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  1. 6'4" 330 lbs Big Paul Soliai is a Panther!

    2 year $7 mil, $3mil guaranteed
  2. Charles Johnson officially signs 1-year, $3M deal

    This might be a silly question but what happens to the dead money that was left by his last contract?
  3. He was one of the best at his position during his prime and he's on the downside of it. But he's still a big name because most people have heard of him.
  4. Eli Apple?

    What are your concerns? Honestly, I'm just interested in your opinion.
  5. Eli Apple?

    I have seen a couple of mocks having us pick him up and wanted your thoughts on him. He showed he can run, (4.42 40) is good at jaming and run support but sometimes is late to react and tries to predict the QB and that gets him in trouble some times. from what I heard could be really good if he is in the right system. Anyone who watches college or likes to look at draft talent have opinion they'd like to share?
  6. Gman hasn't made a big name move like this before. Would be interesting for sure. Probably have to give him something like 2-3 years and and 9-10 mil a year.
  7. Breaking - Charles Johnson Released

    I think this is for the best, not just for the cap space, but also for the locker room. He complained about playing time on Twitter. It could be due to frustration caused by his lack of stats, but you still can't do that. He has been great for our team, it just feels like his time.
  8. Snap Counts for the entire 2015 Season

    I'm a bit surprised Funchess got that many snaps. I didn't see him that much in games. I think with a off season of rout running practice he should make a bigger impact by getting open more
  9. The media seems to get it

    So far from the majority of National media (ESPN namely) they understand what Cam did. When you loose a Superbowl it really hurts, but expressly for people like Cam who hate loosing more than anything. He felt like he let his team and all the fans down. It's really hard to put on that face for the media and answer questions about how he feels in that moment and not blow up at them and tell them off. He answered some questions and instead of saying something stupid that would hurt him or the team, he walked away. I'm sure he will look back at this and learn from it. I am new to posting here so I'm not sure if this deserves it's own thread or if I should have put it into an existing thread. But most seemed like they were bashing Cam and I didn't want to do that.