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  1. Would you check the ball down if it’s to a 67 year old Frank gore? The jets refused to play their younger RBs in favor of gore for some reason. He hasn’t been known as a check down specialist very much during his career.
  2. Trying to understand who gains by tipping the panthers off?
  3. Note the draft grades for the bears... unfortunately the ‘overall draft grades’ are actually the ‘grades dependent on how many players you drafted that I’ve heard of’
  4. This tweet is what sent me down the rabbit hole
  5. Can someone elaborate on the off field concerns? I’ve heard that with several of our draft picks but cannot find specifics on what that means. There’s a bit of a difference between being an immature college kid and a serial killer, but both can be considered off field concerns ha
  6. For those wondering why we just got the best WR prospect coming out of high school. Definition of boom or bust
  7. There’s a fine like between earl thomas, all-pro Seahawks safety, and early Thomas, nuclear bomb locker room destroyer. let’s hope everyone stays on the right side of that line
  8. Because there’s a chance she’s wrong about the niners and right about the panthers. And in that case, we are drafting mac Jones which the majority of the armchair GMs have determined is not a good quarterback and is a product of the system
  9. I actually think he’s being underrated because of off the field issues. But I still do not want at 8.
  10. I thought we were getting a 7 round mock draft!
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