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  1. Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I keep getting the Amazon pop up.
  2. Getting laid off in july

    Not to politicize the OP's thread. The mass exodus of the illegal workforce in the construction industry has resulted in a rapid increase in the compensation for qualified tradesmen. An excellent framing carpenter in the Triangle is the new "rock star". Bidding starts at $35.00 and hour.
  3. Getting laid off in july

    Absolutely. A certified tech or licensee can make in access of $25.00 an hour plus full benefits, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick time, major medical, and 401k.
  4. Getting laid off in july

    I'm not sure that at 31 he falls into a "protected "class. You can be released, laid off, terminated, fired,...you pick the word, for budgetary reasons. Yep. just checked. You must be over 40.
  5. Can a true atheist be moral?

    Title is one of the questions. Another member posted a quote in which .."moral choice" was a portion of. What are morals? What are they based on? Why are your morals better than mine?
  6. Trump’s opioid crisis

    By all means they should go to the head of the line..
  7. Trump’s opioid crisis

    "...other offenders" ?
  8. Trump’s opioid crisis

    I actually think his supporters believe in consequences for illegal activity. Severe consequences. I personally believe public televised executions would result in a lower crime rate. ....and yes I have read the studies that say it ain't so. Who cares. Less prisoners less prisons DT doesn't believe in anything.
  9. Trump’s opioid crisis

    consequences... for the dealers .....illegal activities, AND for the pharm. and for the Drs. a legal activity but very questionable. Sell and prescribe a legal product that is misused outside of their control. Not actually sure what the law says.
  10. Trump’s opioid crisis

    and how many of your friend's lives have been ruined by drugs. how many have died. how many funerals for their children have you been to. Who has the War on Drugs killed? The dealers.....who cares.
  11. Trump’s opioid crisis

    Not if the firearm was bought legally
  12. Trump’s opioid crisis

    eh...drug dealers just kill people slower and have their victim cover the cost. If convicted for distribution or intent to distribute I would have no problem with the guilty being sentence to death. And this isn't Trumps' or Obama's, or any other administration's crisis. It lays at the feet of the pharmaceutical companies and Drs.
  13. Ebron has our offer

    Have you ever heard about the NFL salary cap. See, it's this mechanism that limits how much each team can have in total player salaries......you ought to read about it. Interesting stuff.
  14. Can a true atheist be moral?

  15. Quick note on the sale

    Yep...thanks. I read that. Getting antsy. Tired of the silliness and speculation.
  16. Quick note on the sale

    anything new on the purchase. seems quiet.
  17. Are you implying with all these posts about slavery and reparations that the US would be a Third World poo Hole if it wasn't for slavery.? You've lost your frigg'n mind. Reparations will never happen. Never.
  18. Of course making a profit is the mindset of corporations. Why else be in business. Sometimes I get the impression that people believe you start a business to hand out money. That profit should not be the goal. It is the short term mindset that drives corporations today versus the long term that built Americas great economic powerhouses.
  19. I don't necessarily buy the "monopolies" bit. What monopolies? Most Americans would not be investors if it wasn't for pretax deductions from their paycheck. If they actually had to do it themselves it would never happen. They would play the Powerball.
  20. Can a true atheist be moral?

    Ever heard of the individual right to life? Read the 2nd sentence in the Constitution.
  21. Can a true atheist be moral?

    I have "issues" with people who are not realists. You live in a world of rainbows and unicorns. You pretend to live in a world that doesn't exist. And never will.
  22. Can a true atheist be moral?

    the question about infanticide was in response about society changing morals. Read the thread. No, people do not act in their own self interest, their wants, or desires because they are afraid of the consequences. We see people that do not fear consequences on the news nightly. We are animals.
  23. Can a true atheist be moral?

    "....most people" do you want the definition of "most people". You really can't comprehend english. Read the words ...m o s t p e o p l e.
  24. Can a true atheist be moral?

    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/16/peter-singer-princeton-bioethics-professor-faces-c/ want more
  25. Can a true atheist be moral?

    You really have a comprehension problem. I didn't say abortion. I said "infanticide". You know like this http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/human_nature/2012/03/after_birth_abortion_the_pro_choice_case_for_infanticide_.html I didn't say I wanted to kill anyone. I said fear of punishment is what keeps most people from behaving like the animals they are.