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  1. Is theoretically not being able to win 5 Super Bowls without his best player a legitimate argument? I think it's basic logic that a team without its best player wouldn't be as successful as the same team with said best player.
  2. South Carolina should pay.

    Meh, should SC also contribute to upgrades to the Falcons, Cowboys, or Steelers facilities? Outside of TC (which I'm sure Spartanburg and Wofford already incentivize), SC reaps no direct benefit from the Panthers. SC gets no tax revenue nor any gameday economic benefits. Sure, the Panthers are most likely the most popular NFL team in SC, but SC benefits only indirectly, i.e. the same way it benefits when some SC store sells a Falcons shirt, or if some transplant goes to their local sports bar to watch the Steelers. If SC should "contribute" to pro football, it should more appropriately contribute to the league as a whole.