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  1. Garrett > Funchess?

    They are already erecting a statue outside of BOA based on his college game tape.
  2. how do i change my user name

    How about The poster formally know as Austin Abts
  3. You really reeled me in with that cliffhanger of a title.
  4. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I really don't get anyone praising or [email protected] on the draft at this point. Only time will tell. If I could change anything I wish we would have held on to that 4th.
  5. how do i change my user name

    You have to have 5 posts before you can change your name.
  6. Official Igo pie thread

    If you make enough threads one of them has to be right :)
  7. Might be Jobless

    I tend to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Speaking up is important but choose your timing and statements wisely. Unless you were unprofessional about it they aren't going to fire you for it. Good luck.
  8. Poll: who do the Panthers draft tonight

    I went with Hunter Henry the current leader at 19%. I like how you can't see the results until you vote.
  9. Jaylon Smith?

    A players name is never a question.
  10. Tom Bradys 4 game suspension REINSTATED

    Yep the NFL is rigged
  11. Please tell me you are gong to name it Prestiege Worldwide.
  12. Musician Prince Dead at 57

    One of my favorites. I don't think I ever met a person that didn't like his music.
  13. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    Is it really all on Josh's agent though? Isn't the player ultimately in charge and the one who signs the dotted line?