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  1. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    This loss has overtaken 2015 as the worst we've ever. We were absolutely the best team in football this year and the best team between us and denver. Especially with how fantastic our defense played in this game, it stings so bad that we imploded like we did. I hate Mike Remmers and I will never forgive him for his pathetic effort.   2003 Played with some respectability.
  2. I was really big on Bill and went to bat for him before, but he's pretty much lost me after this. For perspective, Peter King didn't think the cam stuff was big deal at all. That should tell you something.
  3. Broncos to Wear All White

    Were are panthers. Panthers are black. Is it so horrible if we wear that color?   aLSO SPARE ME THE JINX GARBAGE. tHAT CRAP DOESN'T MATTER.
  4. Top 10 Photos of 2015

    Was really hoping to see something from our first playoff win since 2003
  5. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    Also let's remember that Kylo Ren took a serious blaster shot from Chewy, which I think is a big part of why Fin and Rey survived as well as they did. I think Rey is an incredible natural with the force.
  6. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    Saw it last night with the wife, really enjoyed it a lot. Was able to completely avoid any details of the movie except the trailers, so was surprised by much. First important thing they did, they introduced a lot of new characters who I liked or was interested in. I did think the movie was a little too much ANH for my taste, but I still really loved it. Thought the giant death planet was awesome looking. I'm invested in Kylo, as stated in the movie, he has to complete his training, that's why he isn't an unstoppable beast like Vader, he's his own guy even if he wants to be Vader. I'm curious about what specifically went wrong with Kylo. I'm guessing in the time between 7 and 8, snoke will be training Kylo while Luke trains Rhea. Rhea was awesome and sexy btw. Finally, I REALLY hope this saga doesn't have Luke die. I'm expecting it but we already had Han die for the cause, I don't think Luke has to. I hope not.
  7. Rich Eisen's case for Cam as MVP

    Rich has always and will always be God tier on football talk. The man just gets it. What makes him so successful is he truly loves and respects the game of football, no matter the team or the player.
  8. Me! I didn't think him a bad running back, but thought no way he would last 16 games. He's been sensational for us though.
  9. Good Analysis of Our Run D

    That offensive line of Dallas is MIGHTY good. They will be a very stiff test for us today.   Thankfully, we are pretty good also!
  10. MVP debate

    Our receiver core right now is better than theirs (while edleman is out). Our o-line is FAR superior to theirs. Our RB situation is a lot better than theirs.   Both QB'S are extremely worthy.
  11. I believe and I may be mistaken... but it's possible Thomas dare I say it... was making a joke?
  12. Harry Giles Watch

    Eat our dust UNC! Yet another big one for Duke! Kid is a serious talent! Love it baby!
  13. Would you prefer topics discussing how garbage we are?
  14. God everything is a jab or a slight. Or it isn't. His TD-INT ratio sucks. I know a big part of that isn't his fault, but they were trying to make him look good not bad. People need to chill out, not everybody hates us.