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  1. I'm noticing a pattern here after 22 years of Panther football.
  2. Ready Player One

    It was a fun entertaining movie mostly because it was really original.
  3. This guy has cost a lot of draft picks. He is up there with Ricky Williams at this point.
  4. Big Brothers of the Huddle

    I've heard the background checks are really tough. So if you have ever been arrested even for something minor you might want to reconsider that goldfish.
  5. I roomed next to some male cheerleaders in college. They got more girls than any of us by far.
  6. Post a pic, any pic.

  7. Better call Saul

    They has for sure buddy.
  8. One year on: Rating Christian McCaffrey

    I wonder how far he would have fallen if we hadn’t selected him. Could we have traded down 5-10 slots and still drafted him? I still feel like he was a 2nd rounder as far as value.
  9. I’m currently a buyer for 2 round 1 on Friday if anyone has any to sell.
  10. Neither is understanding why quoting the entire OP is unnecessary.
  11. I can't get on board with this one.
  12. Jesus FTW

  13. They aren’t moving you guys are victims of click bait.
  14. Why would we want to make Cam a QB coach?