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  1. The similarities are... non-existent
  2. I didn’t know New Yorkers could be so unassuming and welcoming. Welcome. Stay a while. Board the bandwagon whiles it’s still barren
  3. Kipper said he would quit if Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a pro bowler
  4. The counter argument to that is that the most fun team we’ve seen in 20 years currently doesn’t even have home court advantage in a potential first round series. there is less than 0 parody in the nba. We have potentially the best chance at a superstar we’ve ever had in lamelo and still would need about 5-6 unlikely things to happen to even sniff the chance at winning a championship.
  5. Starting to think we will have to trade up to get him
  6. Did everyone lose or did no one gain???
  7. Haha you like checking off the boxes of basic stereotypes don’t you. Those darn pesky kids coming in and stealing my job! get off my lawn!
  8. College basketball this year is insufferable... and somehow the acc is at the top of that list
  9. Don’t forget the fact that there’s a good number of starting caliber players that sat out last year that are coming back to reclaim their spots
  10. You want David tepper signing off on your open heart surgery if that time comes?
  11. So the official Carolina panthers decided to start posting and we gonna act like this is just another day? Did I miss something? The site under new ownership? Tepper trying to buyout all media sources? so many questions
  12. Would you rather give up 3 first round picks, cmc, and 2 defensive starters to pay another qb 40 mil? Because unfortunately that is the leader in the clubhouse. signing a pro bowler caliber qb without giving away our future seems like a pretty good deal right now considering what we’ve heard
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