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  1. Do you trust Igo?

    I did before he became an expert on nutrition.
  2. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    I'll take one bad habit and replace it with another for $500.
  3. Gameday Menu

    Homemade chicken and dumplings.
  4. IT - 2017 movie

    Did not disappoint. It was more like what I envisioned when I read the book than the miniseries. That would be terrifying to watch if you were a kid.
  5. IT - 2017 movie

    I'm going to check it out this weekend. I've heard others say the CGI threw them off a bit but otherwise its a great movie.
  6. Getting out of Retail/Manual Labor Jobs

    I got my career started in customer service answering the phone for a mid sized local company in Charlotte. It was a typical 9-5 M-F job that eventually led to a job in sales. I've changed companies a few times but 20 years later I'm still in that same career. Unless you just have a really bad personality anyone can get hired for a low level office position.
  7. What's your solution to the predicament?
  8. Kony Ealy on the Trade Block

    We should offer a conditional 7th.
  9. Except when we lose... Those loses are Shula's.
  10. Hey! Did you know there is an eclipse coming?

    I know some libraries we be giving them out the day of the eclipse. That wasn't going to work for me since I am going to Columbia and I didn't want to risk them running out. I got a couple extra pairs I can hook you up with if you don't have any luck.
  11. Hey! Did you know there is an eclipse coming?

    Got my eclipse glasses in the mail today and I'm headed to Columbia Monday. I really hope it's a clear day.