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  1. At "fault" for what? No one has any idea what this is all about.
  2. God damn Ron Rivera and his stupid ass plat soft defense
  3. Time to rally.

    1-3 over the next four losses to Vikings, GB, and Falcons except it the dumbasses wearing the headphones will insure it. And they all will keep their jobs
  4. I'm more concerned with Brees. Until the clock runs out that man may be the most dangerous QB we face.

    After reading all that Cam has posted my mind translates it easily. No biggee. Critics need to find something else to complain about
  6. fug You, Washington.

    Never....ever let Drew Brees have the ball late in a game and down by less than 21. The man is a freak. He has the entire horseshoe factory up is ass.
  7. Ever see the stats on the intelligence level of the average smoker? and you wonder why they do the poo they do?
  8. 27-13 Falcons. Panther's offense is still incapable of scoring in the Red Zone. Cam's timing and accuracy will be off. O-Line still out of synch.
  9. Has the PR department released any statement in reaction to the poo storm currently occurring
  10. Hurney, Rivera, and Shula. The 3 F'n Stooges
  11. Move the chains. Quit going for the homerun and ESPN highlights
  12. "No one could run behind our line"

    Seems as if we have always struggled in the red zone.
  13. 22 Dive...........for a loss
  14. If you bring ANY unwanted attention to yourself or the company you work for while at work or representing that company they have every right to terminate you.
  15. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Tip of the hat to Mr. Stafford. Has Brady ever sacrificed himself up like Stafford did Sunday? I Doubt it.
  16. I believed we would lose.....I was wrong. I will gladly eat crow.
  17. Does anyone have a link to the entire press conference? Post it please.
  18. To have a transcendent talent like Cam Newton and to know we are wasting it is almost tragic. Another version of the Dan Marino story. Eventually the Panthers organization will crush Cam physically and spiritually. What a waste.
  19. It better be because the "evolved offense" isn't hitting on poo.
  20. Gameday Menu

    If only the beer was as good as the girl
  21. Limbaugh Evacuating After Calling Hurricanes Fake

    Limbaugh is a buffoon. Quit listening to him and he will go away
  22. Buying Panthers PSL

    Buy them if you want. Screw those that tell you not to. It's your money. Your time. And your life. Enjoy yourself.
  23. I haven't had the pleasure of working with millenials. I can't find one that has a clean driving record, can pass a background check, and can give up pot for 3 days so he can pass a piss test. I do know a few outside my industry that are very successful but would probably not be welcome here as they are raging capitalists.