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  1. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    McNabb's last good year was in 2009 when he was 32. McNair played his last full season at 33. Steve Young was mobile and could throw and he played until 37 but the last few years of his career were filled with injuries so about 34 before he broke down. The NFL has changed a lot of rules to protect QBs so maybe the wear and tear won't be as much. Also Cam is a bigger athlete so his body seems to handle impact well. People do slow down a bit as they age though. How this will affect Cam, who knows. Cam will be 27 in May. That's at least 5 years before he loses a step. He'll need to improve his accuracy and pocket awareness but I think he can do that in 5 years time.
  2. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The Broncos went out and took the game from us. Also many will bash Manning and say he just road passenger but the reality is we went against two of the best QBs in the NFL to get to the Super Bowl and our defense pressured those QBs into handing us the game. P. Manning didn't throw a INT or TD to Norman or Kuechly and didn't throw a pick six. He had a couple TOs and didn't produce much but that drive for a FG to open the game was big. That plus the sack-fumble-td by Von Miller set the tone for the day, a two score gap against a dominant defensive team. Manning did his job, he made the Panthers offense have to win the game instead of him giving it away. Sadly we couldn't do it. I wish we would have tried to Fox ball this game. Very conservative play callling with low risks and wait for Manning to make his mistakes. But the mark of a great defense is to put an offense into high risk situations. We'll be back.
  3. Schula was basically just saying the whole team wasn't good enough. I recall Fox saying similar comments after some Delhomme losses. Cam wasn't good enough, the line wasn't good enough, Schula wasn't good enough. If anyone was good enough we'd have done enough to win. WE didn't so WE'RE not good enough. I don't see how anyone could interpret it any other way.
  4. The burden of proof... I heard Jesus walked on water...
  5. Racist peice of poo

    Advocating violence...
  6. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Cam had an amazing season and a poor game in the Super Bowl. The NFL is a team game. We saw Palmer and Brady have fantastic years and (Palmer especially) come down to earth in their final games. There's really nothing to defend. The Broncos had an outstanding defense, we couldn't protect Cam, passes were dropped, throws were off. It happens. We win and lose as a team. We got outplayed. Deal with it like we made other teams deal with our success. We'll be back and Cam will be the one leading us back.
  7. Racist peice of poo

    Or maybe he's calling him boy because of the 20 year age difference and Cam's immature actions in the press conference.
  8. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    No need to feel bad for them. People don't realize how difficult it is to even make it to a Super Bowl. Just being on that stage is a huge accomplishment. 15-1 is even rarer. Everything hurts after a loss but this is the best season in franchise history, it's not a cinderella story that's once in a lifetime. Kuechly and Cam are two of the best at their position in the league, they're young and under contract. The pieces are in place. Denver was where we are just two years ago. Gettleman and Richardson have made tough decisions to get us to this point. We're so close. This is not the end, this is the beginning. Also Manning and Brady will both be out of the league in the next 3-4 years. After that it's a heavily NFC favored league and we're right there with Seattle. It just wasn't our time but it will be. LeBRon had to lose a couple NBA finals, MJ had to an ECF , Elway had to lose a Super Bowl. It wasn't our time. It will be our time. The team comes before the players. Without releasing guys like Smith and Williams and Hardy, who knows if we ever make it here. Tough decisions, cap focus, and constant improvement in all facets day-in and day-out. Keep pounding.
  9. Mass shootings, explosions in Paris... Dozens killed

    I don't see the situation in France ever improving. These attacks will get worse and worse and become more and more common. The best solution for a Frenchman is to relocate to a country with different immigration policies (Switzerland?). Islam is the future of France. All you need to do is look at the facts. Look at the number of mosques going up, look at the number of immigrants and look at the birth rates. Islam has no space for secularism. Once Muslims can use democracy to further push their views (which are mostly anti-democratic) then that will be that.
  10. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    Post deleted and stolen by authorized user.
  11. Move to Baltimore they said. It'll be fun they said.

    The problems in Baltimore have more to do with culture than anything. The guy who was wrongly killed grew up with a disabled mom who was a heroin addict, he had been exposed to lead as a child, and had been arrested for drug possession, distribution and some other things multiple times. I've yet to hear anything about a father, maybe he had one, who knows. His life is horrendous. He lived on a lead settlement check and used all the money on frivolous spending. We as tax payers basically pay cops to babysit these severely messed up communities. Also the unemployment for youths in these riot areas is around 20%. People talk about raising the minimum wage yet don't realize that unless unemployment is 0%, raising the minimum wage can cause more problems than it solves. And people say these people are destroying their own communities. Actually they're not. Third world immigrants from the middle east move to these black ghettos and typically own all the businesses. There are so many racial, cultural, financial and family problems in the US. I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is an inferior country with inferior people. We're essentially Saudi Arabia and Apple is the rich arab trading oil and we all pretend we're a great country as we look up to our corporate masters.
  12. Harrison should be punished in some way. A suspension would suffice. Racism is racism. Calling someone a racial slur is racism. There's really nothing else to it, it's simple. If you want equality then we all live under the same rules. The Oklahoma students were expelled, the girl form South Carolina is suspended for writing that 'n******' are why the wi-fi is poor. I don't see this case as being any different. Regardless if there is punishment or not this incident is evidence that Harrison is a horrible person. Kentucky has a slimeball for a coach and the other player who slapped the kid on Kentucky should face some sort of punishment too. We live in a society full of double standards. It's all very condescending toward certain groups. We hold white people to a higher standard because we believe they're capable of discipline and self control. Harrison is being given a free pass because people simply think he's so helpless and he could never speak like a gentleman. I read recently that France is banning super thin models. Would anyone ever ban super fat models? They'd be lambasted by the media if they did. That's because people inherently prefer thin to fat and must look out for the poor helpless fat people. I'm fine with the double standard. I enjoy being held to a higher standard. No one needs to give me a free pass or remind me that I rock. I have mirrors for that.
  13. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    I think Duke will win. They have had an easier path thanks to some over achieving teams like MSU, UTAH and then NC State really helped Duke with the upset of Villanova. Duke beat Wisc earlier in the season and Okafor really matched up well with Kaminsky in that game. Duke has had to have led in 95% of the time they've played this tournament, big similarity to their championship season 5 or so years ago. They've been able to kill clock at the end of every game of the tournament. They've been the most dominant team in the tournament by far. Justise Winslow is a matchup nightmare. The only other guy I've seen with his skillset is LeBron James. He's nowhere near as good as LeBron, but LeBron is the only guy I've seen with that size, agility, slashing ability and shooting ability. Decker and Co better be flopping all night if they want to stop Winslow. Duke is just too dominant. Okafor and Winslow draw a lot of attention and Cook and Jones do a great job of attacking the basket when heads are turned and both can finish tough shots at the rim. Matt Jones is a clutch shooter and Greyson Allen has a deadly first step which, again, works very well when heads are always turning to find Winslow and Okafor. Then Plumlee and Jefferson give solid relief. Both play good physical defense as pesky bigs. Much like Lance Thomas did for the previous Duke championship team. I like Kaminsky and Decker but I think Duke's depth is the difference.
  14. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Jabari Parker out for the rest of the year with a torn ACL. Tough break. Duke has had some notable injury prone players with Grant Hill and Kyrie Irving.
  15. Why are so many Muslims violent in the modern era?

    Islam is a totalitarian and fascist political ideology. When you don't tolerate other people or other views then you are likely to be violent since force is needed to maintain intolerance. Islam hates women. Islam hates homosexuals. Islam hates Jews. Islam hates freedom of expression. Islam hates women. Islam is pure evil that doesn't evolve. Christians know nothing about Christianity and just like socializing at church. They're about as religious as greek fraternities are greek. Otherwise they'd be just as bad. All three abrahamic religions are pure evil. Find a Jew who really follows the Torah and you'll find a greedy racist.