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  1. Trying to understand how this is legal or why it doesn’t happen more often? Less likely to get caught if you are stashing a LS over something like an OT?
  2. I’m not one to talk team chemistry and such but Grier was the one organizing and leading offseason trainings in Charlotte for practically the entire offense. Even through Covid when players were not allowed at facilities he setup times for the team to get work in. I’m not saying he’s a great backup, but if you are going to have a qb that can’t win games be your #2, his leadership in the local community was probably pretty undervalued.
  3. Was Jimmy clausen really put in a position to succeed? I’m not saying he was going to work out anyways but… his confidence was shot by the 5th game. Someone should have saved him from himself
  4. I thought Andre smith was our mlb of the future from that draft but this works just as well
  5. Yea all the diva WRs are remembered. TO moss smith etc are all amazing. But Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, devonte adams all do alright for themselves. You can’t say dj can’t be an all time great because he’s not a complete A hole. It does give some people the edge but motivation comes in different ways
  6. Would you check the ball down if it’s to a 67 year old Frank gore? The jets refused to play their younger RBs in favor of gore for some reason. He hasn’t been known as a check down specialist very much during his career.
  7. Trying to understand who gains by tipping the panthers off?
  8. Note the draft grades for the bears... unfortunately the ‘overall draft grades’ are actually the ‘grades dependent on how many players you drafted that I’ve heard of’
  9. This tweet is what sent me down the rabbit hole
  10. Can someone elaborate on the off field concerns? I’ve heard that with several of our draft picks but cannot find specifics on what that means. There’s a bit of a difference between being an immature college kid and a serial killer, but both can be considered off field concerns ha
  11. For those wondering why we just got the best WR prospect coming out of high school. Definition of boom or bust
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