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  1. How About Them Heels?

    Notre Dame takes a one point lead with 30 seconds left.  Stanford goes down and kicks a FG to win it!!! UNC beats Clemson USC beats Stanford At that point we should be the fourth team (only really Ohio State would be a threat). Still a major long shot but all the pieces have fallen right so far so just win one more and Fight On Trojans!!!
  2. We need to dissolve the ACC

    We should dissolve the SEC.  Florida nearly lost to a Sun Belt team (FAU) as well as a bad Vandy team that had seven yards passing late in the game.  They also struggled with South Carolina and beat a mediocre Tennessee team because their coach does not understand when to go for two points.  Let us not forget struggling with a below average Kentucky team that just lost to a middle of the road ACC school.  Despite all of this they are one win away from being crowned SEC champs.  Send Alabama to the Big XII and the rest of the teams to the shitter.
  3. How About Them Heels?

    I doubt it matters but I want Oklahoma State to win.  They are only eleventh and have no conference title game so maybe an impressive win over Clemson would be enough, doubt it though. Definitely want FSU to win.  They are out already, this would knock Florida out 
  4. How About Them Heels?

    Certainly did not like seeing Ohio State win as impressively as they did.  They have no business in the playoffs but that does not mean the committee will not put them in. The big key is Stanford needs to beat Notre Dame this week and then lose to the UCLA/USC winner.  At that point, beat Clemson and we are one of four conference winners with and argument because the Pac-12 would be out, as would ND.  So it would be UNC v. Ohio State.
  5. How About Them Heels?

    35-7 has a new meaning =)
  6. How About Them Heels?

    On pace for 140 points and just over 1,200 yards!!!
  7. How About Them Heels?

    If this team beats Clemson they need to be in the playoff.
  8. Saints game flexed

    Week 17 schedule makes it difficult to find a winner take all.  Giants-Philly, Wsh-Dallas, Indy-Tenn, Hou-Jax.  If either division is up for grabs then both games will likely matter so the NFL will want them on at the same time. NFC West and South will be decided as well as AFC East and West and likely North (even if Pitt and Cincy are fighting it out, they do not play each other either).  The only real chance for one is Minnesota-Green Bay. Should that division be decided too then an undefeated Carolina or New England would be the best option.  Of course if the Bucs are in the playoff hunt our game will be the same time as whoever they are battling.  New England's opponent (Miami) poses no such threat.
  9. Adding insult to injury

    I did nothing to make their day worse, it is not nice to pick on the retarded kid.
  10. Who to pull for Sunday

    I want 16-0 Now if we are 14-1 with everything locked up and Seattle needs us to beat Tampa to make the playoffs I cannot say I loss would upset me, although I would still start everybody and maybe play it like the third preseason game.  
  11. Who to pull for Sunday

    I think I may rather have the Bucs or Falcons than Minnesota in the playoffs.  I think that they are more built to win in the playoffs than the other two are, namely because of Peterson.  Atlanta is not built for the playoffs at all and a rookie is not getting to the NFCCG. I agree though on Seattle.  If I had to pick another game to care about I would root against them.  They are a shell of their former self, but they still know how to get it done in January. The most important one to me though is absolutely Arizona losing.
  12. How About Them Heels?

    If he is intersted then they would be crazy not to hire him.  A former SEC HC that just did what he did in one season at UNC?  Cannot imagine a mid-major finading a better option, particularly with all the high profile jobs already out there and more (LSU?  Georgia?) possibily to come.  They will be a third tier job this winter and need to make a good hire if they hope to get in on the inevitable Big XII expansion.
  13. Who to pull for Sunday

    I want Arizona and Minnesota to lose Both have an AFC loss so would have the tiebreaker over us on conference record.  One more loss by Minnesota though puts the first round bye in the same "something totally catostrophic would have to happen" category as clinching the playoffs and the division. I could not care less about the rest of the league.
  14. How About Them Heels?

    dammit, I hate Central Florida
  15. Saints game flexed

    Slightly  off topic.  Week 16 there is no late game on CBS.  Is there a reason for that?  I am not sure how the rules work for cross channel flexing but could that be an option? Week 13 flexed to 4 Week 14 flexed to 8 Week 15 Bucs (my local market) are on Thursday so our Giants game will likely be the 1pm game Week 16 flexed to 4 on CBS (if possible) Week 17 play the Bucs, will be on local In that dream scenario I would not have to go spend absurd money at the bar the rest of the way!