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  1. They aren’t moving you guys are victims of click bait.
  2. Why would we want to make Cam a QB coach?
  3. Post a pic, any pic.

    North Carolina weather forecast.
  4. Because you’re a glass half empty kind of guy?
  5. Greg Olsen’s behavior

    I think him being pissed off is justified. Drrr
  6. The more things change...

    Jstew brought his bike I see.
  7. More fake Gruden news.
  8. Wasn’t he also a lock to be the Vols next coach just a few weeks ago? You guys do know what click bait is right?
  9. But it’s for real this time for sure! Another fake Gruden news story. When will these idiots learn.
  10. We have never played a game and this thread not been started.
  11. Look at my babies on Facebook

    If I point a gun at you but promise you it isn't loaded does that make you feel better? That's how people feel when you have your pit bull near them.
  12. Why are people saying Richardson would never sell to someone that would move the team? I don't think he is in the best seat right now to get a say in who the team goes to. I do agree that the team isn't going anywhere though.
  13. If you’re bitching about a ticket being marked up a $8 maybe you can’t really afford to go anyway. Wait until you see those “family “ prices in the stadium.