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  1. To summarize: the whole team sucked. Everyone needs to do better.
  2. Easy to do when all your draft picks are just happy to get selected… i kid I kid
  3. At this point if Ben sinnot is not a panther every mock draft created is wrong. do we have a mole in the building or is this the only TE in the entire draft the panthers can draft ?
  4. https://x.com/josephperson/status/1782823972142231823?s=46&t=_DjhjjFqclQ6vBvhN496Xg be careful. He obviously doesn’t do much homework. He may have thought the head coach said X but he was actually just saying he’s ready to exit
  5. Becoming a vocal leader will be step 1 of a long list of things that need to happen for this to work out. even cam needed smitty to leave before becoming the teams leader. sometimes it takes time.
  6. Admittedly I know nothing about kneeland but if Nate Wiggins is still on the board with our second pick that would be hard to pass up disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to Clemson and am not saying this as a homer pick
  7. He’s been worth it. The only player on the team you never talk about. He’d be a perennial pro bowler if he didn’t spend his prime on the worst franchise in the nfl
  8. Would have been a lot cooler if bot came in and said “we extended Derrick brown because our prima donna DE bolted for NY freeing up plenty of cap space” this article is saying water is wet
  9. Another reason this franchise has been a complete failure while other teams excel is our inability to draft premier running backs anywhere except the first round. D Williams, Stewart, cmc all first round picks. Chubba took 3 years to finally produce and as soon as he potentially cements himself as a starter he will need to be paid meanwhile teams draft similar production like kamara, hunt, ekeler, aaron jones, breece hall, etc with mid round picks. we need a running back to produce immediately on a rookie contract. That is success in todays nfl
  10. What was the reconciliation process like? Were they begging to come back? Did we beg them to come back to try and sway the detractors? Was the initial ban an amicable split? this is like when you freeze out a friend then months later allow them back in and act like nothing ever happened. so many questions
  11. Having another vet take a roster spot seems extremely counterproductive
  12. Mingo, icky and Shaq. mingo and icky are obvious i think Shaq has been solid his entire career but never lived up to his draft spot. He’s never been close to a pro bowl although he’s technically the leader of our defense.
  13. He’s gotten better every year. He doesn’t complain. His motor is nonstop. if we reset the DL market he’d probably be worth it. The same can’t be said for burns. some people earn their money. Some expect it.
  14. I saw the videos today. Panthers still getting crushed in the media because it’s low hanging fruit. personally I think we are on the right track. Every move we have made has logic. Brian burns hurts but I think it was a dead end and we got what we could. Blame the old regime. my question is, what would it take you based on what has happened in the past 3 days for you to be genuinely excited for next year? I think all of our expectations are tempered appropriately so I’m not thinking Super Bowl. But what will it take for this team to be fun to watch again, and knock on wood maybe even fight for a division title or wild card spot. for me, if we can land 2 starter caliber DEs (preferably Clowney) and a legit safety (Justin Simmons) then I’m sold on FA. Then as far as the draft goes, best WR and best center for our 2nd rounders followed by BPA the rest of the draft.
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