    I watch four of those, although GoT and Vikings are the only ones currently in my top 5. I use to watch Walking Dead but gave up a year ago or so. Shameless, The Man in the High Castle, Vikings, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul are my top five. I actually prefer Westworld, Big Little Lies, and True Detective to several of those but the first to only have one season and the third one is going so long between seasons two and three that it is hard to put them on an active list.
  20. UEFA Champions League

    I am more than satisfied with this draw for Bayern. I guess getting Besiktas is a way to make up for drawing Real in the QF last year.
  21. For the sake of argument

    For now. If they beat us in their place though they will have it on Division record I believe since they have a win over the Saints.
  22. For the sake of argument

    We will still be in the WC but will be tied with Atlanta 6/7 regardless of what else happens. We certainly cold use help from Jacksonville against Seattle to force a three way tie and giving us one other team to fight with. Also would prefer GB and to a lesser extent Detroit to lose. If either win then they will be within one game of us. We have the tiebreaker over Detroit but in GB case they could beat us next week to force a tie and they would have the h2h.