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  1. BigBoss added a post in a topic RR: planning to play without Luke   

    Boy I hate hearing this. This had to be a serious concussion. Reading a horrible article today where Kevin Kolb is a shell of a human being sometimes really worries me for Luke in his life.
    The good on this is when he comes back in will be in time for the tough stretch of the schedule when we badly need him and this will be some very good experience for AJ and Shaq in the meantime. Help us to get a good look at life without Luke.
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  2. BigBoss added a post in a topic It feels like the hype around our Run blocking should have been for pass blocking.   

    I think the stacking box thing is bit of a excuse. I know it can cause problems, but that isn't explaining the lack of push we are getting. Plus Cams presence should help offset some of this. I mean norwell and Turner were billed as bulldozers and Kalil the best center in the game. You'd imagine the runs up the middle would be gashing.
    I will admit to the theory it may just need some time to get a better rhythm. As long as we keep winning anyways, this all is moot.
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  3. BigBoss added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    It feels like the hype around our Run blocking should have been for pass blocking.
    It seems we are still having a tough time getting some real good push in the run game. Yet we heard a great deal about them being steam rollers all over and the power up the middle.... well that clearly hasn't been the case.
    Instead, our pass protection has been outstanding. Cam has had plenty of time and has been pretty clean for the most part. Shula's long developing pass plays have been successful because we finally have provided him and Cam some guys who can protect him. It has been unbelievably refreshing to see Cam stand comfortably and scan the field. I hope it continues as the better defenses show up.
    I don't think we've been awful or anything in the run game, I just don't think the run blocking has been as good as we hoped it would be.
    What are your thoughts?
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  4. BigBoss added a post in a topic Charles Johnson to IR designated to return   

    Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview 2h2 hours ago
    According to @spotrac, Charles Johnson's $20.02 million cap hit is the fourth largest in the NFL this season
    Good grief. He hasn't been worth it the past three games. Not even close. And this injury? Ugh. Think about the money last year and this year forked over towards DE. Not money well spent.
    Don't get me wrong, I love big money but sheesh....
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  5. BigBoss added a post in a topic Gettlemen only offered JNo 7 mill per season before the season started   

    7 was very fair. Contracts take in big consideration what the player has done in the past as proof of what you may expect going forward. He has quite a few years of not all a great deal. Now the obvious potential earns him so money but....
    7 mil is a honest offer.
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  6. BigBoss added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    They are a good team and they will be in it all year. If we can't figure out how to get pressure, they will beat us and win the south.
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  7. BigBoss added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    How about we get off Shula's nuts, he's actually calling an awesome game.
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  8. BigBoss added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    They just took 9:11 off the clock. Lord.
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  9. BigBoss added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

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  10. BigBoss added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Are you guys stupid? We are the panthers and this is literally the theme of our franchise. Give the fans some hope and then completely piss all over it.
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  11. BigBoss added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Well tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the Saints screw job
    Now I know, technically that game was a week one game. But if your a true Panther fan you have not forgotten badly we got bent over that day. Let's rewind shall we?
    Katrina had just recently hit the dump known as New Orleans. People cried about it as the greatest national tragedy in our nations history. Sympathy for all things New Orleans was coming in loads and loads of dump trucks, including the poor Saints. Their week 1 opponent? The Carolina Panthers IN Carolina.
    Now this year our Panthers were having the rare occasion of being one of the very best teams in the league (frankly, the best in the NFC). The saints, however, were easily gutter trash on the field. Absolutely horrible.
    The refs, the whole game, totally favored the saints, helping them to make sure to have the inspirational win. This was never more apparent then right before the halftime. Not once, but TWICE OUR wide receivers apparently stepped out of bounds before catching a touchdown pass. First the legendary smitty (if you remember the year he had) and then the always technical and smart Rickey Proehl also stepped out. BOTH OF THEM IN A ROW. If you saw the plays, you remember that it was horse crap. The whole game was one giant screw job to honor the Saints.
    The saints went on to earn the second pick in the draft and stink up the whole league. We went on to be 11-5. Now why was this such a screw job?
    It was bad enough that we were screwed out of this game. But it also costed us a home game in the playoffs. So we had to go on the road against the Giants, Bears AND Seattle. That road gauntlet proved too difficult. Had we one home game, our guys would have been a little more rested, but if you remember the Seattle game, our guys were absolutely depleted and run down. We started dropping like flies. All because of that week one game. (Tampa somehow won the division.)
    Now if you know me personally, you know I DESPISE blaming the refs and I really do not ever believe in this kind of thing EVER. But God help me if the refs were not swinging in favor for the Saints that game. My grandma and me both still remember and talk about it. I will never forget and NEVER FORGIVE this crap. Wins are earned not given.
    I hope Jerry tells Ron that if we are winning 50-0 tomorrow with 1 second left in the game, throw it deep for the end zone and keep scoring.  100-0 win tomorrow would barely satisfy my bloodlust for a Saints loss.
    Never forget.

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  12. BigBoss added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    I can never take a dump without thinking about Drew Brees
    I don't know how it got started but like 8 years ago I got to where I had to think about something I hated while making turds everytime. At first it was always Ben Rothelseburger...
    But slowly and surely Drew Brees replaced him and for like the past 3 years EVERY time I poop, I think about Drew. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
    So yeah. You can go back to doing whatever it was you were doing that was almost certainly more meaningful.
    Go panthers.
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  13. BigBoss added a post in a topic #paythatman   

    I really want him long term but I think we end up losing him. :( Hope I'm wrong.
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  14. BigBoss added a post in a topic Lets talk about our Offense so far   

    I've been disappointed in our run blocking. I get that the box may be stacked but it doesn't even look like we are getting much push up front, so I feel like the stacked box isn't the problem. We've been told that we have maulers for guards and the best center in the game, and remmers is suppose to be pretty good but continually it hasn't really looked all that impressive in terms of getting push. There have been spots but not consistency. Only two games though, so given some time it could certainly improve. Though it should for sure look better come this Sunday. It better.
    Been pretty happy about pass protection. Oher could be better, but it has been as good as it has in years so I'll take it.
    PPL cry sometimes why do we have to depend on Cams legs, well folks we paid the man 100 million and it isn't because he has the arm of Aaron Rodgers. Cam can for sure throw, but key third down pick ups with his legs are why we really need him.
    If WR's will catch a lil more, that would do a lot for our team also.
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  15. BigBoss added a post in a topic True or False... KK Short is the second best DE on the team   

    False. He's the best d-lineman on the team (yep better than CJ but not by much.)
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