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  1. Goondal added a post in a topic How About Them Heels?   

    I keep trying to not think about that 
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  2. Goondal added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

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  3. Goondal added a post in a topic I actually want the Saints to beat the Cowboys..   

    I too think I would rather see New Orleans win, although the THanksgiving game has nothing to do with it.
    I am supremely confident that the Saints are not a threat to us.  We are three games up on them and already won a h2h match-up.  At 0-3 they would have to go 10-3 to reach the ten win mark.  They have shown absolutely nothing to convince me that they are remotely capable of that and with both Carolina and Atlanta having three wins already that still would likely not be enough to take the division anyway.  In my opnion, if we are worrying about the Saints in the standings come December, then we are not the team I think we are and will not be in contention anyway.
    Dallas on the other hand could be a threat in January with Romo and Dez.  I would love to see them crash and burn now so that some bum team comes out of the East.  Outside of Seattle and GB, I really do not see the value in Dallas winning.
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  4. Goondal added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    If health is not a concern then I would pick Star.  He makes me think of how the old Ravens had Siragusa and Adams clogging the line so Ray Lewis could run around and do whatever he wanted.  Star does that for our guys.
    We will keep both though so it does not matter  
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  5. Goondal added a post in a topic How About Them Heels?   

    I flippin' loved that game.  The most fun I have had watching a UNC game since beating Notre Dame several years back.  First time winning in Atlanta since '97.  We never seemed to beat Tech but just did it two years in a row.  Next three weeks are very winnable, which would make November very interesting.
    With as bad as most of the Coastal looks that UNC/Duke game could be huge!!!
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  6. Goondal added a post in a topic Hey hey hey   

    Congratulations man.  Do not stay away too long though 
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  7. Goondal added a post in a topic KB and Kuechly and the heights of player worship in the NFL.   

    I agree with the OP, but then again I thought this was pretty common knowledge 
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  8. Goondal added a post in a topic Expectations for this season?   

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  9. Goondal added a post in a topic How a Republican redictricting scheme works   

    To be honest, her current district is pretty damn ridiculous looking.  I do not know who drew that thing and thought it made sense.  
    That being said, redrawing the map with the goal of getting this person or that person out is just wrong.  There needs to be some non-partisan way of doing this but we all know that nobody wants that.
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  10. Goondal added a post in a topic Anybody going to Tampa Game   

    Going with about ten others.  My friend works for Raymond James and got a price cut on tickets 
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  11. Goondal added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Pretty sure it will air in little segments during commercial breaks for the regular show
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  12. Goondal added a post in a topic Has high school football always been like this?   

    Kid should be out of football for the rest of his life and face criminal charges.
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  13. Goondal added a post in a topic Los Angeles Dodgers 2015   

    I was stunned to hear on the radio today that this is the first time that the Dodgers have made the playoffs three consecutive seasons.  Would have never guessed that.
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  14. Goondal added a post in a topic Best read on Trump to date.   

    I never claimed Trump would be good, just that Fiorina's idea of not talking at all is worse
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  15. Goondal added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

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