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  1. I’ve been to a few playoff games and I beg to differ. Winning cures all problems
  2. In their defense only like 5-6 of those games had a home crowd. The rest were overrun with visiting fans that actually saw hope in their teams future success and thought the investment of a ticket purchase was worth it.
  3. Counterpoint: we didn’t have a deep ball threat with bridgewater because he literally could not throw the ball further than 15 yards with his noodle arm and glove. Darnold didn’t have a deep ball because he was scared of getting his head taken off before the wife receivers could even get 15 yards down the field. hopefully both of those issues are fixed with our new OL and QB
  4. It’s important that our head coach for weeks 7-18 supports the quarterback he’s going to be coaching and interviewing with
  5. Cam has not proven anything over the last few years. He is as big of a risk as anyonfe
  6. Patrick mahomes did not play his rookie year
  7. So he can become cam Newton and not let past mistake define him or he can become Johnny manziel and never grow up. For a third rounder the risk is probably worth it and I’m not saying he can become the same player as cam, just that he can grow and potentially let his talents define him as opposed to his antics
  8. Can someone post the actual quote? I searched for it and didn’t see anywhere that he said that specifically
  9. Yes I believe a lot about what tepper, Rhule and fitterer has said in the past week is complete and utter BS. There is no reason to come out and say a player currently under contract is useless and a bum, even though they may be. That would be illogical especially when you haven’t finalized another plan. there actions tell the truth, whether that be Stafford or Watson in the past or baker/jimmy g in the future
  10. Yea there’s no reason to lie this time of year… Everyone’s got it figured out
  11. If we have learned anything over the past few weeks it’s that tepper is willing to walk away from a bad investment..
  12. I’d be fine with one of the stud DEs if they fall. I’d be upset but could probably come around to Hamilton since he’s widely regarded as the #1 prospect in this draft regardless of position. if we pick CB i riot.
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