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  1. Turnovers and/or a Special Teams disaster are the only ways I see us losing. Reall if we protect the ball, tackle well, get a good game from Oher/Remmers, and do not lose the game on Special Teams then Denver does not stand a chance
  2. What position did you play?

    I was a Attacking Midfielder.  My build was more suited for a different type of football =)
  3. Laptop recommendations?

    I just bought an iPad when I got to the point where I needed one.  I am done with laptops. Depending on what you need it for that may not work.  If it does work for you though then I would recommend it.  I have never liked Mac computers or the iPhone, but I love my iPad (Apple TV kicks ass too).
  4. calling ALL Gamblers

    I am not sure how to bet this, the -6 is too big for my blood.  I hate going that high in the NFL.  I hate it even more with my team, especially in the SB.  I do not want to win by 3 and still be a little upset because I lost several hundred. A couple of things I am looking at.  I think Denver Under 20 is the best bet Teasing Carolina and the Under looks decent.  I normally hate teasing but it would make the game a pick and Under 51, which seems really nice J-Stew to win the MVP at 25-1 is worth a flier.  You can also get him just better than even to have the most rushing yards and at 15-2 to score the first TD.  If I go this route then Stew could do me very well this weekend. Other props I am considering: Stew Over 67.5 yards Hillman Under 62.5 yards Ginn Ove 5.5 yards Stew to beat Hillman by at least 5 yards Manning Under 235.5 yards Manning Under 21.5 Completions Cam Under 18.5 Completions (the only negative Panther bet.  I think we will be up by enough that we do not need him to complete 19+ passes)
  5. This is the exact reason I never accused Seahawks fans of being bandwagoners when it was popular.  I knew we were on the verge and would be next. That and I went through the same thing when the Sox won in '04 and all the bandwagoners thought "hey, if I root for the Sox and Pats I can win in both sports and just say I am from Boston and nobody will be the wiser."
  6. calling ALL Gamblers You can see the odds and the % of bets there.  Currently both the Panthers and the Over have 55% of the bets. Earlier in the week it was being reported that 85% or so of the bets were on Carolina and the Over so the more recent money has been on Denver and the Under. Something like 90% of the money on the game is typically bet in the final forty-eight to seventy-two hours, so things can definitely change.
  7. Media Fatigue...

    I have avoided it.  I almost never watch TV unless it is an actual sporting event or HBO/Netflix/etc. Any important (as well as some unimportant) Panther news will be posted here.
  8. Why is football popular?

    1) Gambling 2) Only sixteen games that are virtually all on Sunday.  It is a lot easier to show up once a week for four months than to show up three to four nights a week (NBA) or even every day (MLB) for six months.  Every sport has passionate fans, football is built to bring in the casual fan.
  9. Rand is out

    I am registering Dem also, just to vote Bernie in the primary.  I registered GOP briefly in '12 when Gary Johnson was running, then dropped with him.  This will be the first time I get to vote in a presidential primary. I will likely vote third party (again) in in the general, unless the GOP person pisses me off too much.  Rand was my #1 by far.  I liked Bernie and Pataki was not terrible in the debates that he was allowed in.  I guess Kasich and O'Malley have good points but the rest are so damn awful.
  10. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Sam Mills III is the only real answer If they did something where all of our injured guys hit it then that would be cool too, but really, it needs to be Sam Mills III
  11. It will pick up after football season, thankfully that is taking longer than usual =)
  12. Rand is out

    Well it looks like I am halfway to voting third party again.
  13. Real Madrid

    Will actually start to miss some myself.  I coach youth flag football in the Spring.  We have teams in three age groups so I do not see much sports on Saturdays starting next week.
  14. Real Madrid

    Same here.  Plus my league was on winter break for awhile there.  Also, while there were some Bayern fans a few months ago the Bundesliga thread has basically become me talking to myself =)
  15. Official: Pep is going to Manchester City

    I must say, I will not miss Pep.  The team was much better the year before he came than they were once he got there.  His style overwhelms teams with inferior talent but his squads look like hot garbage in virtually every big game.