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  1. The Clinton Body Count

    I'm not a big fan of the Clintons but I don't think they have had the time to kill 46 people over the years.
  2. The Clinton Body Count

    32 – James Milan – Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to natural causes”. lol
  3. Gorilla killed at zoo

    I blame those free loading zoo animals. They should be out fending for themselves instead of living off our dime.
  4. I thought the babadook belongs in the comedy section.
  5. Might be Jobless

    Well for what it's worth the job I have now gave me a verbal offer but the written offer didn't come until 4 weeks later. Lots of red tape these days.
  6. Might be Jobless

    You might just want to sit back and be patient. Pulling your name from the hat or demanding answers after 5 days will only make you look an an ass.
  7. Stephen King on Trump

    Nobody with an actual brain cares what these celebrities think. Stephen should focus his time and energy on writing a decent book. God knows he hasn't had one in twenty years.
  8. Might be Jobless

    I've been in that situation more than once. It sucks and it feels like they are playing mind games with you. Just try to focus on other things. Each time I got the job. You just have to remember that its more of a priority for you to get finalized than it is for them.
  9. Heart Rate Monitor Recommendation needed

    If it feels like your heart is about to beat out of your chest slow down.
  10. The huddle did that already.
  11. Official Netflix Thread

    Bloodline is also this weekend. I hope it's as good as the first season.
  12. How does this still happen with the joining fee and all?