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  1. FootballMaestro added a post in a topic Seriously...What's the deal?   

    Great post!!
    The only thing I'll add is (to your first paragraph): I don't think Cam's any more confident (or less), than any other NFL QB, based off his actions.
    Actually, Cam's quite the team player (not stating, you're saying he isn't).
    Never heard him criticize his players, coaches, management, or ownership ( even when he had a right to do so) his entire tenure with the Panthers.
    So though Cam's supremely confident and outgoing..... He almost always says the right thing concerning his teammates, coaches and management. And he never makes himself the center of attention (whether the media wants to make him or not),  or the hero. 
    Newton, always critiques himself, admits his mistakes, and want's to get better/take responsibility (even when it's not really his fault). 
    Can't always say that about the Colin Kaepernick's, Russell Wilson's, RG3's, and other NFL QB/Players of the world.
    Yes, the media's got Cam, mostly all wrong!!
    PS to above: Meant to say, "Cam's really not that "easy to hate" at all IMO.
    That's all the media portrayal of him.
    He's actually quite a likeable guy/player, based off what he says and does, on and off the field since he's been in Carolina.
    Media, continues to play off old stereo-types, doesn't like him for whatever reason, and/or feels the need to make stuff up or regurgitate the Same Ole Same Ole, since the overwhelming majority of them don't follow the Panthers in the least.
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  2. FootballMaestro added a post in a topic Atlanta's "the falcoholic" writer gives props to the Panthers.   

    Because it's not fashionable to root for Cam Newton, or the Panthers by the National Media.
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  3. FootballMaestro added a post in a topic Gil Brandt: Panthers chances of winning SB on par with Jags, Browns, Falcons and Titans   

    Sure you're not projecting here?
    Brandt, normally loves Cam; still does.
    If anything, he may feel the Panthers haven't surrounded Cam with enough talent (though he may be wrong this year, not closely following the team).
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  4. FootballMaestro added a post in a topic Eugene Robinson on Cam Newton   

    Alas. Only if Panther/Cam Critics (in the media, or fans), actually watched the Panthers, or Cam play.
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  5. FootballMaestro added a post in a topic Beginning of the End For the Redskins?   

    I thought the title meant the team on a whole.
    It's the Beginning Of The End/They're done to!!!
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