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  1. Trump vs Sanders

    I think a lion's exhibit at the local zoo would be the perfect venue for this event.
  2. Trump vs Sanders

    They are so tired of dishonest bastards that the flock to support the most dishonest candidate in the campaign. At what point do we lose the right to object when people call this a stupid country?
  3. Yes I did, I am very versatile. ;) I believe that the best way to compare them is head-to-head, or in this case how they perform in like competitions. La Liga consistently beats the other leagues one the field. To me any argument for another league is no different than the yearly arguments by non-SEC fans. They are purely speculative and not based on results. Others are free to use whatever metric they want but For me the first and most important will always be on field results, and right now La Liga has those in spades.
  4. VP Bets

    The best choices that come to mind are Nikky Haley and Corey Booker, but I doubt either is the selection.
  5. I obviously have no dog in this fight but I have to go with La Liga here. It does pain me to say it because there really is no team from Spain that I like while BPL has several, but the results are there. In the last three season, only one team has successfully knocked one of their top three out of UCL (Juvenile over Real last season). Hell Atletico is the only one to knock out Barca and Real is the only one to knock out Atletico. Nobody from another league can touch them. Since the treble I have watched Bayern reach the semis each of the past three seasons, only to be knocked out once by each of them. Meanwhile, their second line so to speak is continuously performing well in Europa. These are teams that cannot sniff the jocks of the big three. Bundesliga outperforms BPL at the top shelf (14/15 to the group stage the last four years) but BPL definitely is deeper after that, but at this point La Liga is the top. It will not stay that way forever, and who knows how long it lasts, but right now we are chasing them.
  6. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Agreed, the whole thing felt very rushed like they had to make sure they ended the mid-season with a bang sort of thing so they threw it together. By far the weakest show of the series, really the first one I did not like.
  7. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I think that much of the country went to the Tracy McGrady school of Counting to Four
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    OKC fans will not like this call
  9. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I do not really think it is rewarding people to call and intentional foul and intentional foul though. If he has the ball or is in an offensive position then okay, but grabbing someone that is out of the play is bogus.
  10. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I really hate the whole intentional foul the guy without the ball thing.
  11. Another Championship Game for the Carolinas

    UNC and MD will face off in both the men's and women's lacrosse finals. I wonder if that has ever happened before in any sport where both finals were the same school.
  12. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    I would love for her to get indicted before the convention so get Bernie the nomination. If she is not indicted by then I hope they wait until after Election Day. It will keep Trump out of the White House and her Veep will be a better option than her anyway.
  13. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    It would really suck if Daniel is gone. I prefer this to TWD and he is the main reason. There are other characters that I like but Daniel is by far my favorite and I doubt I would enjoy the rest as much if he is not around. It would not make much sense for him to just die there though. I do hold out hope though if only because leaving Ophelia to brave this world alone and without his protection would be completely out of character for him. The whole way it ended for Nick was stupid but I like that his character keeps using the whole blood and guts camouflage. To me the dumbest thing in TWD is that they so rarely use this. Carol at Terminus and then the group when pinned down in Alexandria are the only times I remember in recent seasons. I would use that every time I went anywhere.